Lelo Nea 2 Review: The Best Petite Clitoral Vibrator (with Floral Design)?


Lelo Nea 2 is a powerful clitoral vibrator that keeps me coming for more– no pun intended.

The Nea 2 has a beautiful design and, needless to say, it has stronger vibrations compared to the previous Nea.

The vibrator has eight vibration settings that you can use to explore your clitoris. The vibrations are quite, thus will make your solo session discreet.

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How Does Lelo Nea 2 Work?

The Lelo Nea 2 does not come charged. You, therefore, have to charge it for 2 hours. When fully charged, it lasts up to 4 hours.

The vibrator is made from ABS plastic material. This material is firm and sturdy. The Nea 2 is also non-porous. Lelo has ensured that the materials used are body safe.

This vibrator is designed in such a way that it can fit in the palm of your hand. The tip of the Nea 2 can be used for a pin-point sensation.

If you don’t like pinpoint sensations, you can use the whole toy for more dispersed sensations.

The Nea 2 has 8 vibration settings that you can choose from.

The toy has two firm buttons that are used to lower or raise the intensity of the vibrations. The vibrations vary greatly.

This is perfect to cater for people who have different preferences when it comes to clitoral stimulation. You can choose a gentle purr or a rumbling roar vibration.

The higher the settings, the rapid the rumble gets. The Lelo Nea 2 has an ergonomic shape that presses perfectly on your vulva.

The packaging of Nea 2 is stunning. This clitoral vibrator has a glossy finish. It comes in three different colors- Black, Pink, and Blue.

The front has a viewing window. The Nea 2 has a gold butterfly on the inside and a gold flower on the outer surface.

lelo nea 2 vibrator

The Content of Lelo Nea 2 Package

  1. Lelo Nea 2 Vibrator
  2. Storage Pouch
  3. USB-Charging Cable
  4. Lelo Lubricant
  5. Instruction Manual
  6. Warranty Registration Card

How Does Lelo Nea 2 Feel Like?

When I got over the aesthetic quality of the toy, I found out that the Lelo Nea 2 is not just a pretty face. This toy worked wonders on my clitoris.

I have to say, my clit and I were left very satisfied.

The first thing that made me love the toy was the fact that it goes up to 4 hours after being fully charged. I have tried many toys, but most of them last between 1 to 2 hours.

Four hours to me means I can take my sweet time experimenting with the different vibrations.

The Nea 2 sat comfortably on my vulva as I pressed it on my clit.

I prefer the pin-point sensations as it makes the vibrations even more intense, thus making me orgasm even harder.

If pinpoint sensations are not your thing, then you can use the entire toy for a more diverse sensation.

After doing a solo session for a few rounds, I decided to try it out with my partner. Even though the Nea 2 is quite small, I found the whole process to be a bit distracting.

Unlike many women out there, I’m horrible at multitasking. So, it was a bit frustrating having to hold it while my partner did his thing. We decided to switch it up, with him holding it instead. But he too found it to be distracting.

In the end, we just tossed it aside and finished what we were doing.

If you are good at multitasking, then you will find the Lelo Nea 2 to be a valuable asset to use with your partner. As for me, I’ll just use it during solo sessions.

lelo nea 2

To say I have experienced strong orgasms with this toy is an understatement. I loved the firm texture and the strong vibrations of the Nea 2. There are people who like soft sex toys. If you are one of those people, then the Lelo Nea 2 is definitely not for you.

The thing that disappointed me with the Nea 2 is the hard-to-press buttons. The buttons left me infuriated most of the time.

All I want is to orgasm in peace, not to use all my energy by pressing the buttons! Sometimes pressing the buttons was a bit painful.

After trying all sorts of things to solve the button issue, I just decided to settle on a mode that was neither too fast nor too slow.

Even though I did cum at the end of it all, I still would have liked to speed up and slow down the vibrations whenever I wanted.

Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything you wish for in life. So, I’ll just settle on the fixed modes until I find an even better and less painful option.

I love the fact that the vibrator is waterproof. At first, I was skeptical about using it in the shower since the charger port looked kind of exposed.

I didn’t get how it could be waterproof when it looked… too open.

After debating with myself for a while, I decided to try it out in the shower anyway.

Fortunately, the Nea 2 proved that it is indeed waterproof and has become my shower buddy.

Pros of the Nea 2

  • It has powerful vibrations
  • The toy is easy to clean
  • The vibrations are quiet
  • It is USB rechargeable
  • It comes in a luxurious package
  • It has an ergonomic shape
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • The vibrator has a long battery life

nea 2 review

Cons of the Nea 2

  • The buttons of the Nea 2 are hard to press


Even though Lelo Nea 2 buttons are too hard to press for my liking, it’s still by far one of the best clitoral vibrators that I have used.

The vibrations are strong enough to make me reach an orgasm.

I love the fact that I can use it for 4 hours after charging as this makes me take my sweet time.

Who I Can Recommend Lelo Nea 2 To:

  • People who prefer firm toys to soft ones.
  • People who like discreet vibrators.
  • People who love powerful clitoral vibrations.
  • People who like a toy that has both dispersed and pin-point sensations.

Who I Cannot Recommend Lelo Nea 2 To:

  • People who can’t stand firm toys.
  • People who like more responsive button controls.

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