Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 Review: The Best Wearable Bluetooh Vibrator?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a wearable vibrator to enjoy OUTSIDE of the bedroom that gives you an immense amount of pleasure?

That’s precisely what the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 is about, and it’s taking the sex toy world by storm.

Ohmibod is known for making naughty toys interactive, allowing you actually to experience something new and connect with your lover.

Ohmibod is a brand that realizes sex toys should be something way more than just a tool to get you off.

The Bluemotion has even more features that you are going to find appealing whether you are single or in a relationship.

This Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 review has been put together to help you discover as much about the device as possible, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Let’s delve right in…

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What is the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1?

The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 is a wearable vibrator that can be controlled via Bluetooth.

This is really handy if you are in a long-term relationship but still want to keep the intimacy alive with your partner.

If you decide to purchase this product, you will get a sexy pair of lace underwear that are stretchy to fit most body types.

The actual device then sits neatly inside a pouch on the panties and can be controlled via the OhMiBod app or manually.

When switched on, the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 delivers a range of amazing vibrations that are sure to send you over the edge.

There is a variety of different patterns/tempos, allowing you to find what feels right for you.

Many people like to wear this in public as a naughty little secret, but it’s up to you how you want to use the device.

This product is designed really well, it’s sleek and once positioned correctly, it will vibrate on your clit.

It is rechargeable too which is really convenient, providing you make sure it’s charged up before you put it to use.

ohmibod bluemotion nex 1

How does it work?

The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 device will arrive to you fully charged and in a pair of panties. If you would prefer to use some of your own panties, you could also fit the toy in them.

It is possible to control the device manually, up to 10 meters away but most people prefer to download the OhMiBod app and use this to control the product by connecting via Bluetooth.

This means that you can be out and about while your partner controls the vibrations of the toy from somewhere else.

Nobody will know you are wearing the sex toy and you’d better do your best to hide it!

Many people also use the incredible features of the sex toy to help sustain a long-term relationship, allowing you to keep things risqué even if you cannot be together frequently.

What’s in the box?

If you purchase this product, you will get the device, a pair of blue lace panties and a charger so you can ensure it is always ready to use.

There is no warranty with this product due to possible hygiene issues.

bluemotion nex 1

How does it feel?

This is obviously not a typical sex toy, it is not inserted inside you, but it still feels fantastic. The panties themselves are comfortable to wear, and the device is placed in a positive that stimulates your clit.

For women who enjoy clitoral stimulation, this is sure to send you over the edge.


– It is not like other sex toys on the market in the sense that the actual device is worn outside your body. The panties that come with the product are actually really sexy too. Despite the fact that nothing goes inside you, the powerful vibrations are effective, and many women have reported multiple orgasms when wearing it.

– It can help to bring you and your partner closer together if you currently have a long-term relationship and cannot be physically together as much as you would like. On the other hand, it can just add a little spice back into things. Imagine being at the supermarket while your partner controls the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 from home? You are going to want to jump his bones as soon as you see him!

– It’s rechargeable and has a decent battery life which is really convenient and also saves on the price of batteries. Despite this, you should ensure you charge it up fully before you put it in place to help avoid any frustration.

– The design is smooth and sleek and feels absolutely amazing against your clit, with a handy nub that ensures it hits the spot when the vibrations start. It is also made with non-toxic materials, so you do not need to worry about any adverse reactions to your body.

– There are mostly 5 stars reviews from satisfied women around the world who have tried the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 for themselves. Who better to trust than women who have actually used the device? No product is going to get only positive praise, but the good definitely outweighs the bad on this one.

bluemotion nex 1 review


– According to customer reviews, The Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 is not as quiet as claimed. This means that it is not really possible to be discreet with this product if you are wearing it somewhere super quiet.

Final Verdict

This Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 review has included all the important information about the device and what it is capable of so hopefully this all sounds good to you.

This toy is ideal for all different couples, and whatever your personal situation is, it’s well worth considering to add to your private collection.

You can see that there are definitely more pros than cons to the Ohmibod Bluemotion so if can afford it, why not give it a try?

OhMiBod is such a fantastic brand of sex toys, and this interactive product is not any different.

A good sex life means keeping things fresh and exciting, something that the Ohmibod Bluemotion Nex 1 definitely does.

This is a really innovative item that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes whenever you wear it. No product is perfect, but this one comes pretty close.

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