Silicon Wives Review: The Most Realistic Sex Dolls Out There?


What is Silicon Wives?

Sex dolls were once upon a time frowned upon. One could not openly talk about the silicon fantasy lady hidden in their closet even though a good number were already using them. However, with this new age, sex dolls have become a typical day-to-day thing. More people are openly having the discussion and even purchasing them.

If you are looking for a high-quality sex doll, welcome to Silicon Wives!

What is the fuss all about? Everyone is talking about Silicon Wives, and you just can’t seem to wrap your head around it? You have come to the right place! We have prepared a full Silicon Wives review to address all the questions you may have. By the end of this review, you might be a proud owner of a sex doll. Maybe even two! Want to find out more? Stay with us to the end.

Silicon Wives is a premium provider of everything luxury sex dolls. The quality of materials used for these sex dolls remains unmatched. The site claims that all their materials are hand-picked to ensure the user is getting firsthand experience that is probably better than the real thing.

Why the name Silicon Wives? Silicon Wives is a combination of Silicon Valley, which is the leading sex doll tech and the best long-lasting material silicone. The sex dolls tend to last longer than others, like a faithful wife, but oh well! Less nagging and demanding.

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What makes Silicon Wives special?

There is a variety of sex dolls to choose from when it comes to Silicon Wives. The website features close to a hundred different sex dolls!

Their goal is to actualize even the wildest dreams and fantasies. There is everything from redheads, Japanese, flat-chested sex dolls, blondes, big boobs; you name it.

If you are not looking for a full-bodied sex doll, there is a variety of parts available. Silicon Wives makes torsos, humanlike boobs, big butts, and everything. They even have legs and feet. Yes, the long legs you have been craving for!

luxury silicon wives dolls

The sex dolls vary in size, type, and brand. When we come to size, you can purchase a tall sex doll (some positions may be hectic if you are short though), mid-size, mini sex dolls, and life-size dolls. A life-size will be a deal if you are looking for a long-term silicon partner! Brands vary from Silicon Wives exclusive, WM dolls, YL dolls, Sansui, and Qita dolls. You will find even more variety on the Silicon Wives website. The type of sex doll is precisely what on your mind. Are your wildest dreams a black teen or a brunette with a big butt? Silicon Wives has it all!

The first thing that strikes everyone about Silicon Wives is the fact that you can customize your sex doll. If you really cannot find one among the hundred-plus sex dolls on the Silicon Wives’ website, you can actualize your wildest fantasies and ask for a customized sex doll. Sounds impressive, right?

To customize your sex doll, you need to follow elementary steps for the service to work. The best thing is you will be attended to and guided throughout the process. The first step will be to fill out the contact form, letting Silicon Wives know the custom sex doll you are interested in. If your request is feasible, you will be contacted to provide the additional information needed and, of course, with a quote of the price. Did I mention that your wild dream girl (or boy) comes at an additional price?

If everything is attainable for you, there is no going back. Silicon Wives will get to work and start by sending you sketches and photos of the clay model of the sex doll you are looking forward to. If you approve of it, your dream girl is made. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is used for an ultra-lifelike and quality sex toy. Once the sex doll is complete, it will be shipped to your doorstep. How easy is that?

The only restriction Silicon Wives have is making a sex doll that resembles a particular celebrity. Bad news, you can’t have a silicone celebrity crush in your bed! Unless you have some form of authorization. Silicon Wives does not also make children sex is against the law, and Silicon Wives are law-abiding citizens.

What is in the box?

Silicon Wives ships their sex dolls in secure and discrete boxes that will get to your doorstep undamaged. Inside the box, you will find whatever you ordered. The sex toys do not come assembled as it would be so much challenging to ship. The different parts come packaged differently but in the same box. The box also contains a repair kit and a handbook.

The handbook should guide you step by step on how to assemble your new silicon wife. Be sure to wash your hands to avoid leaving smudges on the delicate skin of your new silicone babe with your dirty hands. Follow the instructions on the handbook keenly to ensure you end up with a correctly functioning sex doll. The repair toolbox contains all the mini tools you need for assembling and if need be, repair your sex doll.

The box and its contents are expected to weigh up to 80 pounds. A full-bodied sex toy is about 60-70 pounds. When summed with the other contents of the box and the packaging itself, it becomes a bit heavy.

silicon wives torso ass

How does it feel?

Silicon Wives sex dolls are fantastic if you are looking for physical pleasure as a part of your sex life. You can do anything you want with them and in any position. You can even practice bondage with these dolls and still have a real excellent lifelike experience.

Technology has revolutionized these sex dolls making them more accurate and ultra-human. They are made with the complete imitation of women (and men too). Some users have even attested to the sex dolls being better than their partners since they are made in exact proportions. Perfection, to say the least!

