Lelo Pino Review: Is this Vibrating Couple’s Ring Worth it?


Sex toys are notorious for catering to many different tastes.

If you look close enough, you’re bound to find something good enough to pique anyone’s interest.

With so many colorful shades and kinds to choose from, it’s easy to get wrapped up and miss out on exceptional toys out there.

If you like cock rings, and you want something really special, classy and distinguished – then the Lelo Pino might be right up your alley! As a fair warning, this is no ordinary sex toy.

Its peculiar design and the target audience it is meant for are going to excite and intrigue even the most demanding toy lovers. Sex toys are usually designed specifically for males, females or couples looking to spice up their love life.

This exciting cock ring has been designed exclusively for bankers. That’s right! This one is not for the faint of heart, and it is meant to please a true hedonist, complete with a stylish, lavish look.

So, without further ado, let’s get into our Lelo Pino review!

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What is Lelo Pino?

Straight out of the box, Lelo pino looks sleek and stylish.

From the luxurious packaging, over the immaculate design, and straight to exclusive accessories, this cock ring is everything you could possibly want in a sex toy.

Even at first glance, it looks plush and comfortable to wear.

A special ergonomic design has been employed, to make sure the ring can stretch enough to fit most penis sizes, but still wrap around tightly enough to stimulate you.

In most cases, shopping around for cock rings or sleeves means you’ll have to know your size.

Having a nearly universal cock ring that you can put on right away, without any alterations, is something you don’t stumble upon too often.

In addition, most of these are made out of cheaper materials and very prone to wear and tear.

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing toy, combined with immense durability, you have met your match.

pino review

How does it work?

This is where the fun begins!

Once you settle in and feel the remarkably stiff embrace of this silicone goodness, it will be up to you to pick your poison. You can choose between eight unique vibrating patterns.

The speed controls are located on the side of the toy, so you will have to reach down if you want to change the speed mid-action.

While this normally wouldn’t be an issue, handling the controls along with a generous amount of lubricant would present a slippery struggle.

This isn’t exactly a deal breaker, but if you want to opt out for the truly hassle-free experience, you may want to go
easy on the lube.

Being made out of silicone means that you can hop right into a bathtub or a shower with it, which adds quite a bit of variety.

With a plethora vibrating speeds to choose from, you’re definitely not going to get bored of this one anytime soon.

What’s In The Box?

This cock ring comes with quite a few unusual accessories you wouldn’t expect to get with a sex toy.

While the accessories are not essential and won’t increase your pleasure directly, they are still a nice touch. These accessories are what makes the Lelo pino personalized for bankers.

For the truly classy gentleman, who dress well but aren’t afraid to express their kinkier side, these goodies are going to be a refreshing change.

First off, you get a pair of signature cufflinks. Following that, you also get a custom-made money clip bearing the LELO logo, embossed with the words “Always Be Closing”.

Of course, you get a USB charger, to make sure your toy is always ready for action.

Other than that, the warranty, a user manual and a smooth satin pouch to store the cock ring in are all pretty standard pieces one would expect.

lelo pino

How does it feel?

The secret behind Lelo pino’s comfortable design and flexibility is the use of body safe silicone. This is to ensure maximum enjoyment at minimal risk.

Although ABS plastics may have made this cock ring just a tad bit firmer, the silicone still does the job, while making sure the cock ring is a perfect, snug fit for most, if not all sizes.

Another good thing is that you can forget about remote controllers and wires tangling up while you’re trying to enjoy the action.

This sex toy is nearly hands-free, save for the buttons on the side, which are used to control the vibration speed.

Although it has been showcased as a couple’s toy a few times, this is really something put to much better use when flying solo.

Thanks to the ridged top, which is primarily meant to stimulate the perineum, you could technically use it with your partner, to stimulate her clitoris with the curve.

For those who are easily embarrassed or afraid of owning a sex toy, don’t worry! The design is so smooth and elegant that most people would have trouble recognizing it for what it is at first glance.

lelo pino cock ring

Lelo Pino Pros

  • A luxurious, waterproof, elegant cock ring with godlike durability
  • 8 thrilling vibration patterns to switch through
  • Incredible battery life, takes 1 hour to charge fully
  • High-quality accessories that will make you feel like a boss
  • Innovative ergonomic design, with a unique ridge for heightened pleasure
  • Can be cleaned and cared for in a matter of minutes

Lelo Pino Cons

  • It could have come with some toy renewer powder or at least lubricant
  • The vibration controls could have been positioned more conveniently
  • Can be used with a partner, though not much variety there


If you are looking for a thriller in an aesthetically pleasing package, this Pino toy is going to be perfect for you.

Remember, this toy has been designed to fulfill the biggest demands of someone who enjoys life to its fullest.

That being said, if you have never tried a cock ring on before, you may want to start off with something more newbie friendly and then slowly graduate to this impressive piece.

With the variety of options it offers, this is the kind of toy you want to have nearby at all times.

It’s a timeless classic you can always turn to and fall in love with all over again, no matter how long you used it for.

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