Womanizer 2GO Review: The Ultimate Lipstick Clit Stimulator?


We all want to have those special nights-or days. And what a better way to enjoy those toe-curling orgasms than with the womanizer 2GO.

What makes this particular vibrator stand out from the rest of the vibrators is its unique size and shape.

The womanizer 2GO is a little bit small and easy to hold as compared to the rest of the vibrators. It is also uniquely shaped like a lipstick.

As the name suggests, it is the perfect travel partner since it can perfectly fit in your makeup bag. It guarantees you the much-needed orgasm wherever you go.

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What Is the 2GO?

The Womanizer 2GO is one of the products by Womanizer, a well-known sex toy brand.

Just like the rest of Womanizer products, the Womanizer 2GO also uses the Pleasure Air Technology. If you haven’t the slightest clue what this is, worry not.

The Pleasure Air Technology refers to the type of technology where there is suction over and around the clitoris which results in touch-free stimulation of the clitoris.

Of course, this results in quick orgasms that are just out of this world.

The difference between the Womanizer 2GO and your everyday conventional vibrators is the fact that with the Womanizer 2GO, the issue of overstimulation of one’s clitoris becomes a thing of the past.


The Womanizer 2GO has a fascinating design. It looks like a lipstick although it is larger than a normal lipstick. It has a sophisticated look and its size makes it possible for one to carry it around discreetly.

It has a head that consists of the motor and the stimulation head that’s pink in color. The pink color is very easy on the eyes.

It has a charging port and the control button at the bottom end of the device. It has just one control button that controls everything.

This feature also sets it apart from the rest of the Womanizer sex toys. It also comes with an additional head.

The device comes in very tasteful colors. These are black, white and mint green with a touch of pink.

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Its Main Features

1. It Is Waterproof

The Womanizer 2GO is waterproof. You can start your day or end it with a big smile since you get to enjoy one or more of those untamed orgasms with the help of this awesome toy. It is not just perfect between the sheets.

It can be enjoyed in the shower, bathtub or swimming pool without fear of your vibrator breaking or harming you.

2. Pleasure Air Technology

The Womanizer 2GO focuses on the stimulation of the clitoris. This is its sole purpose. This is made possible by the Pleasure Air Technology.

This technology allows the clitoris to get stimulated without touching it. How you ask? Well, it creates pressure waves which mildly and delicately suck the clitoris which results in a powerful orgasm or two.

3. Battery Life

It has a battery life of two hours. Like we have said before, the Womanizer 2GO brings about speedy orgasms so you can imagine the number of orgasms you can get in two hours.

Two hours is more than enough. When the device needs charging, a red flash will be produced alerting you to charge it.

4. Silent Mode

If you want to enjoy your play time in peace without alerting the people around you, then the Womanizer 2GO has got you covered.

The device is super powerful yet silent at the same time. If your goal is silent sex, then be sure to give this amazing device a try. This is however achieved only if the vibrator is placed correctly.

5. Intensity Levels

It has six intensity levels so you get to either increase or decrease the intensity of the device according to what makes you tick. It has a one-button control that controls the six intensity levels.

It is totally up to you to experiment and see what works for you.

6. Extra Large Stimulation Head

You can switch between two stimulation heads since the device also comes with an extra large stimulation head that caters for the different shapes and sizes of the clitoris.

We all can’t be the same, but we can all enjoy this device thanks to the different size stimulation heads.

7. USB Charging

The device comes with a USB charging port. A full charge takes around two hours. Charging it is pretty simple.

You just plug the USB cable into your wall adapter or computer and let the device charge. Once it is done, the fun can begin.

Contents Of The Box

The box looks really elegant when you look at it.

Inside the box, you will find the Womanizer 2GO, the silicone stimulation head, the extra large silicone stimulation head, a USB charging cable, and finally the manual.

The instructions manual is multilingual so it can be understood by anyone.


The materials used to make the vibrator are safe for our bodies. The heads, for example, are made from silicone. Silicone is non-toxic and totally body safe.

The rest of the body is made from ABS plastic which is safe and high-quality plastic. Safety always comes first, and the Womanizer 2GO has no issue delivering this.

How It Works

  1. Turn the vibrator on by pressing the button at the bottom of the toy for about three seconds. When the device is on, a red light will appear. The device will start with the lowest intensity. You can then adjust it to whatever intensity suits you.
  2. Place the stimulation head over your clitoris or your partner’s clitoris ( if you are not alone). Ensure that the clitoris is covered by the stimulation head. If placed correctly, (wrapped around the clitoris) the vibrator is silent.
  3. If you have placed it correctly and have chosen whatever intensity works for you, relax and let the vibrator do the magic.
  4. After you are done having fun, turn the device off by holding the button at the bottom of the device for three seconds. The device should be turned off before removing it from the clitoris.

