LoveLife Review: How Good is the Ohmibod Sex Shop?


Most adults are looking for ways to spruce up their sex lives. There are many physical sex stores that people can go and buy sex toys.

However, the busy lifestyle that most adults lead prompts them to use an online sex store when in need of sex toys. Some adults are looking for online sex stores that offer affordable prices for their sex toys.

One of the online sex stores that offer a unique experience with sex toys at an affordable price is Lovelife. It is a medium-sized online sex store, and it competes with renowned brands like Kiiroo and Lovehoney.

Several high-tech adult sex toys are the reason why the site is popular among adults. This Lovelife review explores the features of the online store and the benefits, pros, and cons.

What is Lovelife?

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Lovelife is a sex toy brand with several products that have won some of the renowned awards in the wellness industry. It is a part of OhMiBod, which was founded by Suki and Brian Dunham.

The two had a mind-blowing experience while on vacation when a friend of the couple gave them a vibrator psyched with an iPod. After a night of sexual satisfaction, the couple began thinking of ways to create sex toys that were interactive for couples.

Innovative designs are the backbone of the sex toy industry as more adults explore new ways to achieve orgasms. Mathieu Pung is the designer responsible for the best products that Lovelife has on the website.

He has an innovative mind and is always looking for new ways to improve the sensations that Lovelife vibrators provide. His art education comes in handy when creating female sex toys that are intimate and stimulating.

What are the Key Features?

Lovelife is a one-stop online sex shop for adults looking for unique sex toys. There are exciting features in the online sex store’s toys that set them apart from other market products.

The website is user friendly, making it simple for potential customers to browse through the products. Keep on reading this Lovelife review to know some of the things you should look forward to enjoying from Lovelife products.

Ergonomic Design

All the products from Lovelife come with an ergonomic design to ensure that the user can focus on pleasure. The sex toys’ handles fit perfectly in the palm, penis, or panties to prevent the toy from slipping when in use.

Most buttons are in strategic places to reach them and adjust settings fast when using toys in manual modes. A user can adjust the speed and the depth of strokes to ensure maximum stimulation until you get your sweet spot.

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Lovelife sex toys can connect to a remote app through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The OhMiBod mobile app has seamless connectivity, and most adults find it simple to use. You have the option of using Bluetooth, ideal for individuals operating a toy from one location.

Wi-Fi connectivity comes in handy for interactive toys where a partner can submit the toy’s control to the other person. Interactive toys allow couples to enjoy sex games using sex toys even when they are miles apart.

Unique Designs

Most sex toys’ signature color on the online sex store is white, pink, and purple. Some of the toys like the Kegels sex toys come in a hearty shape, and the weights help women exercise pelvic muscles.

Lovelife Adventure has three vibrators for maximum pleasure. The G-spot motor works on the interior while the clit vibrator massages the clitoris. The last vibrator stimulates the rear end nerves for extra fun.

Each design seeks to offer more pleasure to a user than the available products in the market. Lovelife brand adds a twist to the traditional structure of sex toys, whether they are vibrators or dildos. You can try out the unique designs and find out the ones that work best for you.

User Experience

All toys come with instructions on how to use them manually or use remote control. Everything works seamlessly, including the app from OhMiBod.

Each toy seeks to provide adult pleasure in a unique way that other sex toy manufacturers are yet to explore. User satisfaction from previous customers is high. Most customers can testify that sex toys from Lovelife did transform their sex lives for the better.

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Discreet Shipping

Lovelife exercises discreet shipping to protect the privacy of the customers. Products arrive in a simple brown package that won’t raise any suspicion from your neighbors. You can purchase any sex toy from the website in privacy without worrying that someone will know.

There is a strict privacy policy to keep all customer information safe from malicious parties. Shipping fees are reasonable, and there is free shipping for all purchases above $30, which is simple to reach.

You can plan on buying a few products at once and get free shipping. Customs fees do not apply for any buyers who live within the USA. International customers will have to pay fees that apply, depending on the recipient country’s customs laws.

The App

Lovelife has an app that is unique in that it uses allows different types of vibration patterns. You can create your unique vibration patterns or use the vibrations from your favorite songs. It comes with an oh!dometer that tracks the intensity of your orgasms.

You will know the modes that bring you the highest orgasms and use them to get more orgasms. There are several ways that you can take advantage of music vibrations and enhance the pulse of your sex toys.

First, you can create a playlist and enjoy the vibrations alone or with your partner. It is compatible with Apple Music and Spotify Premium library. Alternatively, you can use the preset vibrations that come with the app.

Ludicrous mode allows you to choose the perfect beats for you. Another option is to tap on the screen and create custom vibrations that meet your needs. You can create a variety of vibrations that will help you achieve maximum pleasure.

