MysteryVibe Crescendo 2 Review: Best Flexible Vibrator?

Fingering is one of the best ways to experience stimulation and pleasure that fully conforms to the body.

The anatomy of the fingers makes them perfect when pleasuring yourself.

So, if they’re so perfect, why haven’t sex toy manufacturers created a toy that specifically resembles the fingers?

Oh, but they have!

The creators of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 sat down and brainstormed what women want, and reached the conclusion that the answer is comfort!

Find out why the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is an award-winning toy, and what some women would change about it if they could.

What Is the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2?

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Have you ever wanted a toy that fully conforms to your body and allows you hands-free care?

The Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is a toy that can tick all of these boxes and then some!

This is an award-winning toy hailed for its unique design, 6 powerful motors, and its unique ability to morph into virtually any toy you could possibly want. 

The Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is a type of insertable vibrator that provides stimulation to the:

  • Clitoris
  • P-spot
  • G-spot
  • Other areas of the vulva

It is also controlled with an app, so you can have power over yourself or your partner with the tap of a button.

Its design is the most unique on the market, making it a favorite for experienced and beginning toy users. It is also a great choice for couples and for solo play alike.

Stimulation for Couples and Solo Play

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The Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is thin enough to be used as a couples vibrator, and powerful enough to stimulate both the penis shaft, head, clitoris, and g-spot all at once.

That’s because the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 uses the power of 6 motors located throughout the shaft of the toy.

These six motors can each be controlled with an app, so you can find the stimulation that works best for you and your partner.

Because it is incredibly flexible, this also makes it a great toy for couples that are new to toys and want a toy that conforms to both of their bodies.

The 3-way stimulation you and your partner will feel is unlike any other on the market.

Best of all, an easy remote app allows you and your partner to use up to 16 different intensity levels and 12 vibrations!

Keep in mind that, while you might be able to use the toy for couples play, it might not be the most comfortable option for bigger-sized men.

The square shape of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is a bit different than other toys, such as the Lelo Tiani or Lelo Harmony.

It will take some getting used to for you and your partner, but the end result is completely worth it.

Unique 5 Bent Design Shape


When you first began to masturbate, chances are you used your fingers to get the job done.

Fingers have unique bending in the joints that allows them to hug the inside of your vagina beautifully.

The designers of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 got together and designed this toy to have five different spots to bend.

Having five different areas to bend allows users of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 to find a shape that fits their needs.

The c-shaped or u-shaped design allows users to have both clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation.

The end of the toy has a clip that can be placed snuggly on the clitoris, hugging it and allowing users to get both g-spot stimulation and clitoral orgasms.

The S-shape is perfect for couples that want to use the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 as a dual-action vibrator and want to try other positions besides missionary.

While other toys might require couples to stay in this one position, the 5-bending capabilities of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 allow couples to find the best shape that works for them.

Not only can this help increase pleasure, but it can also help couples stay safe and comfortable during intense sex.

Nonporous Body-Safe Silicone

Nonporous and body-safe silicone are the name of the game for the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2.

It’s important to keep this silicone clean, but fortunately, it’s easy to do with the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2.

Simply take mild soap and water and wipe down the length of the massager for continued use!

Wireless App Control

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The wireless app allows couples to use the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 with ease and have a whopping 12 pre-set patterns and 16 intensity levels!

Thanks to the app, you can use this toy during solo play while listening to your favorite erotica, or you can let your partner take control while you sit back and enjoy one of the most natural massagers in the game.

Unfortunately, the app does not allow users to use long-distance play. Instead, you can use the app as a remote control for up to 30 feet.

This is a great app for foreplay, but keep in mind that it might not be the best option for public play.

While other clitoral stimulators are small and discrete and can be placed on the panties, the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 has 8 inches of insertable space.

This can make it difficult to find the right shape to bend the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 for all-day wear.

Nevertheless, the remote allows users to control all six motors individually, control the intensity levels, and find the pattern that works for them and their partner.

However, because you need your phone to use the app, it might be offputting to some couples who are accustomed to touch-sensitive remotes. 

How Does the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 Work? 

how use crescendo mysteryvibe

Lucky for you, the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is simple and straightforward to use!

Like all other toys, it’s best to read any user guides or manuals that accompany the toy before you take it out of the box.

There are also lots of reviews online, such as this one, that can help you figure out whether or not this toy is right for you.

If you decide the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is right for you and your partner, you can buy it on select websites online.

Unfortunately, this toy isn’t as readily available at other stores like other clitoral stimulators or couple’s vibrators are.

Once you buy the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 and take it out of the box, follow these steps below to reach maximum orgasm!

