Wankz VR Review: A Good Option for VR Porn?


It seems like it was only yesterday when virtual reality began appearing in the public consciousness, and then it was delegated to the pages—and, yes, it was so far back that the Internet hadn’t yet become the media juggernaut it is today—in places like Wired and Mondo 2000.

Before that, of course, science fiction authors already started to speculate on the idea of immersive entertainment via a pair of teeny-tiny TV screens strapped to your face.

Now, though VR seems practically ubiquitous. To the point where it wouldn’t be surprising to see low-end rigs given away as cereal box prizes.

And nowhere has the virtual reality explosion been so big and loud than in the world of porn.

Getting me to Wankz VR: a relatively new immersive adult entertainment site, and whether or not it’s brought something new and innovative to the game or is merely another site that doesn’t quite deliver on the promise of VR combined with sex.

Let’s take a look at Wankz VR

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Say what you want, but this is a site that’s not exactly subtle when it comes to telling you what it’s all about. Evidenced by the size of the fonts in LIVE THE ORGASMIC EXPERIENCE and below the only slightly smaller THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION IN ADULT VR EXPERIENCES.

Resisting the urge to imaging Wankz VR as the website equivalent of a used car dealership, including plastic pennants flapping in the breeze, a further look reveals that, shocker, they actually may worth all this hype.

Leading with the site’s content. As opposed to VR porn sites I’ve reviewed, Wankz VR doesn’t offer a significant number of videos, as they appear to be a production company that creates VR content instead of acting as a marketplace for the work of others.

With this in mind, I find it hard to knock the site for having a smaller number of videos as what they do have is quite impressive, leading with many in 7K HD and clocking in at close to an hour’s length.

Talking what their videos are about and who’s in them, this isn’t a site if you’re interested in anything aside from the pornographic mainstream. Good news if you like straight sex, aside from your typical girl-on-girl play stuff, and with the smallest amount of kink.

Even so, the site’s categories show a wide range of subjects. Enough to no doubt keep the most hot-blooded of porn fan more than interested and even perhaps coming back for more.

By the way, if you prefer videos with older women or those with trans performers, MilfVR and TranzVR are available from the minds behind WankzVR.

Talking VR in Wankz VR

That’s fine and dandy, though no virtual reality porn site is worth anything if it doesn’t at least try to work with this exciting new medium. Here Wankz VR rises above the rest by supporting an impressively long list of virtual reality rigs.

Surprisingly, a few listed on their excellent support page that I, someone who’s been fascinated by VR since its initial appearance in sci-fi, didn’t know existed. Obscure or not, if you have one of these set-ups, you can enjoy Wankz VR (and MilfVR or TranzVR).

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In addition to these less-than-well-known VR rigs like Daydream and Pimax, if you have expensive ones like the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the like, you have what it takes to use Wankz VR.

On the low end, you can use your iPhone and Android with any of those cereal box prize smartphone headsets. Between these and more state-of-the-art systems, Wankz VR also supports Oculus Quest, Playstation VR, or anything else that can access a web browser.

Videos on Wankz VR can be streamed from their site or downloaded to whatever hardware you have. This is hardly new, as many of their competitor sites work this way.

What sets Wankz VR apart is another new technology that’s currently rivaling virtual reality in regards to interest—and has the potential to create an even more immersive sexual experience.

Interactivity and Wankz VR

While not an immediately apparent extra-added benefit to virtual reality when it moved from fantasy to possible reality, when everyone initially heard about VR, their first thought was this is cool and all, but what about sex?

As our site’s name says, while VR interactive technology has rocked the porn world, boosted mainly by most people getting trapped at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, teledildonics is the next big thing.

And no dummies, Wankz VR has heard this thunderous interest and responded by making a significant number of their videos compatible with a wide range of interactive sextoys.

