We-Vibe Sync Review: The Best Sex Toy for Couples?


Canadian sex toy company Standard Innovation has made their name from providing top quality adult products marketed to couples.

Their new product, the We-vibe Sync, takes Standard Innovation’s commitment to couple play to the next level, however, with its incredible features aimed at providing the most pleasure possible for both sides.

The We-vibe Sync is specifically designed to be enjoyed with a partner allowing you both to share in the vibe.

Standard Innovation has proven time and again that they are an adult toy company with a passion for passion and have exhibited that once more with the We-vibe Sync.

Founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Melody and Bruce Murison, Standard Innovation has become one of

Canada’s largest producers and distributors of sex toys, meaning they have the experience and knowhow to keep their customers coming back for more.

Standard Innovation has won a plethora of awards for their quality products, including the much-coveted Best Couple’s Sex Toy at Los Angeles’ Sexual Health Expo.

With the launch of their first product, the first version of the We-Vibe couple’s vibrator in 2008, they became instantly recognized as one of the foremost producers of high quality vibrators by some of the most reputable voices in the industry, including Sue Johanson, a celebrated Canadian sex educator, and Mehmet Oz, host of the Dr.
Oz Show.

Below, we’ll take a more in-depth look at Standard Innovation’s fresh, unique, couple’s toy in our We-vibe Sync review.

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What is the We-vibe Sync?

The We-vibe Sync has taken Standard Innovation’s commitment to providing pleasure for both members of a relationship a step further with unique advancements to their classic sex toy shape.

The We-vibe Sync is fully flexible to provide the most pleasure possible no matter your body shape.

Two adjustable points allow for full customization of clitoral and G-spot pressure, and the Sync is guaranteed to stay in position no matter your position.

The remote control and the We-connect app both allow the Sync to be controlled in various ways and provide a wide variety of play options.

couples vibrator wevibe

The We-Vibe Sync: How it Works

The We-vibe Sync offers many of the same options as most vibrators on the market today, clitoral and G-spot stimulation, and it proves very successful at both. However, it is the unique features that the Sync possesses over more standard vibrators that really make this toy a must-have.

We’ll start with the two-point flexibility feature, which allows the We-vibe Sync the ability to adjust to any body shape or size and adapt itself specifically for your body type.

This means that no matter what position you and your partner delight in, the Sync will stay securely in place and continue providing you both with that delightful vibrating sensation.

The We-vibe Sync offers ten different vibration modes, which can easily be cycled through, and intensified, in the heat of the moment for the utmost in pleasure enhancement.

Vibration types include Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Pulse, Wave, Echo, Tide, Crest, and Surf, and can be cycled through using the Sync’s on handle controls, the included remote, or the We-vibe We-connect app for your smartphone.

The remote control offers control of the vibration type and intensity from up to three meters away and can be used by either partner, whereas the We-connect app can, not only allow for the LDR couples to play with their Sync from long distances, but also offers Beat Mode, which allows the Sync to vibrate to the beat of your music.

The We-vibe Sync is constructed from body-safe silicone, free of BPA, phthalates, and latex, and is completely waterproof for enjoying your toy in even the wettest conditions.

The Sync is rechargeable through the included USB charging base, which also doubles as a storage case for the Sync, as well as a travel case.

The Sync can fully charge in two hours and features a ninety-minute runtime when fully charged.

The Sync also comes with a two-year warranty from Standard Innovation, which allows for replacement or repair of your Sync.

sync vibrator

What’s in the Box?

Everything that you need to keep the We-vibe Sync synced up with you and your partner comes included in the same box as your new vibrator.

The box includes:

  • The Standard Innovation We-vibe Sync couple’s dual stimulation vibrator
  • Wireless remote control, which can control the Sync’s vibration mode and intensity from up to three meters
  • Combination storage and travel case/USB charger (Standard Innovation’s most rapid charger)
  • USB cable allowing for charging from any available USB power adapter
  • Two-milliliter sample of We-vibe Pjur Lube
  • Quick start user manual in several different languages

Pros of the We-vibe Sync

  • Three separate control options including the handle controls, remote control, and We-connect App
  • Two point flexibility allowing the Sync to stay in place no matter what position you and your partner enjoy most
  • Ten vibration modes and adjustable intensity
  • High quality and waterproof construction materials make the Sync one of the most durable and accessible toys offered by Standard Innovation

sync vibe

Cons of the We-vibe Sync

  • Though the focus of the Sync is on comfort and flexibility, it seems as though it could provide a more powerful experience at times, especially when controlled via the remote or handle controls
  • Though able to fit and secure to most body shapes, the Sync may not work as well for people of size or those with a, particularly plump labia

The We-Vibe Sync: Final Word

In the end, the We-vibe Sync is one of the world’s best and most innovative sex toys for couples.

The excellent design of the Sync allows for comfortable wearing, playing, and penetration, and provides pleasurable vibrations for both parties involved.

The wireless remote allows for complete hands-free play, as does the We-connect application for your phone, and makes for intense solo play sessions as well.

If you’re seeking a high-quality adult toy that both you and your lover will love coming to, look no further than the We-vibe Sync from Standard Innovation.


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