Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Review: The Most Luxurious Clitoral Stimulator?


You don’t need a sex toy that does a wide variety of things to a mediocre level, all you need is a toy that can do one thing amazingly and this definitely applies to the Satisfyer pro deluxe.

This product takes clitoral stimulation to a whole new level, and we will get into that in more detail later.

Many features make this product stand out from similar ones on the market.

This Satisfyer pro deluxe review has been put together so that you can learn about the unique sex toy and what it can do for you.

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What is the Satisfyer pro deluxe?

The Satisfyer pro deluxe is a vibrator that stimulates the clit, and it does it really well.

The first thing you will notice about this product is how sleek and elegant it looks when you take it out of the packaging, it almost doesn’t look like a sex toy at all!

Pressure waves are used with the toy and with 11 different modes, there is a range of different rumbly vibrations you will feel on your clit.

The Satisfyer pro deluxe can be used by yourself or with a partner depending on your needs.

The item is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable which is really convenient, it is also really easy to control.

While interactive toys are trendy now, sometimes all you need is a simple product that helps you achieve orgasm within minutes and judging from reviews from satisfied women, this is what the Satisfyer pro deluxe does.

satisfyer pro deluxe

How does it work?

The Satisfyer pro deluxe is really easy to use and can also be played with in a couple of different ways.

There is an opening in the toy, and this hole basically fits over your clitoris, when switched on the toy does a sucking motion which feels really amazing.

The different settings can be explored using a button on the device, if you turn the intensity up, the sucking pressure will increase, and different vibrations will be released from the Satisfyer pro deluxe.

If you want to have a masturbation session and you don’t have much time, definitely reach for this toy because many women claim that it makes them climax in minutes.

If you are looking to bring a toy into the bedroom to enhance your sex life, this is also an option.

You can even use this toy on your clit WHILE you have sex which is a sensation that will feel great for you and your partner.

Some women like to add a little lubricant to the opening in the toy before they put it over their clit, but this is entirely up to you.

What’s in the box?

The Satisfyer pro deluxe comes with the device, rechargeable batteries and a USB charger. No other accessories are required to use the toy to its full capabilities.

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How does it feel?

This toy feels absolutely fantastic, and that is mostly due to the sucking motion which is something quite different from other sex toys that just vibrate.

While it might be a little different for women who are very focused penetrative sex, a dildo or your partner can always be added to the equation to make the sensations feel even more amazing.

The only way to discover how the Satisfyer pro deluxe feels for you is to give it a try!


– You can get the full benefits of the clit vibe without downloading an app or using a remote controller. This is a simple product that does exactly what it claims to, and I can guarantee that you are not going to want to leave the bedroom for days.

– You can play with this toy in the bath or shower if you’re going to experience even more sensations because it is entirely waterproof.

– It’s been compared to similar sex toys on the market that it is much cheaper than and many women (like me !) are claiming that the Satisfyer pro deluxe is actually better than these higher-end products.

– Sex toys can sometimes help to spice up a relationship, and they can even save them from the brink of destruction. This toy can be used whether you are single OR in a relationship. Give it a try, and you might just be surprised at the difference it makes to your situation.

– There are a number of different sensations on the Satisfyer pro deluxe, which can be controlled efficiently using the toy. While some women like gentle vibrations, some like it more intense right away, so there is something for everyone with the toy.

– There are batteries included with your purchase in addition to a rechargeable USB cable to use. Save on the price of batteries and even do your bit for the environment with this added benefit.

– No product is perfect, of course, but this device has mostly positive reviews online from women all over the world who have used it for themselves. It’s a popular product, and you can definitely trust the opinion of those who have tried and tested the toy personally.

satisfyer pro deluxe clit


– The Satisfyer pro deluxe is a little slow to charge, it takes a full 3 hours for it to fully charge which can be frustrating if you are horny and want to enjoy the toy right away.

– It doesn’t offer penetration which is something that many women look for in a sex toy.

Final verdict

Whether you are single or in a relationship right now, it is well worth considering adding this toy into your life. I think you can see from this Satisfyer pro deluxe review that it is a high-quality device with more pros than cons.

There are no drawbacks in terms of the toy itself because it’s been designed and created really well.

The packaging and general appearance of the toy are fantastic, and in this case, the lasting impressions live up to the initial ones.

It feels amazing when in use and it has other little perks that make it worth purchasing.

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