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Lovense has been at the forefront of adult toys for more than a decade. You can easily order these excellent Lovense products online, but did you know that you can get a very special discount without a Lovense coupon code?

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What Is Lovense?


Lovense is a Hong Kong-based company that makes and sells smart sex toys. The company focuses on teledildonics, a field devoted to remote sex through a data connection between participants.

The company was formed to help people in long-distance relationships enjoy sex toys together. The company started in 2009, and its revolutionary Nora rabbit vibrator and Max male masturbator were released in 2013.

The company has been growing its array of adult toys over the years. Lovense also has a distinct app that makes it easy for people to control their toys, whether it be up close or from a long distance.

What Makes Lovense Products so Special?

lovense lush 2nd generation

Lovense makes products that connect to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or computer with the proper adapter. The setup time is minimal, as you only need to download the Lovense app and then connect the app to your device with a Bluetooth link.

The Lovense app lets you adjust the settings on your toys. You can adjust the level of intensity in a toy, or a vibration or motion pattern if applicable. You can control a toy at a close range or from long-distance. The on-body buttons are also suitable for solo play or other control needs.

You can even sync up many Lovense toys to music, so the toy vibrates and moves along with the beat. Sound-activated vibrations can also work.

Also, each Lovense toy is USB rechargeable. You’ll get a recharging cable with each product you order.

What Lovense Products Are Available?

lovense teledildonics

You’ll find an assortment of products from Lovense for men and women alike. Here’s a look at what you can get:

  • Nora – The Bluetooth rabbit vibrator features a three-speed rotating head and a vibrating arm that uses multiple settings. The shaft is curved to stimulate the best places when thrusting.
  • Max 2 – The male masturbator has an adjustable air vent to help you control the suction. The design supports 360-degree contractions for greater flexibility. You can also use an optional vaginal sleeve on this product.
  • Lush 2 – This small vibrator is quiet and works well for foreplay and solo play. You can even use it in public while keeping it hidden.
  • Hush – This is a vibrating butt plug with a rubber and latex-free body. The neck trap lube features a spiral design that makes the unit easy to remove. The Hush is available in 1.5 and 1.75-inch sizes.
  • Ambi – The bullet vibrator has curves that work alongside the user’s body. The design is suitable for use in many sexual positions, including the missionary and cowgirl positions.
  • Edge – This is a prostate massager with dual vibrators and an adjustable head.
  • Domi 2 – You can use male or female attachments on this wand toy. The wand shaft provides a firm grip.
  • Osci 2 – This is an oscillating G-spot toy with an oval head that uses three levels of stimulation. The button is positioned for easy access during solo or group play.

Pricing of Lovense Products

Since, Lovense toys are high-tech devices, they tend to be more expensive than your typical dildo.

Yet, retail prices are far from being crazy:

  • The Nora and Max 2 are both available for $199 each.
  • You can also order an Osci 2 or Domi 2 toy for $199.
  • The Lush 2 is $119, while the Ambi is only $69.
  • Other prices include $119 for the Edge or Hush. The price for the Hush is the same for both sizes.

Lovense Promo Code

Want to enjoy even lower prices when you shop at Lovense?

Truth is, you can save a great deal of money on your order if you purchase directly from the official store within a limited-time offer.

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Then you’ll have an easier time enjoying the fun and thrills that you can only get off of Lovense adult toys.

➡️ Click here to Check if there’s Currently a Limited-Time Discount (Lovense Official Store) – Up to 50% OFF

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