Picobong Remoji Blowhole Review: The Best App-Controlled M-Cup?


If you want a sex toy that will make masturbation a whole lot more fun as a man, check out the Picobong Remoji Blowhole.

The clue is in the title guys, you will literally feel like you are getting a blowjob when you put this product to good use!

This masturbation cup is like no other on the market because it can actually be controlled using a remote app, helping you get the most from the toy as you experience the different sensations.

There is so much more to masturbation than just using your hand, and with the right equipment, it can even be as good as sex!

You can learn everything you need to know about the toy, including exactly what it can offer you in this Picobong Remoji Blowhole review.

To ensure you don’t get counterfeit or defective products, NEVER purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly recommend that you order only from trusted and authorized dealers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Stay safe and have fun! 😀
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What is the Picobong Remoji Blowhole?

The Picobong Remoji Blowhole is a masturbation cup, aimed at those who want a more pleasurable experience when they go it alone.

Picobong is a well-known brand for providing innovative products to the sex toy market, and this one is no different.

The Blowhole is made from body safe silicone, which means it’s comfortable and also feels super realistic.

The sensations you will feel when you use the Picobong Remoji Blowhole are simply out of this world and will make you climax way harder than if you were just using your hand.

There are 6 different vibration settings on the Picobong Remoji Blowhole, so you can find what feels best for you.

The vibration patterns are also based on different genres of music which is pretty cool in my opinion.

It’s also possible to control the cup using the Remoji app which is really convenient. The Picobong Remoji Blowhole is rechargeable and comes with the required cable which is convenient.

If you want to take your experience with the toy one step further, why not try it in the bath or shower? It’s completely waterproof, so you are more than able to do this.


How does it work?

The Picobong Remoji Blowhole is a masturbation cup, so it is pretty self-explanatory to use.

Simply hold the device in your hand and move it up and down on your penis at the pace and tempo that you enjoy best.

You can use the toy with or without lube depending on your preferences.

The ridges on the soft silicone inside the Picobong Remoji Blowhole make for a fantastic experience, it’s something that you are going to want to keep coming back to.

It is easy to switch on the device using the button and doing so will start up a range of vibrations, making everything feel even better.

Downloading the Remoji app on your phone allows you to connect with the Picobong Remoji Blowhole and control it via your device.

You can swipe, tap and poke around on the app to discover all the sensations, the vibrations are interestingly named after the music genre, so what will your favorite be?

This is really fun to do whether you are experimenting on your own or having fun with a partner.

What’s in the box?

The Picobong Remoji Blowhole is actually available for $98.10 right now. If you do make a purchase, you will simply get the product and the USB charger in the box.

The Remoji app is easy to download for free from your smartphone, and no other accessories are needed to get the most out of the toy.

picobong blowhole


  • It is a pretty basic toy and easy to use, but it works really well. The majority of reviews from men all over the world who have purchased the Picobong Remoji Blowhole show just how satisfied they are with the body.
  • The product is made from body safe silicone, which in addition to being safe, feels amazing on your penis (especially if you add lube). It is free from latex, BPA and anything else that could cause negative side effects with your body.
  • There are 6 different vibration settings on the device, all of which you can control via the Remoji app, which is free to download. The way that the vibrations are named after and go in rhythm to certain music genres is really unique and gives you a sneak teaser of what to expect when you switch on the device. The vibrations include punk, indie, jazz, dubstep, hip-hop, and techno. Just how do these actually feel, I hear you wondering? There is only one way to find out!
  • Even though it is a powerful device, it is pretty much silent which is ideal if you have roommates or need to be as discreet as possible for another reason.
  • The Picobong Remoji Blowhole is rechargeable, which is super convenient and will also save you on the price of batteries over time.
  • It is waterproof, so you can enjoy the toy in the shower, bath or anywhere else that is wet. It’s fun to try new things and using the Picobong Remoji Blowhole in water is definitely another way to experiment with the device.

remoji blowhole


  • At nearly 100 bucks, the Picobong Remoji Blowhole is fairly expensive, and this might not be an affordable amount for some people who are interested in purchasing a masturbation cup.

Final verdict

There are definitely more positives than negatives to the Picobong Remoji Blowhole, and if you have the money to spend on a sex toy to help make masturbation more enjoyable, there is no better item to choose than this one.

With a strong motor, the vibrations feel amazing, and there is literally something for everyone to enjoy.

The Remoji app is an extra special feature that most toys do not have, and it allows you to control the toy exactly the way that you like it.

You can even use this toy with a partner if you wish, experimenting in the bedroom together is really fun and helps you get to know what one another really enjoy.

I hope that this Picobong Remoji Blowhole review has helped you decide if this is the right product for you.

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