Sex Doll Genie Review: The Best US Hand-Crafted Sex Dolls?


Want to get laid, but you don’t have anyone to fuck? Well, maybe it’s time to stop suffering from blue balls and do something about it! Introducing… Sex Doll Genie!

This is an independently owned and operated company that sells over 1200 different dolls.

What makes SDG Special?

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Sex Doll Genie is a sex doll distributor located in Florida. They’re owned by a husband-wife duo and a small customer support team. They created their company because they noticed a distinct lack of affordable sex dolls on the market.

Their solution? Become one of the first sex doll distributors to offer payment plans. That’s right; you can pay your doll in installments instead of making you pay the whole price at once.

Considering a good sex doll costs upwards of three or four thousand dollars, being able to split those payments up makes it so much easier to buy one.

SDG also provides top-notch customer service. Got a doll with a broken part? Send it to them and they’ll repair it.

New to sex dolls and don’t really know where to start? They’ll answer any questions you have. It really feels like the whole buying experience is tailored just for you.

I couldn’t imagine buying sex dolls from anyone else.

What Do Sex Dolls Feel Like?

Sex dolls are made of soft silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer materials). While certain types of TPE get close to feeling like real skin, it won’t quite feel the same. When penetrating a doll, a vacuum will form around your dick, providing super powerful suction.

This will often cause more intense and pleasurable orgasms. The suction is strongest in the doll’s mouth so they give probably one of the best orgasms you’ve ever felt.

The construction of the doll’s vagina is about as realistic as it gets. The vaginal lips stretch like a real woman’s and the labia is even more realistic than the previous design.

Each doll is constructed with a ribbed mouth to heighten pleasure during oral sex. Enhanced versions of the mouth can also have a super soft tongue and teeth if you so choose. Overall, each doll is designed to provide maximum pleasure and feel about as close to a real woman as humanly possible.

So What’s In the Box?

When you open up your sex doll, you’ll find the doll body largely assembled; you’ll just have to put on the head. You’ll find the wig in a plastic bag along with any outfits you ordered with your doll. Everything is padded quite nicely so you don’t have to worry about things breaking.

I appreciated how little assembly there was. I didn’t have to wrestle with putting individual parts together.

How to Use a Sex Doll

sex dolls suppliers

Vaginal Sex

SDG dolls are made with realistic feeling vaginas so making love to your doll feels like you’re actually making love to a woman. Sex is done how you would expect it to. Just pose your doll the way you want it and penetrate it!


Sometimes it can be hard to find a partner who enjoys receiving anal sex but with a sex doll, you don’t have to worry anymore! SDG dolls come with an anal cavity so you can penetrate your doll from behind as well as the front.


Oral with a sex doll doesn’t feel exactly like getting head from a real person, but it still feels pretty amazing! Because SDG dolls have incredible suction, blowjobs arguably feel better than if they were given by a person.

A common question is whether or not you can finish in your doll and yes, you can. Just make sure you clean it out (we’ll get to that later). You should also make sure you use lube with your doll every time you use it.

Just to ensure maximum comfort.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Sex Doll

Like any sex toy, you need to clean it! But how do you clean a sex doll? There are lots of little nooks and crannies you need to get into, right?

Well, the first thing you should do is pick up a water irrigator. These spray water into the opening and run out, thoroughly cleaning your doll. If you don’t want to pick up one, you can alternately use a wet, soapy rag and clean out each opening manually.

You can also opt to take a shower with your doll and clean each opening with soap.

To dry to the doll, make sure the legs are slightly apart so the vaginal and anal openings can breathe. Once the doll is completely dry, apply vaseline to each opening.

If you need to clean your doll’s face, remove the head from the body and take the wig off. Use antibacterial soap and gently rub the face. Any excessive scrubbing can make the makeup fade so try to refrain from excessive cleaning.

You should also avoid getting the eyes or eyelashes wet if possible.

Once you’ve finished washing your doll’s face, gently pat the face down with a dry, soft cloth. Make sure it completely air dries before reattaching it to the body. And now you have a clean doll!

Some Cleaning No-Nos

Never, never never use harsh soaps or cleaning products on your doll. These include baby wipes, perfumes, any type of cleaner with alcohol, or any type of solvent. These will cause the material to break down faster.

You should also never fully submerge your doll in water. When drying your doll, never use heat. You can set your doll in front of a cool fan and it will work just fine.

What if I Need to Return my Doll?

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While each sex doll shipped out is inspected beforehand, minor defects might occur during shipping. If you find any type of defect (small or large), you can contact SDG within 24 hours and they’ll solve the problem.

If you want to return a doll that isn’t defective, SDG does charge you shipping. While they offer free shipping on all of their orders, they’ll deduct the return shipping cost from your doll refund. Shipping can get pretty costly, so make sure the doll you pick out is the one you absolutely want.

While I understand why SDG charges return shipping, it’s still a bummer.

The Genie Guarantee

One of the things I love about SDG is their Genie Guarantee. Aside from committing to fixing any mistakes or defects with your order, SDG promises 100% repair support for the entire life of your doll. This can range from them providing you with videos for quick repairs, or completely repairing your doll in one of their repair centers.

This guarantee is automatically applied to every single doll you purchase so you never have to worry about getting your doll repaired if something goes wrong!


  • Shipping is pretty fast
    While this can depend from region to region, shipping is usually pretty speedy. You don’t have to worry about it being marked as shipped and not actually shipping until a few weeks later.
  • Genie Guarantee
    This is the biggest thing that separates SDG from the other sex doll distributors which gives them a huge advantage over other sex doll distributors.
  • High-quality sex dolls
    Even though their sex dolls are pretty expensive, you never have to worry about getting a POS. Each doll is individually inspected so there’s an incredibly low risk of severe defects.
  • Great customer service
    SDG is super responsive and friendly. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you need help!
  • Offers payment plan
    Another big difference between SDG and other distributors. If you can’t pay for an entire doll at once, you can split them up into more manageable payments. This is a huge advantage for people who aren’t dripping with money but still want nice things.


SDG is pretty amazing, but, like everything, there are still some downsides to purchasing from them.

  • Calls sometimes aren’t answered
    Because SDG has a small team working for them, they sometimes can’t answer calls. If you call and don’t get an answer, SDG recommends you either shoot them an email or contact them through their live chat feature.
  • Items on sale can’t be refunded
    Okay, this is a weird thing. I’ve never really seen a place where you can’t return items on sale so there really isn’t an explanation I can give for why this is. Admittedly, there aren’t too many dolls on sale, so this isn’t too much of a problem, but I still don’t like it much.
  • When you return an item, you have to pay shipping costs
  • Shipping can sometimes take a while
    While SDG’s shipping is usually pretty speedy, it can take a couple of weeks to receive your doll depending on where you’re purchasing it. If you encounter long shipping times, SDG is happy to respond and help you however they can so drop them a line!

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So Should I Purchase a Doll from Sex Doll Genie?

Absolutely! I love Sex Doll Genie dolls so much. The whole ordering process is so easy that I’d just keep buying sex dolls if my limited income didn’t stop me.

SDG’s customer service is so responsive that I never worry about asking a question if I need help.

The dolls themselves are such high quality they’re definitely worth the higher price. If you’re looking for a sex doll, but you’ve never bought one before, this is definitely the place you should check out. SDG is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have three thousand dollars to drop on a new sex doll.

I can’t recommend this distributor enough!

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