Je Joue Mimi Soft Review: The Most Delicate Massager?


We all love to have some sensual fun once in a while.

One of the ways to enjoy doing this is by using a toy. There are various types available in the market for this purpose.

They range in texture from hard and rigid to soft and squishy. The Je joue Mimi soft is firmly in the latter group.

It provides a soft touch that guarantees titillating pleasure.

With a delicate feel and touch, this toy is for those who desire intense clitoral stimulation.

It is a toy that is designed for use on this gentle spot on the body. This toy offers an excellent alternative to the hardest varieties in stores today.

While thoroughly dainty, it delivers a reasonably strong vibration function.

Read this Je joue Mimi soft review to discover more about this enticing little toy and why it is so well loved.

What is the Je Joue Mimi?

The Je joue Mimi soft is a compact, softly textured stimulator.

It has a gentle tip that you can squish with pleasure at no risk of malfunction. The toy is covered with a layer of silicone throughout its length.

The tip of this covering is left fairly squishy so as to provide the well-loved vibrations that stimulator fans cherish so much.

It also has a unique shape that increases its versatility. The toy has an oval shape with one end being narrow and tapered.

This is the edge that can be used to deliver various methods of pleasure. In addition to that, it allows its users to enjoy the sensations in multiple ways.

As such, it can be described as an immensely satisfying clitoral toy.

Much of this toy’s body is made of silicone material that is entirely phthalate-free and hypoallergenic.

As a result, it is safe to use on your most sensitive spots. It is also not porous and is safe to apply on any part of your body.

Interestingly, you can use this toy as a body massager.

When utilized for this purpose, it can be safely combined with massage products that are oil or water-based. Just make sure not to use silicone-based lubricants with this toy. This combination of materials does not mix well.

mimi soft vibrator

How does it work?

To get this fun toy up and running, all that you have to do is press firmly on its power button. The stimulator has three little buttons that are used to control its functions.

One of these is the power button. The other two are used to control the intensity of vibration.

There are 5 different levels of vibration that can be achieved with the Je joue Mimi soft toy. Moreover, there are 6 different patterns of vibration that can be accomplished as well.

How does it feel?

Upon turning it on and activating the lowest vibration setting, the toy will rumble and flicker with a resonance that is deep and unique.

Once you pick the medium vibration setting, it will develop a consistent buzz. This one increases the rate of vibration and boosts your momentum as well.

In the final and highest setting, the toy comes to life with a constant buzz punctuated by a deep rumble.

This creates a flutter that reverberates throughout your fingers, clitoris and lady parts as well.

Held in place or gently rubbed upon your love button, the toy will deliver an immensely satisfying orgasm that will have you asking for more.

je joue mimi soft

What’s in the box?

Upon purchase, you get a number of items in this toy’s package.

Firstly, it comes in a strong, sturdy box. It can act as a storage box or gift container depending on your eventual purpose of the toy.

Within it, you can find the stimulator neatly tucked under a satin blindfold.

Right next to it is a charger. With these items in the package, you can immediately begin to enjoy using the stimulator.

The blindfold comes in very handy for couples that want to try the toy on each other in a suspenseful, sensual way.

Soft and silky smooth, it is an excellent addition to the toy’s accessories.

This lovely little toy measures 3.5 inches in length. It is also 2.5 inches wide at its broadest point. It can be juiced up using the magnetic charger that is provided with the unit.

Its battery achieves maximum capacity in only 2 hours. This gives you an equivalent amount of play time.

An exciting feature of this toy is that it is 100% waterproof. It is also fully submersible underwater. As such, you can use it in the tub or in the shower with no problems at all.

It does not have any discernible seam. As such, it is soft to touch and lovingly massages your pleasure spots.

In addition to that, it is not too loud during the operation. Hence, you can use it discreetly in your room or in the bathroom.

mimi soft review


  • It delivers scintillating vibrations
  • It is compact and fits perfectly in the palm
  • The unit is made of soft silicone material
  • This toy can be used with oil or water-based lubricant
  • It doubles up as a massager
  • Upon purchase, you get everything that you need to use it right in the box
  • It retains its battery power for a long time
  • The toy is entirely seamless


  • The buttons are difficult to press
  • Its vibrations are not very powerful


The Je joue Mimi soft clitoral stimulation toy is for those who desire a sweet, warm orgasm sensation.

It is compact and can be held with the tips of your middle and index fingers. The soft surface ensures that the toy is gentle on your skin.

Moreover, seeing as it is waterproof, you can submerge it in the tub and go to pleasure town with this bad boy.

True to its name, this toy can be a lady’s best friend. Its packaging is discreet.

In addition to that, the buttons are easy to spot, and you can quickly get used to cycling through the vibration settings and patterns.

It is the perfect, little toy for your pleasurable, personal moments.

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