Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 Review: Bluetooth & WiFi Controlled Gspot Vibrator


A vibrator that can be controlled with an app allows you to get even closer to your partner, but it can also be used by yourself alone if you wish.

The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 is a product that can take your sex life to a whole new level.

OhMiBod is a trendy brand, and while they might be a little more expensive than other sex toy brands on the market, they are more than worth it.

In a bright pink and blue design, the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 actually looks really eye-catching too.

Obviously, the features are what makes it so great and this Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 review is going to tell you everything you need to know about the product.

To ensure you don’t get counterfeit or defective products, NEVER purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly recommend that you order only from trusted and authorized dealers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Stay safe and have fun! 😀
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What is the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2?

The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 was popular enough but this is an upgraded version, and it is actually quite different from the original.

The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 is an amazing vibrator that can be controlled by an app, which is free to download to your phone.

Many people use this device if they are in a long-distance relationship but it can also be controlled by your partner when they are in the same room as you without wifi because there is also an 8 meters wireless range!

The vibrator is designed in a way that ensures it hits your g spot every time, you are not going to want to leave the bedroom all weekend once you try the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2.

There are 7 different mode patterns on this toy, helping you find the vibrations that feel the best for you.

The rechargeable battery is really convenient and means you can ensure you are ready to use the device at any time.

This is proving to be a really popular toy with couples all over the world who are purchasing it. Let’s take a further look at how it works so you can figure out if it is right for you.

ohmibod bluemotion nex 2

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How does it work?

The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 is a smooth vibrator with a curve designed in a way that is sure to make you climax.

The vibrator is a good length and hits your g spot every time, but if you prefer clitoral stimulation, you can also use it this way instead.

You can hand the controls over to a partner who can either use a remote or the OhMiBod app to get you off.

There are 7 different settings on the toy and these are yours to play with.

Whether you like it hard, soft, fast or hard – these are all yours to experience. If you want to use lube with the toy, you can buy some separately and put it on the toy before insertion.

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What’s in the box?

Included with the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 is the toy itself, a remote, a charger and a silk bag to keep it all together in – not forgetting the one-year warranty.

You can also download the OhMiBod app completely free of charge if you want to connect them together.

bluemotion nex 2 review

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How does it feel?

The way that the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 feels depends on the way you use it. The overall design of the device, however, means that it feels amazing and will hit your g-spot.

You can also use the toy on your clit, and it feels really pleasurable this way too.

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– It offers something interactive which is an added feature that couples can really make the most of. Whether your relationship just needs spicing up and you want to explore the different vibrations together or you are in a long-distance relationship. Why not use the vibrator on Skype with your partner, while he controls it from the other end using the OhMiBod app? Seeing the reactions on your face as you use the toy is guaranteed to be a big turn on.

– The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 is rechargeable which is not only convenient, but it saves on the price of batteries over time which is something annoying with other sex toys.

– The sex toy looks really good, it’s attractive and modern which makes you want to get down and dirty. It is also made from body safe silicone so, in addition to feeling amazing when being used, you can guarantee there are no ingredients that will cause bad reactions.

– There is a 1 year warranty with the device so if you do experience any problems with the toy in the first year, you can get your money back.

– Even though the powerful on this toy is powerful, it’s almost silent. This is great if you share with roommates, live at home or just want to be discreet with what you are up to.

– No products are going to have 100% positive reviews but this one definitely has more good than bad. OhMiBod is a brand with an excellent reputation and the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2, in particular, has proved to be a big hit with customers from around the world.

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– It might be a little expensive for some couples who are interested in it.

– The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 only has a 2-hour battery life which isn’t amazing. I would advise you to ensure the toy is charged up before you use it to help avoid any disappointment.

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Final verdict

This Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2 can make your relationship go from strength to strength, it’s fun and a great way to enjoy each other.

Maintaining something long distance is hard, and that is where this toy can come in handy, helping to keep the intimacy in the relationship even when you are not together.

The vibrator, in general, is designed really well, it’s made from smooth, soft silicone, it feels fantastic and is guaranteed to make you orgasm.

The toy is suited to all kinds of different people but mostly couples who want to introduce sex toys into the bedroom.

If you have a little more money to spend on getting a sex toy, I would highly recommend the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 2.

It isn’t perfect but what product is? Overall there are more pros than cons and with satisfied couples over the world leaving positive feedback, hopefully, you soon will be too.

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