Lovense Gemini: Review of the Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Have you been looking for a new toy to keep your intimate evenings exciting?

Lovense has a toy to help you explore every interest. If you are looking for a new way to spice up your sex life, a Lovense toy will always be a great option.

The Lovense Gemini is a vibrating nipple clamp that will offer you an experience you won’t forget.

This adjustable nipple clamp will sync to your phone via Bluetooth.

You can control the vibration pattern in this dual-motor clamp from the app, wear it discreetly for public fun, or explore any other features the Gemini offers. 

Whether interested in exploring new things with your partner or on your own, the Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamp could be just what you need to spice up your love life.

This in-depth review will help you decide whether the Lovense Gemini is for you.

Wildly Stimulating Features You’ll Love

Bluetooth Connectivity


Lovense is known for its wide variety of toys that offer Bluetooth connectivity.

There is an app that users can download on their phones to help them get the most out of their experience with Lovense toys. 

The Gemini is no exception. You can connect this toy to your phone and enjoy the fun of controlling your partner’s pleasure from the palm of your hand.

You can control many of the unique features of Gemini from the app.

You will love being able to control the vibration pattern of each nipple clamp. You can also use the app to sync the device so that you can use the app to engage in long-distance play.

The possibilities are endless, with the option to connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Adjustable Dual Vibrators

The Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps feature dual vibrating motors. Both motors function separately and can be controlled as such.

Each clamp is equipped with its own separate motor to allow for the maximum potential for pleasure.

VIBRATING NIPPLE clamps bluetooth adjustable

In the Lovense app, you can control each motor separately. You can change the vibration pattern of each motor.

You can customize the vibration pattern to be exactly what you want it to be. 

These unique nipple clamps will offer you an experience that will be difficult to forget.

The adjustable dual motors will make it so that you can get precisely what you want from your experience with this Lovense device.

Customizable Vibration Patterns

If you are interested in giving your partner a little control in the bedroom, you will love Lovense’s customizable vibration pattern feature.

Each nipple clamp’s motor runs separately, allowing for a different vibration pattern. 

You can customize the vibration patterns from the Lovense app.

The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so your partner can use their mobile device to come up with some unique patterns to make your experience one to remember.

lovense gemini how STIMULATE NIPPLES

You can also use the app to engage with your partner long distance. You can set customizable patterns and enjoy the ability to share some intimacy with your partner from separate places.

Take comfort in knowing that distance doesn’t have to be a barrier with the Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps.

Powerful Dual Motors

The dual motors of the Lovense Gemini pack a punch of pleasure other nipple clamps simply cannot offer.

The dual motors can function together or separately. You can adjust the intensity of the vibration to suit your individual needs for each motor.

In addition to being able to adjust the vibration intensity, you can also adjust the vibration pattern. The vibration pattern is completely customizable for each nipple clamp.

You and your partner will have a great time getting to know what makes the other tick with the ability to customize the powerful dual motors of the Gemini.



You don’t need to worry about water damage with the Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamp. The device is completely waterproof, opening up your possibilities to play with this exciting toy.

You don’t need to limit yourself to the bedroom with a waterproof toy. If you need a change of location, you can ease your mind by taking the Gemini with you into the shower or bath. 

The setting of a bath or a shower can provide an intensely intimate experience.

You will be able to continue your fun with the Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamp because it will not suffer from water damage. Its waterproof feature increases the usability of this toy.

Easy to Wear

The Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamp is comfortable to wear and completely adjustable for nipples of any size or shape.

You can adjust the pressure of the clamp using the crank provided. Loosen or tighten the grip of the nipple clamp based on your personal preferences.

The Gemini comes with an adjustable necklace you can wear to keep the device secure. If you don’t want to wear the necklace, you can clip it to your bra to keep it secure.

app-controlled vibrating nipple CLAMPS

You can also comfortably wear this device in public if you plan to engage in a little public play fun.

Keep The Gemini hidden beneath your shirt, and have some fun with your partner when you’re out and about.

Long Lasting Battery

The Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps have an impressive battery length that will allow for maximum playtime. You will get 120 minutes or two hours of consistent use of your device.

You won’t need to worry about your Gemini dying on you when you are in the middle of an intimate moment.

Make sure your device is fully charged before you begin your evening, and your Gemini is sure to keep up with your needs.

