Womanizer Liberty Review: The Best Toy for Women on the Go?

Give me Liberty!

Womanizer has made a name for themselves as being a company aimed at innovating and progressing the sex toy industry.

The company’s air powered sucking and massaging devices allow for totally touch-free clitoral stimulation like you’ve never felt before.

Providing new technologies to their products, such as the Pleasure Air Technology and the Smart Silence feature, Womanizer has redefined what high quality means when it comes to adult pleasure toys.

With their latest release, the renowned toy developer has further evolved the revolutionary designs that put them on the map in the first place.

The Womanizer Liberty is the culmination of years of research and a multitude of top-notch and pioneering releases on the part of the Womanizer company.

Though every release from the developers has changed the shape of the adult toy industry as we have known it, the Liberty looks, feels, and gets you off, like the honed futuristic version of all the toys that paved the way for its release.

Possessed with the kind of high caliber construction, features, and durability we’ve come to expect from Womanizer, the Liberty makes an excellent addition to your bedroom, bathroom, or go bag.

Below we’ll take an in-depth look at all the ins and outs of the innovative toy in our Womanizer Liberty review.


What is it

The Womanizer Liberty is the next addition to the renowned company’s already impressive line of ground breaking sex toys.

Making use of Womanizer’s patent Air Pleasure Technology, the Liberty provides an updated frame, feel, and features to that of the classic womanizer. The Liberty provides quiet, touchless stimulation with an intensity and design to keep you cumming back for more.

Air Pleasure Technology offers a kind of clitoral arousal that has often been duplicated by other companies since Womanizer debuted the method with their original model, yet has never been perfected as well as the Liberty.

The toy provides six varying intensity levels of no-touch, air based titillation. Womanizer knows that each and every orgasm is unique and with the Liberty provides you with all the power you need to control each and every one. The Liberty’s gentle massaging air and incredible sucking sensation can quickly be amped up for a wilder, more exciting climax.

Using this technology means that the Liberty doesn’t run the risk of over stimulation like many vibrators on the market. This means that you can get off as slow or as fast as you like and as many times as you like with the toy.

Womanizer believes that orgasms are a human right and knows that all women are different.

To allow the Liberty to fully accommodate women of all shapes and sizes, the toy includes the standard stimulation head and a larger version of the head as well. In addition, the Womanizer Liberty is one hundred percent waterproof, allowing for use in the shower or anywhere else things may get wetter than usually.

The Liberty is constructed of body safe silicone and ABS, and is as easy to clean as a quick rub down with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner.

The magnetic cover allows for discreet travel as well as hygienic transportation and sustainability. The toy uses no batteries and instead opts for a magnetic USB charging port.

The Liberty can run a full 120 minutes after being fully charged. The Liberty is an excellent toy option if you’re frequently on the go or if you’re looking for an updated model of Womanizer’s classic design.

liberty by womanizer

What makes it Special?

When Womanizer first debuted their Pleasure Air Technology with the Womanizer Classic, it instantly took the adult toy world by storm and resulted in various companies attempting their own take on the method of arousal.

No one ever got it right the way the originator did, however, and Womanizer has gone on to perfect and hone their classic design. The Liberty is the next generation of sex toy and offers a type of stimulation that is often duplicated but never replicated.

Six intensity levels allow you to control just how much you feel and how quickly or slowly you orgasm. The unique air power also runs no risk of over stimulation and provides a way to keep your body feeling the benefits of the Liberty all night long.

The ergonomic shape of the Liberty allows for the toy to fit perfectly into your hand for manual engagement, or into your panties to go hands-free.

This offers you the opportunity to use your hands for other things, such as on a partner, while still feeling the pleasure provided by the Liberty.

Ultimately, the Womanizer Liberty offers a unique and luxurious way to get off again and again that has yet to be reproduced elsewhere:

  • The Womanizer Liberty’s Pleasure Air Technology is unique to the company and has never been as better developed as it is with this toy.
  • The Liberty offers a specialized kind of clitoral excitement that runs no risk of over stimulation, allowing you to get off as often as you like.
  • Six different intensity levels allow you to completely control the Womanizer Liberty and just how quickly you climax.

What’s in the box

The Womanizer liberty is packaged in an elegant and non-descript box that is perfect for storing or for giving the toy as a gift.

The Liberty is delivered in discreet and private packaging so no one knows your business unless you want them to. The Liberty is available in four separate colors:

  • Red Wine
  • Powder Blue
  • Pink Rose
  • Lilac

In the box, you’ll find an assortment of accessories to optimize your Womanizer Liberty experience.

The storage bag offers a hygienic way to carry your Liberty in makeup bags, backpacks, and purses for use on the go.

The spare silicone head provides a way of offering women of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to enjoy the Liberty’s Pleasure Air Technology while the magnetic USB charging cable can fully charge the toy in an hour for up to 120 minutes of use.

The guide book offers instructions for use, along with tips, cleaning guide, and a host of general information on the toy.

