We-Vibe Bloom Review: The Best Vibrating Kegel Balls?


There are so many benefits to using a quality set of Kegels on a regular basis.

Whether you’ve had children, you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles or just tighten things up down there, Kegels are the way to go.

Strengthening your pelvic floor can give you heaps more confidence and generally make you feel happier within yourself.

Popular sex toy brand We-vibe has released the We-vibe Bloom which is vibrating kegel balls.

These make strengthening your pelvic floor muscles a little more fun, in addition to other features which make the product stand out from similar ones on the market.

This We-vibe Bloom review has been put together to tell you everything you need to know about this product so let’s get started.

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What is the We-vibe Bloom?

We-vibe Bloom are vibrating kegels or “love balls”, which come in three different sizes/weights that can be adjusted as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger, the different weights on the device are easy to change.

A neat feature that other kegels do not have is the fact the product can be paired with the We-Connect app which gives you pointers, helping you train your muscles and generally makes kegel exercises a little more fun to practice.

In addition to being used for vaginal exercises, the We-vibe Bloom can also be used as a panty vibrator.

The product is safe from BPA and phthalate, the kegels are made from body-safe silicone which means you do not need to have any worries about what you are putting into your body.

There are 10 different settings on the device which you can use to work your vaginal muscles and also bring you pleasure.

The product is rechargeable which is really convenient, and it means.

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How does it work?

The We-vibe Bloom is a set of vibrating love balls that are inserted into the vagina in order to strengthen your vaginal muscles.

Working out your pelvic floor on a regular basis is vital as you go through life, whether that be having kids or just growing older in general.

With a string attached, it’s effortless to insert the device, and three different interchangeable balls are included of different weights.

As your pelvic floor muscles get stronger, you should increase the weight that you are using so that you keep improving. The balls are 10g, 30g, and 45g respectively.

You can pair the device easily with the We-Connect app which works really effectively for training your muscles with a range of different settings.

The We-vibe Bloom can also be used as a vibrator if you want something quite small with different vibration sensations.

Just experiment with the device and see how it works best for you.

What’s in the box?

With the We-vibe Bloom, you will get the kegels, a charger, and a storage bag.

You can download the app completely free of charge on your smartphone, and that is everything you need to get the required result from the product.

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How does it feel?

The different vibration settings on the We-vibe Bloom feel really pleasurable and definitely makes exercising your pelvic floor muscles a little more enjoyable.

While the primary purpose of the product might not be for pleasure, it is something that can be achieved quite easily especially if you use the “tease”, “wave” and “tempo” settings using the We-Connect app.


– There are three different weights which can be attached to the device making it ideal for a number of different women out there who are training their pelvic floor muscles. You can increase the ball weight as you improve, allowing you to get your pelvic floor muscles as strong as possible.

– The We-vibe Bloom can also be used as a vibrator if this is what you are actually looking for. The different vibrations, which can be played by using the We-Connect app are really pleasurable, offering you a small but effective toy to add to your collection.

– It is rechargeable making it eco-friendly, saving you money on the price of batteries over time and also meaning the love balls are ready to use whenever you want them. There is also a handy indicator which will tell you when the battery is running low.

– The We-Vibe app guides your training and also tracks your progress. It’s really handy to look back on to see if your pelvic floor muscles are actually getting stronger.

Made from smooth body safe silicone, making them easy to insert and it also means they are simple to clean between uses.

– The benefits of training your pelvic floor muscles, in general, are tremendous. A major thing this offers is an improved sex life and who doesn’t want that? You could also be eliminating incontinence and a number of other health conditions as you age.

– We-vibe is a trusted brand so you can guarantee that you are getting a high-quality product. The positive reviews of the We-vibe Bloom from women all over the world is a further proof of this fact.

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– The We-vibe Bloom is costlier than other kegel products on the market, but that is likely due to the range of settings that are included, so it really needs to be thought of as an investment.

Final verdict

This product definitely has more pros than cons, and I’m sure you can see from this We-vibe Bloom review that it a high-quality product that serves its purpose really well.

Exercising your vaginal muscles can be so boring and something that many of us forget to do.

The app and the device itself is so fun to use that you will actually stick to a good regime and you will see results before very long at all.

You might, of course, simply want to use the product as a sex toy and that is entirely possible to do whether you are by yourself or in a couple.

The We-Vibe Bloom has been getting positive reviews from women all over the world, it’s proving to be very popular, and that’s because it really works.

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