We-Vibe Moxie Review: Yay or Nay? (Wearable Bluetooth Clitoral Vibrator)


For most women, orgasms are most likely to occur when the clitoris is stimulated thanks to the numerous nerve endings found in the tiny organ.

There are many sex toys that are designed to specifically provide clitoral stimulation, and deciding what works for you best can be a little overwhelming. Here is a detailed and unbiased review of the We-Vibe Moxie to help you decide if it is the sex toy for you.

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What is it?

The We-Vibe Moxie is a wearable vibrator that is Bluetooth-controlled to allow for hands-free clitoral stimulation. It has a contoured slim design and rumbling vibrations that are surprisingly discreet. Moxie is designed to fit inside your underwear and stay in place securely with a magnetic clip.

You can control Moxie on your own, or you can have your partner join in on the fun using the included remote or through the We-Connect app. We-Vibe is a renowned brand of sex toys that has designed well-received vibrators such as We-Vibe Tango and Nova, so another vibrator is right up their alley.

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Key features

Comfortable design

Moxie has a seamlessly contoured shape with a slim design that allows it to go completely undetected when you have it on. The silky silicone also ensures your comfort since it is smooth against your body.

Body-safe silicone

Moxie is made from body-safe silicone that is completely free from phthalates, BPA, and latex.

USB quick charge

You can fully charge Moxie in 90 minutes, and it lasts for up to 2 hours when it is in use.

Powerful vibrations

The vibrations that emanate from Moxie are deep and rumbly. There are ten modes of vibrations for your pleasure.

Magnetic clip

Moxie features a magnetic clip to keep from slipping when you have it in your underwear.

Customized control

You can easily change the vibration modes as well as the intensity using the included remote, or you can use the free-to-download We-Connect app to create your own unique vibes and let your partner take control of Moxie whether you are in the same room or in two different time zones.


Moxie is fully waterproof, which means that you can enjoy using it in the shower or bathtub, and cleaning it is also simple.

Whisper quiet

Moxie is designed to be quiet and discreet, allowing you to play in public without having to worry about someone overhearing you.

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What’s in the box?

Moxie comes in a hard box that is great for storing the toy or even offering as a gift. It contains:

  • A remote control: Advanced remote that allows for intensity control.
  • Two magnets: A magnet to use to keep Moxie in place. There is also an extra spare one in case you need it.
  • A USB charging cable that is magnetic: The USB cable can be used to charge Moxie via any USB port or a compatible USB power adapter.
  • A sachet of We-Vibe lube made by Pjur: We-Vibe lube by Pjur is water-based to ease and enhance the comfort of sexual activity.
  • A drawstring storage pouch: The silky storage pouch is ideal for storage and travel.
  • A multilingual user manual: The manual is provided in case you need guidance on how to use and care for Moxie.
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How it works

To get started, charge Moxie for 90 minutes. Confirm that it is fully charged, by checking to see if the indicator light is on. To use Moxie manually, turn it on by pressing the control button. You can also use the control button to scroll through the vibration settings. Once you are done playing, simply hold down the control button for 2 seconds to turn it off.

You can also pair the toy with the remote control by pressing down the control button for 5 seconds until it pulses twice. You can then use the left and right arrow buttons on the remote control to make changes to the vibration settings or to decrease or increase the intensity of the vibrations.

Another great option is pairing Moxie with your smartphone. For this function, download the We-Connect app from the App Store or Google Play and pair it with your device as instructed. While you are on the app, you can switch Moxie on and off, and you can also increase and change the intensity of the preset vibration modes. You also have the option to customize your own vibration modes.

Since Moxie is Bluetooth enabled, you can play with your partner in the same room by pairing your phone through the app. Moxie can connect from up to 30 feet of within your line of sight and within 20 feet of 360-degree range.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you will love the fact that you can connect with your partner using the We-Connect app. Just get your partner to download the app and then send them an invite by selecting “connect lover” under the app menu.

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How it feels

I was first wary of Moxie because I was worried about being able to secure it in my underwear. However, this did not discourage me from taking it for a little spin when I had to run errands. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the clip fit perfectly in my underwear, and it was quite comfortable to walk around with the toy. I brought my boyfriend along for the fun and had him control the remote to change the speeds as he pleased.

Truth be told, we both had a lot of fun wandering around in the grocery store knowing that no one knew about our kinky little secret. Even when my boyfriend cranked things up to the more intense vibration modes, Moxie was very quiet, so that was very assuring.

The silicone material of the toy felt soft against my labia but I would have loved to feel the vibrations more directly on my clitoris. I noticed that when standing, Moxie vibrates against the labia only, which was a bit frustrating especially I was in public. Of course, the rumbling vibrations are pleasant to feel, but I did not have an orgasm. That being said, when I tried it on my own in the bathtub (it really is waterproof by the way), I reached an unforgettable toe-curling climax.

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  • The soft silicone material is comfortable, therefore allowing for extended use.
  • The magnetic clip works with a variety of underwear designs.
  • It is quiet and discrete, so you can take it for a spin in public.
  • Moxie is versatile- it can be remote-controlled or app-controlled.
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  • It may be hard to achieve an orgasm using Moxie when going about your daily activities.
  • The Bluetooth connection can sometimes be choppy when used over some distance.
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Moxie is a pretty good wearable clitoral vibrator that is ideal for use with or without a partner, for couples in a LDR, and for public play.

You may not experience an orgasm while you are on the go using it, but other than that it is definitely worth your consideration.

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