Vibease Esthesia Review: The Best Smart Rabbit Vibrator?


Curious about the Vibease Esthesia vibrator? I bet you are!

Some parts of the body are meant to achieve the supreme bliss. All you need is the means that could make you revel in that paramount joy.

Vibease Esthesia is one of the most exotic means to unleash your deepest sexual desires and experience sensuality in ways never felt before.

This rabbit shaped toy is capable of getting you to the orgasm of your wildest imaginations.

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Esthesia review: Is this G-Spot Vibrator worth it?

Before sharing my opinion, here are some specs. Esthesia has been launched in two hot colors: pink and purple.

Its ultra-smooth body is made of soft silicone that is one of the safest and most sensitive things that your vagina deserves.

To give you the pleasure of real sex, the material has been intricately crafted to feel like human skin. The insertion is nothing less than pure sex where you are master of every touch and sensation.

Once you are done, you can just clean it with soap and water and after drying it is ready to be used again. So easy!

The toy is waterproof and dustproof. Thus, once kept safe in its cover, you don’t need to clean it every time before using it.

esthesia vibrator

The Esthesia experience

Esthesia has been delicately designed to give you a complete sensual experience.

There can be no more significant diversion than the humming sound of a motor inside a vibrator while you are trying to reach the pinnacle of joy. Esthesia vibrates in complete silence so that you can only listen to your fantasies and desires without any distraction.

This is a significant improvement over the previous version of Vibease, given the size difference between them.

Esthesia is operated by the buttons as well as the Vibease app giving your partner a chance to arouse and please you despite the distance there could be between your bodies. The experience is unparalleled and way better than sexting, phone sex, Skype sex or anything of that sort.

Your partner can no longer be far from you. With the lifestyles getting faster and faster, the lovers are getting farther away.

Nowadays the jobs and businesses often separate the lovers who are left wanting the much-needed intimacy of their partners. Until now.

Esthesia vanishes these distances and makes the lovers feel the togetherness at the time when they need to be with each other the most.


esthesia vibrator review

Warm up before indulging

Nothing can warm you up better than erotica. Imagine those erotic voices playing inside your head while your eyes are closed, and the rabbit vibe is moving softly over your vagina.

That exotica is being resonated by the vibrations that occur at every moaning sound.

Indeed, Esthesia is synchronized with the audiobooks that you can play through the Vibease application.

From a vast list of erotica, choose one of your likings, play it and then just relax with your eyes closed and feel the vibrations between your legs. The excitement could be irresistible, but you should really finish the story to get that climax!

Esthesia: Designed to your satisfaction

Of all the ways that could simulate a tremendous sensual experience, there is one that could is definitely among the most important ones. A perfect design is a mandatory basis for any classic toy.

And the good thing is that Esthesia has a perfect design that has been made to touch every single point in and over your vagina that could trigger that incredible pleasure.

Esthesia is artistically curved to exert sound pressure simultaneously on both your G-spot and clit.

The powerful dual stimulators can make you quiver in ecstasy. Its water-resistant nature gives you the opportunity even to use it inside the shower or when relaxing in a bathtub.

vibease esthesia

The secret of the highest sensual pleasure lies in a great orgasm. After all, everybody knows that the ideal orgasm is the only desire hidden inside every lady indulging in sex.

Esthesia, with its rabbit shape and powerful dual stimulators, has been designed for insertion while simultaneously playing with the G-spot and the clit.

The erotic stimulation by the vibe is terrific which leads you slowly and softly towards the extreme sensations.

A true smart vibrator

To increase the fun manifolds, Esthesia can either be operated by the buttons camouflaged over its body or by the Vibease phone application.

There are two buttons provided over Esthesia, one for power and the second one for vibration. The vibration button can be used to switch between one of the four vibration patterns available.

The Vibease app, on the other hand, comes in handy for operating it remotely and listening to erotic audiobooks that are synchronized with the vibrations.

The app can be a little challenging to learn in the beginning but once mastered it is fun to use it.

The packaging of Esthesia

Your order for Esthesia is always going to maintain your privacy as the shipping is discreet. The toy is well packed and comes in with one-year warranty, user manual, charging cable, and a black bag for storing it.

The charging point in Esthesia resides at the back of the toy where the USB cord is supposed to be connected.

A white light indicates that the toy is being charged and the toy can take up to two hours to get completely loaded. Once charged the toy could be put to use for two long, happy hours.

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Esthesia is a fantastic toy that has been artistically designed to satisfy the deepest sexual desires of ladies.

It can add the much-needed spice to your sex life where you and your partner could use it to arouse and explore all those sensitive points.

Now even the physical distances don’t matter because with Esthesia your partner could get naughty with you yet when far away.

This toy has taken the sensual experience to an altogether different dimension and has indeed changed the world for good by making more women SATISFIED.

Esthesia is undoubtedly the best version of Vibease that has been.

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