We-Vibe Nova Review: The Ultimate Rabbit Vibrator?


When selecting a toy that will undoubtedly spend some of the most intimate moments of your sex life with you, and your partner, purchasing a product made by a company that, was not only founded with a passion for passion but has won multiple awards for their designs and has a commitment to providing the best possible designs for your body is a must in terms of choosing the best quality toy.

With so many toys on the market today providing simple clit stimulation, or teasing of the G-spot, it’s always nice to see a design take those features and expand upon them in a unique way.

Enter the Canadian based adult toy company, Standard Innovation, and their latest product to hit the market, the We-vibe Nova.

Standard Innovation is a special type of sex toy company.

Founded by husband and wife team Bruce and Melody Murison in Canada in 2003, Standard Innovation is truly a story of a small business coming up in a big way, no pun intended.

Since the launch of the company’s first vibrator in 2008, the We-vibe Couple’s Vibrator, Standard Innovation has won over twenty awards in the adult toy industry, including the Best Couple’s Toy Award at the infamous L.A. Sexual Health Expo.

Let’s review their latest product, the Nova!

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The We-vibe Nova: What it is and Why You Should Buy It

With Standard Innovation’s latest release, the We-vibe Nova, the company’s designers have taken their focus on couple’s pleasure, on which they were founded, to another level.

The We-vibe Nova is a dual stimulator for both the G-spot and clitoris like so many sex toys of its kind before.

What makes the Nova unique, however, are the simple design flourishes that allow for simple use, along with maximum pleasure.

The Nova features 10 various vibration modes, and the ability to create your own sensations using We-vibe’s We-Connect app, which also allows for many other separate sensual options for the Nova we’ll explore further into our We-vibe Nova review.

nova vibe

How Does it Work?

Though what many may consider a simple G-Spot and clitoral stimulator, the We-Vibe Nova features a host of unique options and design compliments that were purposed explicitly with providing you the most intense pleasure possible.

First and foremost, in terms of the Nova’s physical design, the flexible clitoral stimulator is a feature not found on your average sex toy.

What this flexible aspect of the clit massager allows for is better, free-range of movement to work your G-spot with the business end of the toy while staying comfortably on your clit for dual sensations.

This flexible feature also allows for increased or decreased pressure on your clitoris as you or your partner wishes.

In terms of what the We-vibe Nova provides, two separate motors and simple to use controls built into the handle of the Nova allow for switching between the multitudes of modes the toy offers.

The Nova provides ten separate vibration modes, including Vibrate, Pulse, Wave, Echo, Tide, Crest, Bounce, Surf, Peak, and Cha-Cha, and also allows you to create your own sensations using the We-connect app.

Speaking of the We-connect app, Standard Innovations unique smartphone oriented toy control application, not only allows for custom vibration creation, but for touch-screen control of your Nova, and perhaps most impressively, the ability for your partner to play with you and your toy from anywhere in the world via remote control through the We-connect application.

The We-Vibe Nova is made using body-safe silicon, which uses no latex, phthalates, or BPA, and is manufactured in an eco-friendly carbon neutral process, further demonstrating the superior morals of the Standard Innovations company.

Featuring a low power indicator for knowing when you’re losing intensity, the Nova is USB chargeable and can fully charge in ninety minutes for up to two hours of use.

The whisper quiet function of the Nova means that your vibes won’t be ruined by any annoying rattling, and the one hundred percent waterproof design allows for sensational sensual shower and bath experiences.

Furthermore, Standard Innovation offers a one-year warranty for the repair or replacement if anything goes wrong with your We-vibe Nova.

wevibe nova

What’s in the Box?

When you first receive your new We-vibe Nova, you’ll get everything you’ll need to be up and running, and cumming hard, right there in the same box; including:

  • The We-Vibe Nova dual stimulating vibrator by Standard Innovation
  • A magnetic USB cable for charging the vibrator which connects to any USB port or power adapter
  • The sleek, silky storage bag for safe, convenient storage and travel
  • The illustrated quick-start user guide, which offers instructions for the We-vibe Nova in multiple languages

Pros of the We-vibe Nova

  • Simple yet effective design flourishes, such as the flexible clit stimulator that provides a passionate pleasure-focused vibrator
  • Ten separate modes of vibration which are easily selected from the built-in controls on the handle of the toy
  • Fully functional with the We-connect application which allows for the creation of customizable vibration settings, touch-screen control of your Nova, and play with a partner anywhere in the world
  • One hundred percent waterproof design means your Nova can go with you anywhere, even the wettest situations

Cons of the We-vibe Nova

  • Those sleek buttons on the handle can be a little hard to find and reach in the heat of the moment
  • It seems as though the app allows the Nova more power than simple hand control

nova dual vibrator

The We-Vibe Nova: Final Word

I would personally highly recommend the We-vibe Nova to anyone who is looking for the highest quality dual stimulator they can find.

Yes, the design of the Nova is more centered on couple play given its focus on the We-connect app control feature and less on the hand controls of the vibrator, but I don’t necessarily see that as a loss on the product just a speciality that it possesses, and trust me it still works more than fine for one on one time with yourself.

Standard Innovation’s We-vibe Nova is perhaps the best rabbit toy you can buy for your sexual relationship with yourself or with your partner.


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