We-Vibe Jive Review: The Ultimate Wearable Bluetooth Vibrator?


There are so many sex toys out there, but some are going to be better than others – you should make sure that you only add the best to your collection.

Wearable devices are on the rise, and they definitely have a certain appeal, namely the hands-free enjoyment.

We-vibe has released the We-vibe Jive, a vibrating wearable dildo that is proving to be very popular.

The device is shaped in such a way that it fits in you comfortably AND feels absolutely fantastic.

Connecting the device with an app gives an interactive touch that you can take full advantage of.

Carry on reading this We-vibe Jive review so that you can discover the unique features of the product and anything else that might be of interest.


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What is the We-vibe Jive?

The We-vibe Jive is a vibro-bullet designed for you to wear with the promise that it will hit your g spot every single time.

While one part is inside you, the other part can be used to stimulate your clit, and both combined feel absolutely amazing.

This is Bluetooth enabled, and the product can be controlled using the We-Connect app.

This is ideal for couples to take advantage of, increasing the intimacy levels and maybe even giving your relationship a touch of something extra.

The We-vibe Jive is discreet so you can even wear it when out and about if you want to take the naughtiness up an extra level.

The product is made from silky smooth silicone making it really comfortable and also ensuring it is safe for all.

There are an impressive 10 different modes on the device, allowing you to find the right vibration pattern and tempo that works for you.

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How does it work?

This product certainly looks different from other sex toys on the market but do not let the appearance intimidate you, it seems this way because it is designed to hit your g-spot.

One end of the We-vibe Jive should be fitted into your vagina, while the other end stimulates your clit.

Although it is comfortable when fitted, I would recommend using a water-based lubricant.

You can use the We-vibe Jive whether you are playing with yourself or with a partner.

Once snugly in place, you do not need to worry about it shifting or coming out, and it’s finally time to get the vibrations started.

The different settings can be controlled using the We-Connect app, there are a total of 10 different vibration settings, and you can even create your own using the app.

Want to hand over the controls? Get your lover to download the app on their device, and they can watch you shake with pleasure while they increase the vibrations.

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What’s in the box?

With the We-vibe Jive, you will get the device, a USB charger and a cute silky pouch to keep it all together in.

The We-Connect app is free to download on all smartphones.

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How does it feel?

As one of the best sex toy brands on the market, We-Vibe Jive does definitely not disappoint.

So much attention to detail has done into the design of the product which means increased sexual satisfaction when in use.

While hitting your g-spot and simultaneously stimulating your clit, the toy feels incredible. You can use it by yourself or increase the heat by using it as foreplay with your partner.

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– Whether you are a woman who likes penetrative sex or clitoral stimulation, the We-vibe Jive offers both, and the 10 different vibration modes take things up a notch. To put it bluntly, you are guaranteed to climax every time you use it.

– It is a lightweight, quiet and overall discrete device meaning that you can put the product in as you go about your daily life. Maybe when you are in the supermarket, your partner can use the We-Connect app, and it’s up to you to try and not react… Playing such naughty games together can definitely give your relationship a boost.

– There are 10 different modes meaning you can find what feels right for you whether you want it slow, intense or somewhere in between. Building up the tempo slowly is what many women go for, and this proves to be quite effective.

– It is rechargeable which is convenient, eco-friendly and also saves money on the price of batteries. There is also an indicator which lets you know when the battery is low and device needs charging.

– It is made from silky smooth silicone which makes it comfortable to wear and it’s also super easy to clean between uses.

– You can use the product in the bath or shower safely because it is entirely waterproof.

– You can rest assured that you are putting your trust in the right place with the We-vibe brand. Better yet, the Jive has many positive reviews and is proving to be very successful with so many couples who have tried it out.

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– It might be a little out of budget for some customers who are interested in the toy.

– There is only a 2-hour battery life with the We-Vibe Jive so do make sure it is fully charged before you put it into use to avoid any disappointment.

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Final verdict

If you’ve never tried a We-Vibe toy before, the Jive is as good a place to start as any. It is pleasurable, AND it has interactive features that let you enjoy it with a lover.

The wearable style is definitely appealing because you can use it hands-free and there are no REAL drawbacks to the product regarding the toy itself.

Some of the other features that were mentioned in the pros section also make this a reliable device.

I hope this We-vibe Jive review has helped you decide as to whether this is the right sex toy for you.

The product has positive reviews from customers all over the world, and hopefully, you will soon be leaving 5 stars for yourself!


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