Finally, you can use the club vibe that uses the ambient sound from your surrounding environment. Tap into your partner’s voice or the music in a club and convert the sounds into vibrations transmitted through a sex toy.

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Download the app is free of charge from Google Play or the App Store. It works well with Android and iOS devices.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to purchasing sex toys from the website. Understanding the benefits you stand to enjoy using the Lovelife website can help with your pros and cons list when making a buying decision. Here are some of the exciting benefits we found during the research for this Lovelife review.


Access the Lovelife from a computer or a mobile device in private and at your convenience. It is simple for people with busy schedules or is unwilling to go to a physical store to make a purchase online.

You can do all the necessary transactions from the site. Browse through various categories and add items you are interested in into the cart. Purchase a collection of things depending on the kind of fun you want to have with your partner so that you can qualify for free shipping.

A Vast Collections

Lovelife is a well-stocked online store that has a wide array of sex toys available for adults. You can find traditional dildos and anal beads and innovative vibrators for couples, and solo play toys.

The online store caters to a wide range of sexual desires and orientations, including lesbians. Buy sex toys that can connect to the app and enjoy different vibration modes alone or with your partner. Overall, you will experience new levels of orgasms when you use the toys from Lovelife.

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Different Payment Options

The website supports various payment options, including American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover cards, and PayPal. You can choose your preferred mode of payment when checking out items. The transaction appears as Suki LLC on the statement to keep your purchases private.

The fee isn’t deducted immediately from your credit card, but it happens when your purchases are shipping out. That ensures that the funds transfer when your order is ready for shipping to your location.


There are occasional sales on select products. You can subscribe to Lovelife’s Loveletter and stay informed of the latest sales. Discounted prices can enable you to buy your dream toys at an affordable price.

The deals are only available for a short period, so you need to keep up with the website to know when they are holding a sale.

Return Policy

There is a return policy that isn’t similar to other companies due to the type of products. You cannot return anything once you break the seal or the shrink-wrap on the product. You can return any product that has broken pieces without breaking the seal on the products.

They accept unopened products that the customer returns within 21 days of receipt. You can request a replacement or refund, depending on your wishes. Refunds or replacements happen within 14 working days after the company receives the package.

How Does It Work?

Shopping on Lovelife is pretty straight forward when you have a steady internet connection. The first step is to visit the website and browse through the products. You can add anything you like to the cart as you browse through various categories.

Once you are browsing, you can view the cart items and remove anything you are not interested in buying. After that, the site will prompt you to create an account or log in if you already have an account. Opening an account on the website enables you to track your purchases and record your transaction history.

All your information is safe because the website has high protection for the privacy of customers.

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Once you create an account, you can check out the items on your cart. There are various payment options available for you to choose your preferred method. Once you make the payments, it will take one to two days to be ready for shipping.

Fund’s deduction happens when your order is ready to ship out, and you can track the progress from the website.

Products go to the shipping address or a P.O. Box, as per the customer instructions. You should confirm that the address you enter into the system is the correct one to prevent your shipment from going to the wrong address. Your package will arrive in a plain brown box at the address you specify within a week.

All products ship from New Hampshire in the USA.

You can pay extra for faster delivery if you cannot wait for a week. Weekends are not working days under the regular delivery schedule and should not be part of the delivery period.


  • A vast collection of unique sex toys to meet different sexual desires for individuals and couples.
  • Excellent customer service when you have a complaint or questions
  • They offer international deliveries for adults living outside of the USA.
  • You will be using products from a reputable and award-winning brand.
  • A remote app that offers a unique experience through music and sound to generate vibrations in sex toys.
  • You’ll use a remote app that supports multiple functions like chats, remote control, and video calls.
  • All devices have a warranty from the company.
  • You can access a manual for any product on the Lovelife website.


  • Devices are not waterproof and not ideal for using them in water.

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Lovelife products have a unique approach to sexual satisfaction that customers find thrilling. Customers enjoy products of the highest quality and without paying premium fees. You get free shipping for purchases that are worth $30 and above.

You promote a local company based in the USA and serve a large customer base in the U.S.

Overall, the company values the sexual satisfaction of customers and their privacy. Their website has all the necessary SSL certificates to prevent malicious attacks and keep customer data safe. All products have user-friendly designs, which are inviting and allow customers to be experimental when it comes to bedroom matters.

You can add Lovelife to your list of online sex stores and try out some of their award-winning products. After all, Suki and Brian Dunham didn’t know that one experience with a unique sex toy could forever change their views of sex. Try out a few things and see how much better your sex life can become.

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