Vibease Smart Lipstick Review: The Best Voice-Controlled Vibrator?


Lately, the sex toy industry has been full of wonderful little surprises.

Most of this is due to the tremendous technological advancements that have been happening over the last few years, making it possible for really smart people to innovate pure magic.

Some of these smart people are the guys at Vibease.

They have given us the Vibease Smart Lipstick, and we cannot thank them enough for it!

This upcoming discreet lipstick-looking vibrator looks great on its own, but the actual cherry on top of it all is the fact that it comes with a voice-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) system.

How cool is that? You get to have your very own AI partner that follows all your voice commands in an app.

But more on that later. Let’s dive right into this Vibease Smart Lipstick review.


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What Is The Vibease Smart Lipstick?

So exactly is the Vibease Smart Lipstick?

Well, it is a soon-to-be-released smart vibrator made by Vibease.

It looks like a normal cosmetic lipstick, making it fit right in with the rest of the contents in a makeup bag.

This means it is super travel-friendly, and you can even hold it in your hands in public.

Which makes it perfect for those moments when you have one of those emergency itches that just need to be scratched.

Vibease as a company was launched in 2013 after a very successful crowdfunding campaign, where they managed to raise over 870% of the amount they needed to launch their product.

The first batch of Vibease vibrators shipped out in March 2014 to critical acclaim. Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold since then.

Their product was different because it included an app with a fantasy store where you could get audiobooks, free and premium, that sync with the vibrations of the product itself.

In October 2018, they launched the Smart Lipstick Vibrator campaign, another crowdfunding campaign.

The Vibease Smart Lipstick is set to start shipping out sometime between December 2018 and March 2019.

smart lipstick

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What Makes It Special?

As mentioned earlier, the Vibease Smart Lipstick Vibrator comes with a virtual AI partner that can be used to control it through the mobile app.

Unlike other similar vibrators, you can even control the Smart Lipstick using your voice.

Your very own personal AI partner will respond to your voice verbally and also by sending pulses of vibrations to the Vibease Smart Lipstick.

It further stands out by having no buttons whatsoever.

All you need is your app, your AI partner and your voice, and you will be in for a world of pleasure.

The Vibease Smart Lipstick uses the concept of AI so well and applies the technology so flawlessly that it feels almost completely natural.

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Key Features of the Lipstick

The Vibease Smart Lipstick is a classy looking, well designed discreet vibrator in a glossy design that gives it a streamlined look.

It looks completely ordinary, not looking even a little out of place when you place it among the rest of the items in your make up bag.

It is only 10 cm from top to bottom with a 2.5 cm square profile. The top silicon vibrating part is 4.4 cm, leaving 5.4 cm for the bottom battery casing.

Being a luxury toy, it is USB rechargeable, with Bluetooth 4.0.

It is also made from completely body safe silicone that is water resistant. It is not waterproof, though, so do not submerge it completely in water.

If you want to clean it, simply wipe down the silicon part with warm water and soap before and after every use.

The toy itself has 6 manual vibration patterns, but you can get an unlimited number of customizable patterns from the app.

The Vibease Smart Lipstick has a very strong motor that is quiet and discreet, making it able to take you to heaven and back while barely making a sound.

ai vibrator

World’s first AI vibrator?!

Of course, the Virtual AI partner is the most interesting feature in this product.

The AI is smart, customizable and able to learn your habits, likes, dislikes, and patterns. In the promotional video, you can see a woman tell it that she is tired, and it offers her a massage.

Of course, while you are getting your massage, you are the boss.

The AI partner gives you complete control.

If you want it stronger or softer, all you have to do is say so.

You can also tell it to surprise you, and it will come up with a random vibration pattern just for you. When you thank it, it stops vibrating and says it misses you.

One of the most innovative features of the AI, however, is the fact that it learns you and becomes a better partner to you with time.

It adjusts itself to suit your needs, and soon it will be able to satisfy you with very little input from you, doing everything just the way you like it.

There is almost no other company in the sex toy industry that offers anything close to this.

Perfect for LDRs…

If you have a long distance partner, you can give them control of your vibrator and they will be able to control it from anywhere in the world that they may be.

It is a great way to keep things interesting even when you are desperate to be together again.

… and for erotica lovers!

Finally, the Vibease Smart Lipstick has the ability to sync with the app’s erotic audiobooks.

You will notice that the vibrations become stronger or softer, or adopt a different rhythm or pattern according to the story you are listening to.

This is guaranteed to take that Fifty Shades of Grey chapter to the next level!

vibease audiobooks


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What’s Included in The Box?

The first Vibease Smart Lipstick will be shipping out sometime between December 2018 and March 2019.

Vibease is known for its discreet packaging, which is simple and non-pornographic.

They usually send out their toys with the accompanying instruction manual and two USB charging cords.