Silicon Wives sex dolls are made free of malformations such as scars or blemishes. They are made with perfect butts, big breasts, and tiny waists. We can agree that it’s not easy to find a wife with such a natural figure. With a little lubrication, you can have the sex of your life each time with no one complaining or passing judgment. At least 90% of the time, it will feel like being intimate with a real person.

The only thing you cannot feel with a sex doll is emotional intimacy. There will be no one kissing back accurately as part of sex. Most customers have described having sex with a sex doll to feel more like enhanced masturbation rather than sex. All in all, it is one of the best masturbations you will ever have! Silicon Wives sex dolls feel and look human since they are made with silicone and TPE materials.

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How do they work?

Silicon Wives sex dolls can do anything your real partner can do. Well, apart from the emotional bit. These silicone sex dolls are sculptured to look and behave like humans. Thanks to technology, some can have a conversation and even make a sound.

They are designed using durable skeleton material with flexible joints, which allows them to work in a variety of sex positions giving the same pleasure. Since they are handmade, every inch of your silicon babe is designed to provide you with pleasure.



We love that Silicon Wives gives you a lot of options or models to choose from. There is everything from a simple butt and vagina model to highly customized sex dolls. There are also different types such as Japanese, Caucasian, brunette, Russian, and any more. Do you fantasize about maid sex or a fit teen? Silicon wives have it all.


The service at Silicon wives is top-notch. All sex dolls are shipped to their owners via air and for free. The shipment is allowed three working days to get to your doorstep. It can even get to you earlier, depending on the ease of shipment services in your area.

The packaging is also great with Silicon Wives. All sex dolls are packaged in a manner that not even your noisy neighbors can figure out what is in the package. The package is also delivered right at your doorstep for convenience. You can also opt to collect your package if you like to.

irina silicon wife

Return policy

Silicon Wives have an objective to ensure all their customers are fully satisfied. Therefore, if you do not like the sex doll you get, you can contact them to return it. You also get a free return policy for all the damaged goods you receive. Silicon Wives value the satisfaction and happiness of their clients.

Payment options

Silicon wives accept all primary forms of payment options. All credit cards are accepted. You can also use PayPal options and major cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins. For discretion, your payments on credit cards appear as SW order so that it’s not too obvious you bought a sex doll. You can also get access to Klarna, which is a third-party service that facilitates financing payments. In case you change your mind (if ever), you can cancel your order within 24 hours and get your money back.

Body part servicing

Unlike real women and men, sex dolls are prone to wear and tear. If such happens, the toolbox comes in handy. You can use the tools and the instructions given to do some repairs. If, for any reason, you are unable to repair your sex doll or some pats are badly damaged, you can send it back for replacement. Some repairs may be done for free, depending on how severe the damage is. You can also order the damaged parts from Silicon Wives.


The price

We would classify the Silicon Wives sex dolls as luxurious. These sex dolls are a bit pricey, but you sure get what you see. You even get what you want. The good news is there is a sex doll to accommodate everyone’s pocket. There are very affordable (though still expensive compared to other brands) sex dolls. These are mainly just a simple design featuring a nice ass and a vagina.

The ones on the higher end are highly customized to resemble a real woman. If you just want to experience how it feels to have an artificial partner, the cheaper Silicon Wives alternatives are a great option. Going for a lifelong silicon wife? The higher-end options will you a perfect sex doll. You can even order a custom-made sex doll to meet all your desires. At an additional cost, of course!

If you are unable to purchase the sex doll of your dream, you can wait for sales and offers. Sales are mainly given if there is excessive manufacture or demand on certain models. Once you spot your fantasy sex doll, don’t think twice. You may never find it again!

Shipping services

Silicon Wives excel at all angles, but some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with their shipping services. Upon order, Silicon Wives claim to deliver your sex doll in three working days.

However, complaints have it that some have orders have taken up to seven weeks to be delivered to their owners. It can be disappointing if you are already anticipating your new sex doll. If you are patient enough to give them time, Silicon Wives are going to take your breath away by the quality of their sex toys.

Remember that no company is perfect. To compensate for late deliveries, Silicon Wives always sends extra goodies with the sex doll. You can receive an extra wig or clothes for your silicone wife.

silicon wives reviews

Who should buy Silicon Wives?

Do you fantasize about a sporty fit brunette with long hair and firm boobs? Or are you more into mature MILFs?

Whether you are looking to fulfill a lifelong sexual fantasy or you are after some fantastic stimulating sex, a Silicon Wives’ sex doll will be perfect for you!

Silicon Wives sex dolls are ideal for anyone who wants to experience sex that is close to the real thing. They are suitable for those looking for a lifelong silicon partner or couple looking for a “partner” to play with. You can have it all with Silicon Wives sex dolls!

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