Womanizer Classic Review: Quickest Way to Multiple Orgasms?


Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect sex toy that is sure to make have you screaming out with joy in minimal time, then look no further; we have found the perfect thing for you!

As a person in a relationship, I used to consider that adult toys were only for lonely people who are bored in life and are looking forward to trying something new.

I used to wonder why anyone would need a toy to satisfy them when they can have a good partner do it. Well, it’s now that I realize how wrong I was!

Everyone deserves a fancy sex toy to make their intimate moments pleasurable! And ever since, I have owned multiple sex toys that satisfy not just me but my partner as well.

I have been using a wide variety of adult toys most of which were vibrators.

When a friend told me about Womanizer’s air suction toys, I was all set to give this new technology a try.

Womanizer Classic is one of the most popular adult toys from Womanizer that appeals to almost all types of women.

This adult toy, with its incredible and powerful sensation, is capable of taking you into a whole new world of pleasure and satisfaction.

This product could be perfect for you if you are not really a fan of vibrators. The high-frequency pressure waves will give you an exceptional experience making you use this product again and again.

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What is Womanizer Classic exactly?

In the company’s own words, Womanizer Classic is the little black dress of all their toys.

Womanizer Classic is an outstanding product that could turn your intimate moments into a real pleasure.

The product has gained popularity in a short span of time and is all set to break the conventional idea of an adult toy.

Womanizer already has a range of unique products in the market with a massive number of happy customers across the globe. Womanizer is the first brand that has brought such extraordinary features and has been loved ever since.

A fancy product from Germany, Womanizer Classic delivers everything it promises and has a record of satisfying women from across the world.

The product has been privately tested and guarantees 100% orgasm! The product has been tested on tens of women and has shown effective results.

More than 73% of women who have used this toy have experienced intense multiple orgasms under 3 minutes.

Around 98% of the women reached orgasm in less than 5 minutes and voted it to be one of the best adult toys available in the market that you can own.

Womanizer Classic is equipped with unique Pleasure Air Technology that creates an intense contactless micro-suction effect on your clitoris (Wow!) and comes with multiple intensity levels- from gentle to strong catering your body needs in all your moods.

The wild combination of pulsating pressure waves and mild suction takes you to a whole new level of satisfaction!

The Womanizer Classic is nothing like a regular vibrator and manages to surpass your expectations with flying colors. You can take your Womanizer Classic with you inside the bath because it’s waterproof!

The product comes with a long lasting battery for exquisite stimulation.

Having tried a wide range of sex toys, I can safely say that Womanizer Classic has been one of my top favorites so far. This product has made me fall in love with its heart-warming colors and surprising functionality.

Key Features:

8 Intensity Levels

From gentle to extremely intense- Womanizer Classic comes with 8 intensity levels that could serve you for all your needs.

You can set the intensity mode from super soft to super powerful– or somewhere in between and get on your way to your next orgasm.


Unlike other adult toys that make really loud noise while use, this outstanding product from Womanizer takes away all your worries by giving you a silent experience.

You can use this product anywhere and anytime without having to think about the weird noises! However, it only ensures that it is soundproof and doesn’t guarantee that it could keep you quiet with its exquisite performance.

Additional XL Stimulation Head

Keeping in mind the needs of all shapes and sizes of women across the globe, this product comes with an extra stimulation head.

Designed to cater to all types of clitorises, this extra large stimulation head manages to satisfy you to full extent.

Long-lasting Battery

Womanizer classic comes with a battery life up to 4 hours ensuring you to have your organisms anytime anywhere!

Pleasure Air Technology

Womanizer Classic comes with a unique contactless Pleasure Air Technology that stimulates your clitoris with a wild combination of mild suction and pulsating pressure waves.

These high-frequency pressure waves propagate to all your sensory nerve ending giving you an experience that you might have never felt before.

Unlike the conventional vibrators, this adult toy uses micro-suction that pleases your clitoris to give you mind-blowing sensations. The intensity of these pressure waves can be increased as per your mood.

Slim and Sleek Flexible Design

Comes in a handy design, this adult toy is all set to give you your best moments of life with its sexy and slim design.

The body-fit product is designed specifically in order to be comfortable in your hands so that your intimate moments are well handled and extraordinarily sweet!

Easy Cleaning and Waterproof Design

Womanizer Classic comes with an easy clean option that allows you to smoothly clean it with some warm water and antibacterial soap. The product can also be sterilized for safe and secure usage throughout.