Quick Charge Time

If your Lovense Gemini is completely out of battery, it will take about 65 minutes of charging for it to get back to full battery life.

You should always turn off your device before you plug it in to charge.

The provided charging cable will plug into any USB port or USB/AC power adapter. The indicator light will let you know it is charging and will stay on for your charge.

When it is done charging, the solid red light will turn off. If you are unsure if it is fully charged, you can always check the battery indicator in the Lovense app. 

How Does it Work?

The Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps are an excellent way to spice things up with your partner in the bedroom, on a date, or across long distances.

This toy is an excellent way to dip your toe in the waters of light BDSM play and allows you or your partner to get you worked up with the touch of a button!

If you’re ready to try something new with your loved one, these vibrating nipple clamps are the perfect new toy to explore.

Long Distance Intimacy


If you are engaged in a long-distance relationship or your partner will be out of town for a few days, you can use the long-distance feature the Lovense Gemini has to offer.

You will love having the ability to participate in any amount of intimacy from a distance. 

You and your partner need a set of Gemini vibrating nipple clamps. You can use them simultaneously using the Lovense remote app to control them.

You will be able to use your vibrating nipple clamps together using this app. Once your toys are synced to the remote app, you can add your partner’s toy to your synced contact list.

You are going to love using the sync feature to enjoy your Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps together.

This unique feature will have you reaching for your Gemini more than once while your partner is away.

You don’t need to let distance be an obstacle when sharing intimate moments with your partner.

Couple’s Play


Exploring something new with your partner will be easy with the Lovense Gemini dual motor vibrating nipple clamp.

You can let your partner control your vibrating nipple clamps from their mobile device using the Lovense app. Or, if you prefer to be in control, you can use the app to help your partner have some fun. 

The Lovense app will allow the user to control each motor separately with adjustable vibration patterns and intensity.

The possibilities for couple’s play are endless when it comes to this exciting toy and its ability to connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

You can get creative with the customizable features the next time you are looking for something new to try with the Lovense Gemini.

You can use your Gemini devices simultaneously if your devices are synced to the remote app. You can even use the Gemini together if you and your partner both have a set.

Singles Play

soft teasing nipple clamp SET

If you prefer to use your toys on your own, you will find that the Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps will increase your personal experience.

Simply connect the Gemini to your mobile device via Bluetooth so you can use it to customize your vibration patterns. You can control the device from your app.

You can adjust the intensity of the vibration, customize the vibration pattern, or adjust the presser of the clamp to suit your own needs.

This device is perfect for someone who wants to explore a new toy for some alone time.

Discrete Enough for Public Play

The Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps are the perfect addition to any couple’s repertoire of toys.

Especially if you are interested in public play, this device syncs to your phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled using the Lovense app.

You can wear the Gemini discretely using the provided necklace to keep it secure. Keep it hidden beneath your shirt to hide the device from view.


If you don’t like the necklace, you can clip it onto your bra. You can go out in public without anyone noticing that you and your partner are exploring public play if you desire.

Your partner can use the app to control the dual motors. They can adjust the vibration pattern and the intensity of the vibration from the palm of their hand using the app.

This is the perfect device for anyone who wants to explore the fun of public play.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the battery last?

The long-lasting battery gives you the ability to play for up to 120 minutes!

How long does it take to charge?

Charging only takes 65 minutes. 

Can you wear it in public?

Yes, the nipple clamps come with a discrete necklace, or you can hide it under a bra.

Can you use it over long distances?

app controlled sextoy stimulate nipple

Yes. Sync both of your Gemini nipple clamps to the app to play from a distance.

Does it connect to your phone?

Yes, use the app to customize vibration patterns, intensity, and more.


  • 120-minute battery life
  • Customizable vibration patterns
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long-distance play feature
  • Customizable pressure
  • Customizable intensity
  • Separate dual motors to control each nipple clamp
  • Water-resistant


  • 65-minute charge time
  • It could be difficult to hide under thin clothing.


The Lovense Gemini dual motor vibrating nipple clamps are an exciting addition to your arsenal of toys.

The many features in this toy make it perfect for couples or solo play, so the possibilities for stimulating play are truly endless thanks to the customizable vibration patterns to the water-resistant design. 

Order today and start feeling those incredible vibrations anywhere you feel like getting frisky.

You and your partner will love how this toy brings you closer together while exploring fun new ways to please each other. Try it out today! 



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