Lovense Max Review: The Revolution of Male Masturbators?

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The problem with male sex toys is that they are not close to reality. They feel plastic, bitter and harsh.

But the good news is that you have companies like Lovense that understand men and create toys that are as close to the real thing as possible. Lovense Max is one such example.

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What is the Lovense Max?

The Lovense Max is male masturbator that has exploded on the scene as a revolutionary new way to pleasure yourself.

This new toy has a realistic opening that is designed to feel just like he is slipping into a firm vagina.

The skin inside the Max is designed with the texture that so closely mimics the vagina, you won’t know the difference.

To make the insertion more comfortable, the exclusive air vent design allows the man to control the tightness around his penis.

There is also a vibrator, which is placed in the Max in such a way that it will only touch the sensitive tip of his penis which will only serve to enhance his pleasure.

This toy is a third-generation product from the Lovense line, that is approximately 6.5 inches long in order to accommodate the large majority of the male population.

The Max also comes with a rechargeable battery so there is no buying a large stock of batteries that will quickly run down.

All you have to do is plug the Max in just as you would do for your phone and in no time you will be able to engage in the sex play you desire whether it be alone or with your partner.

lovense max

Full specs:

  • Materials: Skin-Like TPE and ABS plastic (phthalates free)
  • Total length: 23.2 cm
  • External diameter: 7.4 cm
  • Length of the penetration channel: 14 cm
  • Diameter of the penetration channel: 1.5 cm (stretchy)
  • Weight: 580 g
  • Power supply: Internal rechargeable battery (magnetic USB cable supplied)
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Colour: White and grey

The Lovense Technology

The Lovense technology is revolutionary and exceeds the standards of other sex toys.

First, Lovense Max uses two techniques together to produce a magnificent experience.

It uses the air pump technology which produces contraction and vibration technology which produces sensations.

You can control the contractions and vibrations through the user interface producing the custom effects of your choice.

There are three modes of contraction – low, med and high and likewise, three choices for vibrations – low, med and high.

Second, it has a Bluetooth chip installed that will connect to your smartphone and therefore allow you to control the toy from your smartphone.

In addition to that, you can connect them to your partner’s smartphone, and you can engage in sex play from across the room (or the globe) as your partner excitedly watches and controls the level of pleasure you experience.

The app you can download allows you or your partner to control the vibration of the Max and the air pump, which allows for different levels of suction and tightness that will grip the male and mimic the actual spasms that the female vagina experiences when actively engaged in lovemaking.

The feel of the vagina-like sleeve, mixed with the vibration on the very tip of the penis is sure to bring the man to orgasm.

max by lovense

Great news for Long Distance Relationships!

In today’s busy world it is hard to make time for your partner especially with the upsurge of long-distance commutes to work and not to mention our military couples that are separated by many thousands of miles with no real connection outside of an email, a text, or an occasional video chat.

This toy brings hope for these couples in what could possibly be the difference between a failed relationship or a successful one.

Not only does this toy allow a Bluetooth connection but when you download the app to your iPhone or Android phone, you can add your partner and then the two of you can connect your toys through the app.

The app allows for a private encrypted video chat, and a message chat, by the way.

When you feel the time is right you can use the devices to pleasure yourselves and each other at the same time through the app.

The app runs in real time, so when the man enjoys the Max, the woman will feel a rotation and vibration from her female sex toy counterpart.

The motion produced in the vibrator is reciprocated in the masturbator and vice versa. This is how these devices work together on you and your partner giving both of you a sense of togetherness and sex.

The faster the man slides in and out of the Max, the faster the female sex toy rotates and vibrates.

On the other side of that, when the female moves her sex toy, the Max’s air pump will activate and begin to squeeze him in sync with her. The vibrating tip will become more intense as well.

The faster the female moves her toy, the more intense vibration for him and a tighter squeeze for him, this, in turn, can result in relieving the sexual abstinence that is most prevalent in long distance relationships allowing for physical intimacy for both parties as if they were together and physically joined together.

Considering the fact that in a long distance relationship, sex is absent, this is the closest you can get to the satisfaction of fucking your partner.

The idea at first seems weird and crazy, but in practice, it is nothing short of a lovely experience.

The movements are fantastically reciprocated and the since the material is wonderful and the sex toy has an amazing feel, it feels almost real.

lovense max app

Should you buy the Lovense Max?

The Lovense Max is a high-tech male masturbation tool that can allow for solitary use or with a lover whether they be in the same house and just enjoy giving their partner pleasure in their presence, or if they are miles apart and missing the physical part of their relationship because of distance.

The video chat allows the lovers to see each other as they are being pleasured or works as a tool for foreplay.

The messenger chat option allows for simple teasing or the setting up of a time for them to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

The video and chat options are encrypted so they cannot be seen by anyone else and any virtual session remains private.

The updated version also allows for a session to be recorded and sent to the other party to be watched at a convenient time for them.

This is a perfect option for couples of any gender, because not only will the Max sync with the female version the Nora but it will also sync with another Max.

This allows male same-sex couples the option to enjoy each other just as traditional couples can.

For solitary use, the Lovense Max is designed in a way that maximum pleasure can be achieved.

With the textured insides and the option of the air pump to control tightness and suction as well as the vibrating tip, this is certainly a top-notch and affordable way for a man to relieve sexual tension and energy in a safe and wonderful way.

lovense max sleeve


The Lovense Max would seem to be a top-quality product, thanks to a design which is revolutionary in the adult toy industry.

The technology that is involved with the Max such as the Bluetooth capability and the ability to sync with another toy is something that would definitely be worth adding to a private box of adult toys.

The only thing that is not so cool about Lovense Max is its outside look. It looks too bland. Sex toys should have a hot appearance or a futuristic feel to them in my opinion.

Max loses its shine in this area. BUT, if the content of the book matters to you more than the cover, you are going to enjoy every little thing that max can do to your penis.

If you are in a long distance relationship, I would definitely recommend you to invest in a Lovense Max.

In fact, I would recommend buying Lovense Nora along with it and offering it to your girlfriend the next time you guys meet.

Since you two are far away, the distance is bound to be a problem. And while you are struggling with time zones and workload on a daily basis, something like Lovense Max and Nora can be your new best friends.




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