For the app with your virtual AI partner, Vibease has made it available for free to its customers on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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How Does It Work Exactly?

When you first get the Vibease Smart Lipstick, you will need to charge it for around 3 hours before the first-time use.

Subsequent charging times will be significantly shorter, though. Expect to charge it for up to 2 hours for the battery to be full.

To use it, you can choose to go manual and use the 6 preset vibrating patterns on the vibrator or connect it to the app.

Connecting to the app is very easy if you follow the instructions in the settings menu, and it syncs via Bluetooth.

How to sync with erotic audiobooks

For audiobooks, there are a few selected titles that have been preformatted to suit the vibrator, with voice actors and preset vibration rhythms.

A few audiobooks are available for free, but to get the complete experience, you need to purchase some of the more popular titles. Purchases can be made directly from the app.

Once you start listening to an audiobook, the Vibease Smart Lipstick automatically starts vibrating in tune to the text. Amazing! Everything has been automatically synchronized.

You can also take over the controls and increase or reduce the vibrations speeds and strength as you wish as the story progresses.

To do this, you will have to manually control the vibrator via the app screen.

vibease ldr vibrator

Long distance use

To chat with your partner, all you have to do is send a contact request to your partner via the app.

You can then message each other by sending pictures and text. If you so choose, you can also hand over control of the toy to your partner to give things an added layer of intimacy.

Your partner can then control your Vibease Smart Lipstick from their end using the interactive touchpad and determine the speed and intensity of the vibrations you are receiving.

They can even do this as they watch your reactions via the video chat option. All these partner chat features require a working internet connection to function.

This is great, because some models only use Bluetooth or WiFi, limiting the distance between you, your partner and the toy.

With the Vibease Smart Lipstick, it does not matter where in the world your partner may be, you can still have lots of fun together.

This makes it perfect for couples in long distance relationships.

Easy voice command

For your solo sessions, the Vibease Smart Lipstick uses voice command and recognition software to respond to your requests made via the app.

The AI program will respond according to your voice commands, starting up, speeding up, slowing down or stopping the vibrations according to a specific set of commands.

You can also get it to increase the intensity and strength of the vibrations, all using your voice.

The sensual AI voice will walk you through it all, teaching you everything you need to know to get the most pleasure out of the Vibease Smart Lipstick.

vibease lipstick

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So How Does It Feel?

To use the Vibease Smart Lipstick, you will need to hold the silicon stick over your clitoris and let the vibrations stimulate you.

When placed directly against the clitoris, it will give you an intense clitoral stimulation, enough to provide you with multiple orgasms.

The immersive nature of the audiobooks just adds to the intensity and the enjoyment.

With the vibrator over your clitoris, the audiobook in your ears and your imagination running wild, your world will definitely be rocked multiple times.

To get the most out of it, you need to set aside some time and create the mood to be alone with yourself. Do not allow anything to distract you from your fantasies, because this toy needs your 100% attention.

The orgasms you will get change everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Plus, your personal AI manservant will be right there with you to take you places. This makes it perfect for giving your clitoris the attention she deserves.

It is also ideal for those short and quick sessions, where you just need a little light stimulation to get the blood flowing.

This makes it great for warming up before sex.

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  1. It is very discreet
  2. The innovative AI partner feature is very unique and game-changing
  3. No buttons mean hands-free, meaning you only get to use your voice and focus on what feels good
  4. The audiobook feature is amazing and very immersive if you are partial to erotica
  5. The app has a messaging option, so you do not have to fumble from app to app to communicate with your partner
  6. Perfect for long distance lovers
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  1. Anonymity in the app would be nice. As of now, the app allows you to log in via Facebook or your email address, select a gender, and provide a photo if you want.
  2. It is 100% hetero, meaning it is made specifically for single girls or girls in straight relationships. The audiobooks are almost entirely heterosexual, and to log in, you need to identify yourself as either male or female. If you are into gender politics, the whole vibe might trigger and annoy you.
  3. Not all audiobooks are free, and there is a limited selection of them.
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Verdict: Is it worth the price?

The Vibease Smart Lipstick is the perfect product for the smart, independent woman who loves to explore her sexuality.

Its discreet nature makes it perfect to take out and have a little quickie with yourself wherever you are.

It is also perfect for the long distance couple that wants to keep things steamy and interesting.

Perhaps the fact that it is not wearable takes away a little from it being a little fun toy for the long-distance couple.

But then again the fact that it forces you to set aside some time to get to have some fun together only makes it an even better product for every long-distance couple.

Sexual empowerment for women has come a long way, and today, it is beautiful to see exactly what we have been able to achieve as a society.

Vibease empowers women to take control of who they are and explore what makes them feel happy.

Designed for women by women, the Vibease Smart Lipstick is guaranteed to bring pleasure, joy, and wellness to every modern woman out there.

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