2go review

How It Feels

The Womanizer 2GO almost always guarantees an orgasm, and a pillow-biting one for that matter. The sensation provided by the Womanizer 2GO is so good you can’t help but have an orgasm.

Something really interesting to note is that the two silicone heads somehow feel different when used. The original silicone head has a bit more round edges making it very comfortable to use.

On the flip side, the extra large silicone head is wider and loses the roundedness that the original head has.

The original head is more intense than the extra large one. This, therefore, means that for the original head, intensity level 1 can still lead to a delicious orgasm.

The extra large silicone head requires one to go a notch higher when it comes to the intensity levels. Levels 4, 5 and 6 can help you achieve this.

If you are interested in a quick orgasm then you should go for the original silicone head. A more slow and gentle orgasm is achieved by using the extra large silicone head.

What makes the experience even better is the fact that there is no numbness associated with the use of this toy. You can keep going and going till you can’t anymore.

How To Clean The Device

We wouldn’t want to have a dirty device, would we? It’s a good thing that the Womanizer 2GO is pretty easy to clean.

Before cleaning it, ensure that the silicone head and the charging cables are separated from the rest of the device.

The silicone head can be cleaned in one of three ways. One, you can boil it. Two, you can clean it with warm, soapy water or three, you can clean it using a toy cleaner.

The device’s body can be cleaned by immersing it in water and turning it on for a few seconds while it is still in the water. Thank goodness it is waterproof. When you are done with this process, leave the device to dry.


The Womanizer 2GO has a wide variety of pros and a few cons. Take a look.

1. The vibrator has an inconspicuous design. Though it is bigger than a regular lipstick, it can easily blend in with the rest of the items in your make up bag. It is also quite small compared to most of the sex toys, making it awesome for traveling. You can easily carry it around with you. You never know when it might come in handy!

2. It is waterproof. It allows all sorts of aquatic adventure without fear of the device getting spoilt or you getting injured. Showers have never been so much fun.

3. When this particular vibrator is used, it does not cause numbness around the clitoris. The clitoris still remains sensitive therefore you can keep having fun. Penetration can also take place immediately after you orgasm and you can still enjoy sex as much as you want.

4. The wide range of intensities does not discriminate against women. Whether you like your orgasm fast and powerful or subtle and gentle, the Womanizer 2GO can definitely deliver. You simply have to choose whatever intensity level guarantees the type of orgasm you want.

5. It is USB rechargeable, therefore, there is no need of buying batteries. This makes the charging process really easy.

6. Incredible orgasms are a guarantee when you play with this toy. The Pleasure Air Technology stimulates the clitoris so well until you can help but orgasm.

7. The toy is also discreet in terms of noise level. If placed correctly, with the clitoris wrapped around the stimulation head, the toy does not make noise. You can have so much fun without people around you having a clue.

8. The Womanizer 2GO comes in a stylish package. It can definitely be a gift for a loved one. It can be gifted to someone to help spice up their sex life or change it all together. That wouldn’t be a bad gift, would it?

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1. The size of the toy has been ridiculed by users since it appears to be larger than the normal lipstick. Sometimes people purchase the toy with the expectation of it being exactly like a lipstick, but they end up disappointed because it is way larger.

2. Some women have complained about the one-touch button. There have been complaints that it is hard to navigate through the intensities with just one button. It can bring a lot of confusion, especially when navigating between intensities 6 to 1.

3. The device’s body is not comfortable to hold. Pretty as it may be, the toy’s body can be quite uncomfortable to hold. Holding the toy for long can be quite tiresome. This can be disadvantageous since no one wants to have uncomfortable sex or orgasms.

Who It Is For?

Do you travel a lot and often need a companion to get you through those lonely nights? The Womanizer 2GO is perfect for you.

Due to its size and lipstick design, the Womanizer 2GO is ideal for frequent travellers since it is not bulky. It can easily fit in your bag without taking up space.

This toy is also for those women who have never had or have difficulty having orgasms. Seriously, you are missing out.

Luckily, with the Womanizer 2GO, an orgasm is just within reach. Intense clitoral stimulation is also very achievable with the use of this very great device.

If you are one for these kinds of orgasms, then the Womanizer 2GO is the way to go! With the device being waterproof, it is also ideal for all those who enjoy some under the water fun.


Your sex life doesn’t have to be boring. With a toy like the Womanizer 2GO in the market, you have absolutely no excuse to have a boring sex life.

Orgasms can be achieved all the time, and the Womanizer 2GO almost always guarantees an orgasm. Sometimes we require a little push.

The Womanizer 2GO is here to do just that. Take advantage of it. You never know, you might just find the one thing that has been missing from your bedroom and in your sex life in general.

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