PicoBong Transformer Review: The Best Flexible Double-Ended Vibrator?


If you are looking for a versatile sex toy that can basically become whatever you want it to be, look no further than the Picobong Transformer.

The appearance of this toy is pretty out there, but it’s capable of so many things both in and out of the bedroom.

Whether you are looking for something to use by yourself or a partner of either sex, the Picobong Transformer is the right product for the job because it stimulates your body in a whole number of ways.

Providing everything you could need, the Picobong Transformer is like every sex toy you’ve ever seen all meshed together! It has some appealing features that make it stand out in today’s busy market.

To know more about this toy and what it can do for your sex life, carry on reading this Picobong Transformer review.

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What is the Picobong Transformer?

The Picobong Transformer is a sex toy that looks a little like a jump rope at first glance! While it might appear pretty confusing, it’s basically a double-ended dildo that you can enjoy, with anybody you want on the other end.

It is made with 100% body safe silicone, which is flexible and soft to give you both comfort and pleasure.

It’s a gender-neutral toy that can work for you no matter WHAT you are into. It will stimulate your clit, your G-spot, your prostate and can even work as a cock ring if you want it to.

The opportunities are endless with the Picobong Transformer because there is no one rule that has to be followed.

This product promises blended climax, meaning it is capable of stimulating more than one part at the same time.

There are actually 10 different vibration settings on this device, meaning you will be busy for hours figuring out exactly how you like it.

Despite the fact it’s 63 cm in length, it can be as compact as you want it to be due to its flexible but firm material.

transformer picobong

How does it work?

The Picobong Transformer is a double-ended vibrator that can work in a number of ways.

You can insert one end of the toy into your vagina/anus and depend on who you are having fun with, your lover can insert the other end of the Picobong Transformer into their vagina/anus or play with it in another way completely.

The toy doesn’t even need to be inserted anywhere at all.

It can also work as a clitoral stimulator, it can vibrate on the perineum or even work as a cock ring.

You can hold the product in your hand or wrap it around the bedposts as you use it with one or multiple partners.

This toy is basically yours to experiment with, as you figure out how the powerful device can work best for your personal sexual experiences.

One thing that is guaranteed with the Picobong Transformer is the fact that it has 10 different vibration settings, all of varying intensity levels.

There are 3 buttons which help you control the toy, and if you double-click, the Picobong Transformer will automatically be put on the highest setting which many customers (like me) seem to love.

What’s in the box?

The Picobong Transformer is available right now for $129.00 and for that price, you will get the charger in addition to the toy.

Nothing else is required to make the product work to its full potential. There is also a one-year guarantee included with the Picobong Transformer. Just in case.

picobong transformer


  • The Picobong transformer is a double-ended dildo, but it’s also so much more than that. The product can be used on whatever part of the body you want and whoever you are having sex with can enjoy it too. It doesn’t have any particular rules like most sex toys on the market, which makes it a really unique and interesting product.
  • The material used in the toy is soft and flexible body-safe silicone. The Picobong Transformer is free from any materials that may cause reactions. Although the toy is flexible, meaning you can mold it into any shape, it’s also very firm and satisfying when in use.
  • There are 3 different buttons on the device which lets you control the vibrations. The different options on this toy mean you can explore with gentle or more intense sensations, depending on your mood.
  • It is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger which is very convenient. This also saves on the prices of batteries over time which is an added bonus.
  • It’s very quiet, and the bendable material also means that it is easy to store away. This is ideal if you want to be discreet with the item.
  • If you want to have fun with the Picobong Transformer in the bath or shower, you are more than able to do so because the toy is fully waterproof.
  • There is a 1-year warranty on the device, so if you have any issues with it, you can get your money back.


  • At $129 the Picobong Transformer is quite expensive and likely not affordable for everyone who is interested in the item. When investing in a product like this, however, you need to consider the fact there are no other sex toys like it on the market.


Final Verdict

Sex should be all about having fun and trying new things, and the Picobong Transformer definitely offers that.

If you are looking for a toy that lets you experience exactly how you want to, look no further.

This high-quality and durable item should allow you to see intimacy in a brand new way no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are.

With positive reviews from both men and women all over the world, what’s not to love about this toy? There are definitely more pros than cons to the Picobong Transformer, the main benefit is that it works really well.

It has many features that make it stand out from similar products on the market, and it even has a 1-year guarantee.


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