It is super easy to keep this product looking and running brand new with every use! Cleaning and disinfecting has never been easier all you need is some warm water and a toy cleaner! It is that simple.

Yes, you did read the part about the warm water correctly. That means that this device is one-hundred percent waterproof. Relaxing in the tub or hopping in the shower after a long, rough day has never sounded so much fun!

Just imagine yourself lounging back in the tub with a nice glass of wine in one hand and the womanizer classic in the other. All of your stress and worry will literally be shaken right out of your body.

Magnetic Pin USB Charging Cable

This product comes with a magnetic pin USB charging cable that will allow you to charge this product in time as low as 120 minutes.

Lightweight and Compact

This compact product weighs 110 grams is one of the lightest products in the genre. The lightweight of this toy makes it extremely handy and comfortable for usage.

This machine is extremely transportable, you will be able to easily hold it right in the palm of your hand and it is small enough to fit comfortably inside of your purse for on the go use.

Its slim and sleek design, makes this product one of the easiest sex toys to handle and if you are on level eight, you are really going to want to make sure you hold onto it tight for maximum enjoyment!

Good Quality Soft Material

The product is made out of supreme quality soft ABS polymer. The material is non-toxic, safe, and secure to use ensuring that you do not have any infections.

The stimulation head of the product is made out of hypoallergenic medical silicone making it easy for sterilization and usage.

womanizer classic

In the Box

The packing is seamless and minimalist with the following accessories inside the box:

  • The Womanizer Classic
  • Silicone Stimulation Head
  • Magnetic Pin USB Charging Cable
  • Supreme Quality Storage Bag
  • Operating Instructions Manual

How Does It Work?

Press and hold the button for 2 to 3 seconds in order to switch the Womanizer Classic on. The toy will start with a gentle level 1 setting with mild suction.

Put the stimulation head on your clitoris or any other body part and place it in such a way that the cup comes right over your clitoris. Ensure that it seals over your clitoris for better experiences.

Once you have properly positioned it, you can change the intensity level based on your mood and requirement from gentle to moderate to really powerful.

The toy will create a gentle pulsating sucking motion on its level one and will keep on increasing the intensity as you move up to level 8.

You can consider changing the settings in order to discover the intensity that you like most.

To switch it off, all you have to do is press and hold the push button for 2 to 3 seconds as you did in the beginning.

How Does It Feel?

The entire feeling of the product was much better than I had imagined. The micro-suction feature takes you through a series of feelings and gets you excited in the beginning!

Within around a minute into the use, Womanizer Classic was already a winner to me.

The suction feeling was a little unusual to me in the beginning, and I had to fiddle through multiple intensity levels to find the one that pleased me the best.

I found the right intensity level with 10 seconds, and I was already on the edge of a powerful, sensational orgasm.

This product gives you a lot of better experience than a vibration based toys, and this is the reason why I recommend it to every woman who is looking for a toy for extraordinary sensations and multiple orgasms in very less time (goes for a majority of women!).

What I Loved About It!

To be honest, it is quite difficult a task to find reasons not to love it! Womanizer Classic is certainly one of the best Womanizer adult toys there is.

The toy has managed to be one of my favorites because of how it is built and how it manages to break all your expectations no matter how high they are.

The product takes you through a roller coaster ride where you go through intense feeling while leading towards orgasm.

You can use keep the Womanizer Classic in place after use and can come multiple times with exceptional comfort and ease.

If you are a fan of getting sucked during oral sex, this adult toy could drive you crazy. The non-contact feature lets you be comfortable with even the most powerful intensity level.

Also, the multiple intensity levels give you exactly what you need. The micro-suction occurs at a very high frequency leading to smoother and pleasurable sensation.

The Womanizer Classic is waterproof and can be taken conveniently along while showering without worrying about damaging it.

The toy has a long lasting battery that can help you use it multiple times in a single run. The toy is lightweight, compact, and handy making it really easy for you to use.

You can use the toy on your delicate organs without worrying about any side effects or infections because it is made up of a very high-quality polymer which is non-toxic in nature and has been quality tested for its effects on your genitals.

The Womanizer Classic also comes with a good quality storage bag that makes sure you can keep it safe when it’s not in use.

