We-Vibe Gala Review: Your Next Dual-Motor Clitoral Stimulator?


When “playing” alone, there’s nothing as crazy as having the clit stimulated to the point of moving you to tears.

That is, deep, intense arousal by a product that is designed for doing exactly that.

We-Vibe Gala is one of the newest sensations in that line of products.

This hand-held pleasure device gives you sharp, sensational vibrations which are customizable for your enhanced pleasure.

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What Is the Gala?

Gala is a soft hand-held vibrator that concentrates on arousing the clit in-between its two vibrating tips. It’s incredibly soft and gives powerful vibrations that you can custom-set to the style that you desire.

The device is one of those easily rechargeable ones.

It has three buttons that are easy to operate with the thumb. They turn it ON and OFF, and the third one is for manipulating the modes of vibration to your desired one.

Each of its tips can operate independently just as they can work together.

It is, therefore, a device that you can use comfortably use to give yourself pleasure with ease.

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How Does Gala Work?

The We-Vibe Gala is designed with two tips through which you experience the pleasure. Each of the tips has its own motor which makes it vibrate without the other. You can make them vibrate together too.

This means that it gives you an option of how you want to experience pleasure. You can choose to surround the clit area and attack it with pleasure from all sides or work on one side at a time.

By simply pressing a button, you can change the vibration to 10 different styles. Each of the waves is intense. The feeling is awesome.

Despite the power, your hand doesn’t have to offer too much resistance to it. This is because most of the energy is concentrated around the tips while your hand mostly holds the base area. It’s only your thumb that you need to control the buttons.

For those who fancy the idea of working with apps, it is noteworthy that this sex toy comes with the free We-Connect app. This app can work with various Apple and Android device or any other that can be connected through Bluetooth.

The app can actually, allow you to control the speed of vibrations. This gives you the freedom to determine how fast or slow you achieve your explosive orgasm.

When fully charged, the Gala can work for up to two hours and will actually take slightly less than two hours to recharge.

It will put you on notice when the power is depleted and needs a recharge. The USB charger makes it possible to use any USB port to power your pleasure device.

Even your laptop can do the job for you as you enjoy watching a movie on it by your bed or surfing the Internet.

Two hours of uninterrupted pleasure. That’s a great feeling. Girl, you’re gonna like it.

What’s In the Box?

Inside the box that contains the We-Vibe Gala, you’ll find the tool itself and its accompanying accessories. First, the box itself is beautifully presentable.

Just like a small gift hamper. The picture of the Gala itself is on the top of the box.

When you open, the source of pleasure welcomes you with a smile. Placed securely inside the box.

An indication that it’s not been tampered with before you lay your hands on it.

On the purchase, the We-Vibe lube is one of the freebies that you find inside. The USB charger and a booklet that guides you on how to use the device are the other contents.

In case you need to carry it around, be assured of convenience since it comes with a bag that you can use to carry it.

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How Does It Feel?

Gala is as soft as silk, a very pleasant feeling to your hand. Imagine how awesome it is once it lands on the clit.

The touch itself is enough to give you instant arousal by just thinking of how it will be when it’s finally down there.

Further, the feeling when it’s working on your clit is excellent. Especially when you make the tips are working independently since that is when the power is stronger.

When you use the buttons to adjust the vibrations and get the one that you desire at any particular moment, you get the luxurious feeling of “diversified pleasure”, so-to-speak.

What Are the Pros and Cons of We-Vibe Gala?

Despite the fact that no product in the market will at any time be 100% perfect, Gala has its good sides which make it unique. It’s important to take note of them alongside the disadvantages.

The pros are among the following:

  • The device is waterproof; you can use it even outdoors and clean with water too
  • It is hand-sized hence comfortable to hold
  • It offers different levels of vibration intensity hence not dull
  • It is easily rechargeable saving you the need to buy batteries

we vibe gala

The cons:

  • Its best results are experienced when used alongside the app
  • The space between the tips is not very small which makes it quite a task to make it fit around your clit
  • It best pleases users who prefer their vibrations being gentle

The Verdict

As you can see and as you will experience too, Gala is a device with its own sweetness and its own shortcomings, the latter being fewer.

However, it’s all in the mind of the user. This device requires an open-minded user who will be able to use it according to its specification and adjust it through the app to their own taste. This is what makes it great.

The We-Vibe Gala is for the adventurous lady who loves noisy sensational orgasms. It is for the one that wishes to control the rate at which they orgasm and how they reach it.

It is also great for couples as it is for solo performance.

What we can conclude is that it is worth every dime you invest in buying it and you’ll not regret since what you are looking for is quality.

The ability of the Gala to take you to the highest cloud of pleasure is almost guaranteed.

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