Je Joue Nuo Review: The Best App-Controlled Butt-Plug?


If you want to take charge of things in the bedroom for a change, this sex toy will help you take your bedroom romps to a banging new level.

The creators of this new toy have designed to make things steamier as he will ache for more.

This Je Joue Nuo Review will tell all of its tantalizing secrets.

What’s in it about?

Je Joue’s reputation as a leader of the sex toy industry was cemented when one of its products was voted as the best sex toy in 2014.

They have taken great lengths to keep it that way.

This new product is living up to the standards of its predecessors as it heightens pleasure by massaging the prostate. You get to take turn teasing each other with the Je Joue Nuo.

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How does it work?

This sex toy is not your usual anal plug. Although it still has the same function as the traditional butt toys, it does not only work through the prostate.

Using this to tease your playmate will just intensify the air of seduction as it sensually massages your prostate or perineum, or perhaps even both.

Je Joue has placed two separate motors so that they can work independently from each other. Or you can use both of them simultaneously.

It is not very discreet. But this has been designed to look like that so that it can better reach your prostate.

This shape allows the sex toy to comfortably stay inside.

Its curves and its protruding body has been intentionally designed so that it can remain in the butt without causing uneasiness.

Je Joue has outdone itself in this new product as this sex toy can be remotely controlled. Not only that, they have created an app to do just this so you get to tease your man even before you reach the room.

You must make sure that both the toy and the pen are synchronized. The latter will have a blue light to inform you that it is already in synch.

You can choose to just stimulate just one of his erogenous zones. Or you can opt to tickle both his prostate and his perineum.

You can change how the Je Joue Nuo is positioned in the butt so that it will enhance the pleasure that it gives.

Another great feature of this sex toy is that you get to save your favorite setting. This might come in handy as this sex toy offers 12 different settings.

It comes in 5 speeds and 7 patterns. You can do it in your app or with the Bluetooth control that comes with it.

With so many options to choose from, here are a few that are worth mentioning:

  1. Gentle Vibrations – You can choose the lowest speed to start some sensual anal loving.
  2. Breakneck Vibrations – This speed will definitely rock your world as the vibrations come in lightning speed.
  3. Shifting Pulses – The previous two were opposite of each other. But this option will bring those two together as the pulses come in from high to low, or vice versa.
  4. Growing Intensity – Do you want things to be kinkier? Then this is the setting for you as it starts slows than it will rock to breathtaking speed.
  5. Increasing and Decreasing – Why don’t you mix things up? This setting will build him up painfully high. Then it brings him back so that you can finish things on your own.

As it was mentioned in this article, Je Joue has created an app to control this naughty little toy.

This might be easily mistaken as another game by your technology-savvy kids so you might want to be extra careful when downloading the app.

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What’s in the box?

Je Joue has exerted more effort in designing this awesome toy. Although it comes in a discreet box, it only has the bare essentials included.

So if you were expecting that it will be packaged in a James Bond-type box, you might be a tad disappointed.

They only packed the toy as well as the charger, the battery, the manual, and the Bluetooth pen in the box. You can get the toy in black or in fun violet.

How does it feel?

Je Joue Nuo is a great way to start some serious anal fun. You can tease your partner by going for the lowest speed.

If you want to tickle his P-spot (aka prostate), then you must insert this sex toy to face toward the belly button.

You can also change the position to make it more titillating. Then you can also switch the setting so that he will feel as if the army has raided his posterior.

If your man is not so keen on kinky fun, you can switch the setting to a lower speed. You can also change the position of the sex toy so that it will massage his perineum.

To make things more interesting, you can adjust this naughty little toy so that it will massage both his prostate and his perineum.

Then you can crank up the setting to earth-shattering speed.


Many people have sworn that this is the best thing that has happened to their sex life. Here are some reasons why they think this way:

  1. App – It’s just incredibly convenient.
  2. Quiet – You will only hear his moans.
  3. Waterproof – Have more fun in the water.
  4. Variations – You get to play with 12 settings.
  5. Simplicity – It is simple to play with.

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But there are also some people who think that Je Joue Nuo is not worth the hassle. The following might be some of their reasons why they do not like it:

  1. Connectivity – There are some connectivity issues.
  2. Apple-Friendly – It only works with IOS.
  3. Design – Might be mistaken as a kid’s toy.


This little toy is perfect for the gadget-savvy couples.

They can start the foreplay even if one is still away from home especially with the app. But this might completely bum you out if you are using an android fan as its app is only IOS compatible.

If you are fond of simple anal fun, then this naughty little toy can rock your world as it can massage the prostate and the perineum.

You can make things even spicier by teasing both spots.

Take your man on a wild ride with this little toy. It will pleasantly surprise him as you take control of the sensual massaging.

It will make him go mad that something that is only 4-inches small can give so much pleasure.

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