Using sextoys with Wankz VR

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Finding these videos is as easy as clicking on the magic word Interactive at the top of the site, which will reveal the entire range. For the how part, the site’s support page does an excellent job explaining that if you have any sextech plaything compatible with FeelConnect app, you can use it to set up your smart sextoy to respond to the action in these videos.

Now nearly an industry standard for interactivity and sextech, FeelConnect is an Android and iOS smartphone app, or an Apple and PC program, if you prefer, that acts as a bridge between it and any compatible Bluetooth enabled sextoy.

However, getting the various hardware and software elements to work together can sometimes be problematic. Thankfully, Wankz VR has felt your pain, so their support page has detailed instructions on how to suss out any difficulties you might be having.

It also breaks these down by virtual reality rig, what toys are compatible and which aren’t, and so forth.

Other benefits Wankz VR offers

Though not as obvious, there are quite a few blink-and-you-might-miss-then things about Wankz VR that could tip your scales when it comes to choosing it over the plethora of other virtual reality porn sites out there.

For me, not having a way of sampling a video’s content is a deal-breaker. I’m guessing, too, that I’m not alone in this as no one wants to have to pay upfront for anything without knowing what they’re getting.

Wankz VR does okay in this department by providing the briefest of brief teases. But only okay, as while it’s better than nada, a four-minute glimpse and a few screenshots to go along with it more would have been better.

Adult stars on Wankz VR

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Suppose you like your adult entertainment to feature top-tier performers in the biz under Wankz VR’s Pornstars tad. In that case, you’ll see they have top-rated celebrities like Melody Marks, Lacy Lennon, Kamryn Jayde, and Mia Malkova.

Also in their favor, this same section lists those new to virtual reality and the ability to sort them by who has the most videos, which are porn all-stars, or everyone in alphabetical order.

I know this is pretty much my thing, but I wish most of these performers didn’t look like they came off an assembly line. Alas, I also acknowledge that having a greater diversity of gender, orientation, and sexual activities are gaining momentum in the adult entertainment industry, porn remains porn: that this is a business that’s been banking on giving people what they want since our earliest ancestor drew a dirty picture on their cave wall.

I can dream, though, and support everyone’s right to get off on whatever they like—as long as it’s consensual and all. So though I want more from Wankz VR, that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun for you.


  • High-resolution videos
  • Quality content
  • Has a range of sexual interests and activities
  • Works with practically every virtual reality rig
  • Supports downloaded or streamed content
  • Works with Feelconnect for interactive sextoy experiences


  • Content not as diverse as it could be
  • Very short previews
  • Not as many videos as other sites

YouTube video

The verdict

Like most folx, I’ve watched a lot of porn. Maybe a bit more than average as, after all, I’m one of the lucky few who gets paid to do it. Right along with test firing sextoys, writing erotic books and stories, and a handful of other exciting things I do to make a living.

And, naturally, reviewing sites like Wankz VR. All this experience in the steamy—and occasionally sticky—side of things has now and again left me feeling somewhat jaded, if not outright bored. I tell ya, do anything too often, and the most exciting thing you can imagine will elicit a yawn instead of a cry of delight.

So when I come across a site that knows what virtual reality is about and understands why it’s gotten a lot of people really turned on, it’s worth recommending.

Furthermore, Wankz VR sees what’s coming next and has added that to their virtual reality content by making a lot of their content work with interactive sextoys.

They’re also savvy, business-wise, as you can sample Wankz VR via their two day, low-cost trial. That comes, alas, with the caveat that you’re limited to downloading one video per day, so it’s pretty much streaming and only streaming if you want to see as much as you can in that short time.

Nothing in this world is ideal for everyone, adult entertainment websites least of all—considering the immense number of ways people like to get aroused. Wankz VR may not be the ticket for people with a penchant for porn that isn’t perfectly sculpted, heteronormative, or binary.

But for what it is and that the site’s developers are clearly turned on by VR and interactive sextoys as much as we all are, I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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