Lelo Loki Review: Should You Buy this Massager?

Before I even had a possibility to run the Lelo Loki through the gauntlet, I was VERY pleased with this new anal toy for guys.

From the initial discussion in the windowed box, all the way to the prostate shivering orgasm grand ending, I enjoyed this toy. Every action of the way.

The appearance. The feel. The power. The ease of control. It’s the personification of all these things. Unifying these magical forces into a high quality, luxury sex toy for men was a substantial achievement.

Today, we are going to spend a little time getting to know LOKI

loki review

First Impressions about the LELO Loki

When you speak about ‘luxury’ sex toys, LELO is a brand name that instantly crosses your mind. Everything is always of top quality, from the product packaging to the silicone utilized.

It’s simply all beautiful and the LOKI is no exception. Provided in a synthetic crocodile skin box, with a clear window enabling you to see the vibrator in all of its appeal.

As you lift up the cover, LOKI sleeps in a type fitting foam bed. There is a flap which when raised exposes a satin storage bag, a USB charging cable in addition to a user’s manual and a sachet of LELO lube.

LOKI is available in 2 colors: Obsidian Black or Federal Blue.

The LOKI is covered in LELO’s soft, sensuous silicone that does not attract as much dust as other silicon. It’s entirely waterproof and includes a moderate-sized insertable shaft which has actually a curve developed for optimum prostate stimulation.

It has an insertable length of 4.5 inches and a typical circumference of 1.5 inches— making this fairly accessible to almost anyone. Its tapered tip is completely matched to alleviate you in gently.

There are 6 various settings, ranging from one single continuous pattern to 5 alternating pulses and waves. All are of course customizable speeds.

The handle has four buttons that make it exceptionally easy to operate, even when in usage.

A 60-minute charge offers around 2 hours of playtime.

lelo prostate massager

How does the Lelo Loki feel like?

From the first minute that I pressed it against my butt hole, I knew I loved it. The tapered tip made insertion easier … but not easy though.

I’ve had more than a couple of toys up my ass for many years, and this one absolutely made me recoil as I pressed it for the very first time. I rapidly discovered that heating up with a finger or small dildo is a smart idea.

Unless you’re into discomfort … then I say go for it!

Once the pointer starts the journey to the prostate, there’s a consistent boost in pressure. As you can see in the photos, there’s an increasingly large taper in the toy, that doesn’t narrow back down until you nearly reach the base.

Getting it completely in place is the difficult part. It’s a pleasure to utilize once it’s seated.

This is where I want to reflect and pause for a bit. I enjoy those precious minutes in between insertion and engaging the vibrator. I want to simply lay there, enjoying the fullness in my rectum.

I do not know about you, but there’s something magical about a toy that fills me up.

Then it’s time to turn on the vibrator. This is where the fun starts! There are TONS of different settings and intensities readily available. For my first time, I utilized setting 3, at moderate strength.

After only 10 minutes of use, I experienced a massive, full-body orgasm that actually took my breath away. I never ever changed the setting, and never changed the intensity. This one mode sufficed to push me over the edge in no time flat!

With time, I’ve explored all the various modes. It’s really challenging to pick a favorite, due to the fact that they’re all amazing! I’ve left with every pattern, so I can vouch for the fact that they ALL work.

loki lelo


Comparison of the LELO Billy vs LELO Loki

In the LOKI, the shaft is thicker, which provides the good ‘complete’ sensation I’ve pertained to anticipate from my anal toys. Nevertheless, the shaft narrows towards the base, but this makes it truly comfy to use, nearly like a plug.

There is also a larger flared base on the LOKI which is extremely much required.

I found the base on the BILLY to be a little too small when my ass gets excited, it might very quickly pull the entire thing in, so using it was always a risk. Here, the LOKI sits easily, and I certainly feel more at ease.

The vibrations are indeed powerful and are a big boost from the vibrations in the BILLY which, whilst rumble, simply weren’t strong enough for me, I like my vibrations to be earth-shattering.


review lelo loki


Cleaning and Maintenance of the Loki

LELO have actually made the LOKI totally waterproof which makes it very easy to clean, you can thoroughly rinse it under the tap or in a basin of water, with a healthy spritz of toy cleaner and you are great to go.

There is a small gap in between the silicone and the plastic manage, so do pay additional attention when cleaning up here, as lube and other debris has the potential to get stuck in here.

Because it is waterproof (up to a depth of one meter), the LOKI is best to take in the bath or shower for some aquatic fun.

I’ve not attempted this yet, but I have to say, as this is not a vibrator that can be sat on (due to the large handle) I’m unsure it would be comfy to utilize in the bath.

LELO offers you with a great little storage bag, so just pop it in that, in addition to the charger and it’s ready to be stashed with your other toys.


How it compares to other Lelo toys

Loki Vs. Hugo:

It’s difficult to select a winner here. Given that the vibrations are the basically the exact same, you need to take that from the formula. All that’s left is whether the user prefers a remote control, hands-free toy, or manually controlled gadget. Oh, and Hugo costs a bit more too.

I’ll note that Loki has one benefit over Hugo: the user can by hand apply more pressure. With Hugo, once the toy is in place, you actually can’t do much with it except run the vibrator.

With Loki, the user can apply downward pressure to press the tip of the toy harder against the prostate.

This will really amp up the intensity, as the vibrations feel like they’re bolting from completion of the toy, straight into the P-Spot. Nice!

Loki Vs. Billy:

This one wins hands down. There’s just no competition here. There are just 2 reasons to pick Billy over this toy.

  1. Billy costs less
  2. Billy has a smaller diameter. Much easier to utilize for beginners.

Because they’re more extreme with more settings, the vibrations are much better. It’s also bigger, which in my viewpoint, makes it a more satisfying toy.

It’s also 100% waterproof. Billy is only waterproof outside of the handle. Those controls can be damaged by water.

Lelo Loki review: My Verdict

We’ve waited a long period of time for LELO to produce some brand-new items targeted at prostate and anal stimulation, and they’ve gotten off to a good start.

I personally do think the LOKI is a wonderful piece of art and I cannot stress how beautiful it is to both take a look at and hold. The shape of the shaft and the effective, rumbly vibrations are all aces.

For those of you who want to sit and ‘rock’ with your prostate massagers, the LOKI is going to leave you unhappy as the big manage makes this impossible.

However, if you are rather eager to just lay back and let the vibrator do all the work, then you are in luck.

I would hope that if LELO ever gives us a LOKI 2, I would truly hope they could beef up the vibrations and provide us an extra setting or 2. Perhaps I’m just too greedy?

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