Take the toy out of the box and inspect for any damage. A 2-year warranty allows you to return the toy for a free replacement.

  1. Charge the toy for a full 2 hours before it is ready for use.
  2. Wash the toy using mild soap and water. It’s best to stay away from harsh detergents or hand sanitizers, as these can be incredibly damaging to the outside of the toy.
  3. Use a water-based lubricant (which can help preserve the outside of the toy) before insertion.
  4. Turn on the toy using the center button and hold down firmly for 2 seconds.
  5. Use the buttons located on the side of the clitoral clip and stimulator to change the frequency and intensity of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2. 
  6. You can also download the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 app and find other options for changing the intensity and frequency of your settings. Keep in mind that the toy works perfectly well without the app, but you can use the app to customize your experience even further
  7. Bend the toy into the desired shape that works best for you. There are a plethora of different bending shapes (5 to be exact) that you can discover or use with a partner.
  8. If using this toy with a partner, it’s best to insert the toy ahead of time and then introduce your partner later on, not the other way around. 
  9. To have dual stimulation, bend into a u-shape and insert the 8″ shaft into the vagina, leaving the clitoral clip to sit on the glans clitoris.
  10. After you’re done, turn off the vibe by pressing the middle button and holding for at least 2 seconds.
  11. Wash your toy again using warm soap and water.
MysteryVibe Crescendo Flexible Powerful Vibrator


Does the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 Come with a Warranty?

The Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 offers one of the best warranties on the market, since you can replace it a full two years after purchase for a free replacement!

All you have to do is keep the receipt and use the warranty two years from the original date of purchase (even if it was a gift for someone else).

You can then replace it if the motors are not working, if there is other damage such as the inability to charge, or for other defects.

The warranty will not cover damage done by you or someone else.

Is it Phone App Compatible?

Absolutely! The Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 can be used with an app to fully customize your experience and allow you to use it at controlled speeds.

The app gives you or your partner the ability to control your toy from a full 30 feet away.

However, you can also use your toy by itself using the buttons that are located next to the clitoral stimulation hook.

Will it Fall Out During Intercourse?

flexible Bluetooth vibrator mimic fingers

The unique ability of the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 to change shapes allows it to be one of the more sturdy options. As such, you can find a shape that works for you and your partner.

How Do I Charge It?

To charge the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2, use the USB cable that comes with the packaging.

Make sure the magnet is fully attached to the end of the toy, and charge it for up to 2 hours during the first use and thereafter. 

How Do I Change the Settings?

You can change the settings with the app, or you can use the plus buttons on the side of the clitoral stimulator to help you change the settings. 

Is it Waterproof?

Yes, the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is waterproof, which makes it easy to use during pool play and also easy to clean.

This is one of the only toys on the market that has this many motors but is still completely safe to use underwater, during the shower, or during other bathtime play!

Are there Other 3-way Stimulating Toys?

solution pelvic pain intimacy issues

The Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 isn’t the only toy on the market that provides dual stimulation.

Lelo has a line of toys that are also dedicated to stimulating both the penis and vaginal areas.

For instance, the Lelo Tiani 3 and the Lelo Harmony are both good contenders that can help you get the stimulation you need but without the unique bending capabilities like the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2.

Can the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 Be Used on the Penis?

One of the great things about the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is that it can actually be used on the penis as well!

Simply use the area that is normally used to stimulate the clitoris and place this clip on the shaft of the penis, with the main body of the massager bent to cradle the penis.

People with penises can use the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 to take on just about any shape and provide stimulation to the head of the penis, to the balls, and to the rest of the shaft. 

CRESCENDO Adjustable VIBRATOR mysteryvibe


  • Is 100% waterproof and submersible for easy cleaning
  • Has six different motors that can be individually controlled using the Mystervibe app
  • Has a whopping 12 different vibrational settings and 16 different speeds
  • Can be used for play up to 30 feet away
  • A great choice for beginning users that want a toy that is comfortable for their unique anatomy
  • Insertable length of up to 8 inches


  • Can’t be used for long-distance play or couples
  • Might be a bit tricky to learn to use for first-time users
  • Might not be as sturdy when used with a partner as other vibes like the Lelo Tiani 3
  • Remote app might not work well with lower wi-fi connectivity
vibrating sex toy bends directions


There’s a reason the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is an award-winning toy. Users will love feeling the powerful sensations of all six motors working simultaneously.

However, this might not be the best choice for couples who are long-distance and want a toy that they can control from anywhere in the world.

However, if you want a toy that is safe to use for beginners, provides unique shapes to fit all body types, and has dual stimulation for partners and couples alike, the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 is the best choice on the market.

Shop online at the Mysteryvibe store to get your Crescendo 2 shipped to you!



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