We-Vibe Rave Review: The Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator?


With such a wide range of sex toys on the market, it’s crucial that you find a high-quality one which does the job well.

We-vibe is a trendy sex toy brand and is known all over the world.

The We-vibe Rave is just one of the fresh products in their collection, and it’s one that is worth exploring further.

This vibrator is suitable for a variety of people out there, no matter what situation you might be.

It’s ideal for the nervous beginning all the way to those who are very experienced with sex toys.

There are pros and cons to every product, of course, so this unbiased We-vibe Rave review has been put together so you can decide if it’s the right toy for you.

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What is the We-vibe Rave?

The We-vibe Rave is a vibrator designed to stimulate the g-spot for ultimate satisfaction.

It looks exciting, and with a slight curve, this is the design feature that makes it work as effectively as what it does.

We-Vibe is always super innovative with their products, of course, and this one is no different. The toy vibrates and rumbles, giving you a ton of unusual sensations that are sure to make you climax.

The We-Connect app which is free to download allows you or somebody else to control the product, ideal if you are in a long-term relationship or just want to try something new with your lover.

The We-vibe Rave is an attractively designed with a smooth body that makes it a pleasure to have in your collection.

This is a favorite product amongst females and couples all over the world, with the majority of reviews about the device being 5 stars.

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How does it work?

The great thing about the We-vibe Rave is that it can be used in some ways depending on what you like.

The fact that it is designed to hit the g-spot means it is meant to be used in the vagina, but it can also be used in the butt and also as a clitoral stimulator if you’d prefer.

The toy is a decent size but also isn’t overwhelming.

Whether you are using the product by yourself or with a partner, just experiment and have fun.

The device can be controlled via the We-Connect app, and there are lots of settings to play with to give you the best orgasm possible.

You can either use the app yourself or hand over the controls to a partner who can feel particularly naughty. Why not even position the We-vibe Rave between your bodies as you have sex to discover exactly what it is really capable of?

What’s in the box?

With the We-vibe Rave, you will get the vibrator, a charger, and a remote controller.

The We-Connect app can be downloaded to any device, and nothing else is necessary to get the full benefits of the product.

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How does it feel?

We-Vibe is known for being a reliable brand, and this product feels terrific whatever way it is used, there are 10 different modes and all of them have unique sensations.

The shape of the device makes it ideal for using as a standard dildo, but the range of vibrations take it to a whole new level.

It also feels fantastic on the clit and handing over the control of the app to your partner can somehow make the feeling even more incredible.


– The shape of the device is fascinating, it is curved, but there are also slight edges which will really stimulate you in all the right places when the toy is in use. This is unlike any other sex toy on the market and definitely worth exploring further.

– The We-Connect app makes the toy stand out from other products on the market. It allows you to connect with your partner on a more intimate level, ideal if you are in a long-term relationship. It is also great for using together if you just want to spice up your relationship slightly. The motor is really powerful on the toy which makes it ideal for using by yourself too.

– It is smooth and made from body safe silicone. Not only does this feel soft and comfortable, the material is safe and you do not need to worry about any adverse side effects.

– The We-vibe Rave is rechargeable which is very handy, there is also a light indicator which lets you know when the battery is running low which is really convenient.

– Want to take the toy down under and enjoy it in the bath or even the shower? You are more than able to do that because it is entirely waterproof.

– It’s actually on sale right now meaning you can get the We-vibe rave for a very reasonable price, especially considering how great the brand is.

– If you look at reviews for the product, you can see that most of them are 5 stars. Singles and couples have been raving about the features of the We-vibe Rave and you are more than likely to feel the same way about it.

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– It has only 2 hours of battery life which should be long enough for a decent session providing you charge the We-vibe Rave up before you use it.

Final verdict

You can see from this We-vibe Rave review that there are definitely more pros than cons to the device. It’s proving popular with customers around the world, and it’s guaranteed to be a big hit with you too.

It works really well, and it can also be used in whichever way you want to enjoy it.

It’s a high-quality product that has a massive TEN modes to explore.

We-vibe is such a well-known brand meaning you can be sure you are purchasing an effective product.

If you have been looking for an interactive sex toy and haven’t been sure which one to go for, the We-vibe Rave has all the qualities necessary to show you a good time.

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