In your Womanizer Liberty box you’ll find:

  • The Womanizer Liberty Air Pleasure Technology Powered toy, with cover, in your chosen color of the four offered.
  • Two separate stimulation heads to fit women, and clitorises, of all sizes.
  • USB charge cable with charge head.
  • Operating manual with instructions, use, tips, cleaning, and general instructions.

womanizer liberty stimulator

How does it work

Womanizer’s claim to fame is super stimulation with no touching required. This is accomplished using the company’s patent Air Pleasure Technology.

This unique pleasure providing tech also provides for the Liberty’s Smart Silence feature, saving the battery, offering better control, and adding a few extra enticing surprises during play time.

The Liberty’s cover keeps the toy safe, clean, and discreet during travel while the waterproof design allows for easy cleaning. Air Pleasure Technology allows for a blowing and sucking sensation on the clitoris during use and prevents over stimulation.

Six different intensity levels provide a way of increasing or decreasing the toy’s air powered stimulation method to allow for you to experience the Womanizer Liberty in the most comfortable and arousing way to you. Womanizer’s Smart Silence feature automatically turns the Liberty on when it is inches from the skin and off when the toy is removed.

This means you don’t have to mess with that pesky power button when you need a break!

The Liberty works by providing intense clitoral stimulation. Start by spreading the labia so that the toy has easy access to the clitoris. Using light pressure place the stimulation head of your choosing over the clitoris to provide a gentle seal with the toy on the area.

Using the increase and decrease intensity buttons, you can experience the pleasure offerings the Liberty provides at your own speed and pace. The Womanizer Liberty can provide new levels of orgasmic vigor like no other adult toy available today!

womanizer liberty

How does it Feel

The Womanizer Liberty’s unique Air Pleasure Technology stimulation system feels unlike any other toy before. The suction and airy sensation are far superior to any vibrator available on the market today.

Providing an intense clitoral stimulation without ever actually touching your body, the Liberty can offer orgasmic release whenever, and however many times, you want.

If you’re sensitive to clitoral stimulation, the Liberty is the toy for you! Providing deep, passionate orgasms, the Liberty goes from 0 to 100 real quick, or as fast as you like. That means, if you prefer being worked up to a steamy and powerful release, the Liberty is here to get you off.

Or, likewise, if you find yourself in between meetings with a deep need to get off quickly, the Liberty can provide for you as well. With the various intensity levels, you can drive this toy from a gentle suck to a whirlwind of pleasure in a moment’s notice.

The Womanizer Liberty puts you in complete control of your orgasms and allows you to experience pleasure in ways that you never thought were possible with a sex toy.

With its focus on the clitoris, the Liberty produces waves of satisfaction for anyone who is susceptible to the arousal of the area. With the toy’s unique design aimed at preventing over stimulation, multiple orgasms are easily enjoyed with the Liberty.

If you’re looking for a toy to give you feelings like none other before it has or can, look no further than the Womanizer Liberty!



  • Air Pleasure Technology keeps you from becoming over stimulated and allows you to orgasm as many times as you like.
  • Six different intensity settings allow the Liberty to go from a gentle airy suction to full-blown orgasmic sensation, letting you get off at the speed you want.
  • Two separate stimulation heads, standard size and large, ensure that every woman can receive the air based pleasure of the Womanizer Liberty
  • The toy’s waterproof construction means the Womanizer Liberty is easy to clean and can be used in the shower, bath, or other wetter environments.


  • The Womanizer Liberty focuses on the clitoral stimulation, meaning if you require vaginal intercourse to get off, this may not be the toy for you.
  • Button positioning may be an issue for maintaining flow and lowering or raising the intensity during use depending on how you choose to hold the Liberty.

liberty clit stimulator

Verdict: In Love with the Liberty!

The Womanizer Liberty offers a multitude of perfected advancements on Womanizer’s original design.

Though many companies have attempted to create their own version of the innovative Air Pleasure Technology design, no one has done it better than the company that did it first, and this toy proves that they’re still perfecting their incredible work.

The Liberty provides several features aimed at hygiene, transport, and travel, making this the perfect toy for being on the road.

The Liberty’s cover not only provides a way of discreet transportation but keeps the toy clean and in place during travel and the Liberty’s water proof construction makes it easy to keep that way.

In addition, the toy’s super silence and varying levels of intensity allow the Liberty to provide its service successfully regardless if you’re after a long, romantic, evening, or a bathroom quickie. Two different stimulation heads let the Liberty provide satisfaction for every woman!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the ultimate clitoral stimulator, the Womanizer Liberty is the answer to your prayers.

This toy is a perfected version of a product that required no perfection, but now that we have it, there’s no going back. Everything about the Womanizer liberty makes it an effective, simple, and versatile toy, ready to get you off whenever and however you prefer.

Offering orgasms that will have you questioning the effectiveness of all your other sex toys, the Womanizer Liberty comes with a two-year warranty in case you aren’t satisfied in any way. With the Womanizer Liberty, however, it’s hard not to be satisfied.




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