Also, the toy can be used in a perfect silent mode when it is placed up against you making the entire process blissful due to the absence of any loud and annoying noises.

womanizer classic toy

Even though we both know that you were one-hundred percent sold from the first time you read that you can have an orgasm in less than five minutes. Here are just a few more reasons that will make you want to run out of the house right now and go get this newest oral simulator:

  • This product will never leave you feeling numb or raw after. Any woman who has ever used her hand to pleasure herself will understand both of these unpleasant feelings, but when you switch to this machine, those discomforts are a thing of the past!
  • The silent feature, this is the one thing that so many sex toys on the market are lacking. If you have any current toys lying around your house, then you already know that when they are turned on they can wake the dead. This discrete feature will make you want to break out this machine in the most inappropriate of times, but at least you will never have to worry about getting caught!
  • There is an autopilot feature. Yes, you read that correctly. There is an option to be able to just flip it on, stick it in the desired location and simply let one of man’s greatest inventions do all of the hard work for you. Which will leave you completely relaxed and loose to be able to fully enjoy this product.
  • This machine is great for the lazy masturbator, this is perfect for any woman who does not want to do hardly any work, but does what amazing, long-lasting results that will want to make you quit your job and lay in bed all day with your new favorite machine.
  • The great orgasm. Obviously, this is the whole reason that you are shopping around for the newest and best products on the market. If the only thing about this machine that you care about is ensuring that you will have the best orgasm of your life. Then this is by far the best thing that you could have run across, I mean, it is even in the straight forward promise of the manufacturer. You will not be disappointed.

What I Didn’t!

There aren’t a lot of things that I didn’t like about the product. However, Womanizer Classic requires a bit of positioning, stillness, and precision.

It doesn’t give you a lot of scopes to move during the using because that could misplace the suction cup. Hence, you have to remain in a single position to achieve your orgasms.

Using the Womanizer Classic with a partner can help you get rid of this issue.

A lot of people may consider Womanizer Classic to be a bit expensive as compared to other adult toys available in the market.

The price is definitely on the higher side, but for the exquisite and incredible experiences it offers, you wouldn’t regret spending some extra money.

Other points to keep in mind:

  • The suction method of this product feels extremely robotic. What I mean by this, is that is it lacking a human stimulation. It is not going to be easy to day dream about your man crush actually going down on you while you are using this product. It cannot be mistaken for a gentle touch or any physical affection between two humans, it is simply very mechanic in the way it feels while in use.
  • The buttons that change the levels can be hard to reach for some women. This does not mean that the product should not be tried for yourself to see if your arm length is more suitable for the placement of the buttons on the machine. If you are using the product and find that the buttons are hard to change while in the act of pleasuring yourself, but also notice that you enjoy one setting over the others, it is suggested that you alter the device to the perfect setting before you begin, this way you do not have to worry about anything other than pleasuring yourself.

womanizer classic stimulator

Who Should Buy It?

I think the Womanizer Classic appeals to a wide variety of women from across the world, and specifically the ones who are looking for some unique and incredible sensations.

Ideal for women who enjoy the suction during oral sex, this product takes you through an overwhelming journey towards your orgasm.

The various levels of intensity make the overall experience far more realistic- you can select a soft low setting for a gentle suction experience.

This suction based toy could also be a great choice for women who have not had effective results with the vibration based toys.

It is a must-try adult toy for women who haven’t had a great experience with other sex toys.

Final Verdict

This product is great for women of all shapes and sizes in all different kinds of situations:

  • If you are a woman who finds it very difficult to climax through penetration, this is a great addition to you and your husband’s bedroom routine. You or him can turn this product on and in less than five minutes you will be a melted puddle of bliss in the bed.
  • If you are a single woman who is tired of the same ways to pleasure yourself or are really missing how it feels to have oral stimulation, then this is the perfect product for you. It will have you running to get to your bedroom every single night. You will never grow bored with this unique, addictive stimulation.
  • If you are a lesbian couple who is looking for a new way to add excitement into your routine, then look no further. This is the most amazing device you are going to run across for pleasuring both you and your partner. You will have her screaming in less than five minutes with this product’s power, it might even make her want you more after she experiences such a powerful climax.

Unarguably, Womanizer Classic is one of the best adult toys available in the market right now.

Tested over more than 50 women, the toy has shown some exceptionally good results with more than 70% women having multiple orgasms in less than three minutes.

Using this product could be a great way to spice up your intimate moments!

The micro-suction pressure valves are a clear winner over the vibration based toys and give you the kind of sensation that takes you through a wide range of incredible sensations.

The toy is a must buy for ones who haven’t had an orgasm in a while!

Even though you need to pay a bit more for the Womanizer Classic as compared to other products in this genre, I consider it to be a great investment!

Go out and get you the Womanizer Classic right now and start having the best multiple orgasms in the world. Ladies, this is something that at one point, you thought would only exist in your dreams. Now go make it a reality!

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