Tenga Flip Hole Review: How Good Is It?

The fact that you are here, you definitely are thinking of investing in an impressive sex toy device to give you an intense pleasure?

Let me help you.

I have been doing my research on some of the best masturbating toys available in the market and how they perform. That is when I got the Tenga Flip Hole and decided to review it.

Features and Specifications

Tenga Flip Hole is a male masturbator device that is designed to give you an immense stimulation and pleasure in your manhood.

The Tenga brands are some of the best in the industry. Why? Because they are reusable. However, they require thorough cleaning and drying for the next use.

These come in four different colors each offering you a different sensation and stimulation with the inside texture. The colors available are white, silver, black, and red.

We are going to discuss all these colors later in the article. That being said, the remaining features are the same and let’s go through them real quick.

They all are designed with a thick and firm plastic from the outside. They are cylindrical. The hollow resembles the vaginal orifice.

You insert the male thing right here and pump intensely for the fabulous stimulation.

They come with a plastic clip that slides to open the device into two halves. The inside has a removable internal sleeve that attaches to the top and bottom. It is secured by use of an airtight fixing system.

They are designed with bumps and ridges to give you a sensation you wouldn’t imagine with stimulation.

They also come with three pressure buttons on the side. These are meant to control the power and suction produced by the sleeve inside.

  • The upper button gives tightness as you enter the hole. It resembles the feeling achieved as you penetrate the real vagina.
  • The middle button tightens the entire penis giving a thorough stimulation and sensation around the full male orgasm.
  • The bottom button stimulates the tip of the penis.

It is simple, slim, and a light device that is fabulous to use.

About the Tenga Flip Hole Color Variations

Like I had said earlier, the Flip Hole comes in four colors. White, silver, black, and red. All these have a different variation in the texture of the sleeve including the bumps and the ridges.

White Flip Hole

It has the tightest opening for all the four sampled. It has a very smooth texture of the sleeve with the bumps and the ridges softly coated.

It accommodates the male thing better, to give a satisfying feeling.

It has an excellent stimulation and suction for everyone which provides intense pleasure. Feels almost close to the real deal.

I will recommend the white flip hole to guys with quite a sensitive manhood, as well as those not so much endowed. It can also go well with men with erectile dysfunction due to its tightness.

Silver Flip Hole

The edges are straight and slippery. The bumps and the ridges are not as compact compared to the white Flip Hole.

However, it has a lovely texture compared to the white one.

The stimulation is good with an excellent pleasure but does not come close to the feeling of the white flip hole. It is recommendable to guys with small penises.

flip hole silver

Red Flip Hole

The hollow is not tight and has the plastic edges that are straight. The bumps and the ridges of the sleeves are soft with a more delicate texture. It is, however, loose and keeps slipping out.

You can, therefore, imagine the kind of stimulation you will get from this device.

Not the best for sure. However, I can recommend it to guys who are well blessed since its looseness can accommodate better.

Black Flip Hole

Its internal design is much more involved with soft smoothness. The angles are super. The bumps and the ridges have an excellent¶ texture.

It is tight thus gives an excellent pleasure. Still, recommendable for guys who are not more endowed.

How does it Work?

In a nutshell, open the Flip Hole, apply lubricant and close it up.

Start your stimulation and get the pleasure you have been looking for. Clean it up, leave it open to dry.

Ideally, that is the step-by-step sequence of using the Tenga Flip Hole. Let us look at it in detail now.

  1. The Flip Hole has a plastic clip that is slid to open up into two halves.
  2. Lubricate the inner sleeves including the edges and the angles to avoid irritation during stimulation. Use water-based lubricants unlike the oil or the silicon-based lubes. The water-based lubes are easy to clean and offer a longer quality of life. The texture is maintained too.
  3. After thorough lubrication, close the clip back. You must align the plastic clip correctly until it is tight. This may take some of your time. So be patient until you succeed.
  4. You got to start doing what you intended to, right? With all the preparation method, give yourself an intense stimulation with a thrilling orgasm. All the very best.
  5. With the intense pleasure, you do not want to leave the toy dirty. Do you? Open the plastic clip, and clean the toy thoroughly with warm soapy water. Leave it open to air dry. This one fact that gives the flip hole some thumbs up. That it can open up and left to dry efficiently.
  6. Close back the plastic clip. Keep it safe for another thrilling session.

flip hole black

Pros of the Tenga Flip Hole

  • The device is so tight that the stimulation gives an awesome sensation with great pleasure. Also, you can give your tightness control by use of the three side buttons.
  • It is packed to offer privacy to the clients. By the look of it, you may not realize it’s a sex toy. You can confuse it with a stereo speaker.
  • It is easy to clean and dry.

Cons of the Tenga Flip Hole

  • It takes longer to close the plastic clips after opening for either stimulation or cleaning.
  • It does not offer a full discreet experience. It produces some noise while in use. This can be heard by someone else in another room.
  • The entry hole is not enticing to the eyes, but this does not affect the pleasure thereof.



Tenga Flip Hole is the best stimulation toy, and I will use time and time again.

It has a smooth texture with the bumps and the ridges offering great sensation for a fantastic orgasm. It is comfortable to use and clean.

I would recommend this to men who have a not too big manhood because it is tight. For guys with a lengthy and girth one, you may find this uncomfortable due to the tightness.

However, the red and silver Flip Hole can be quite accommodating to you. You have to try!

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