Je Joue G-Kii Review: The Best Bendable G-Spot Vibrator?


How spicy is your sex life? If it has turned incredibly cold, then Je Joue has the sex toy that will spice it up.

This naughty little toy will turn the thermostat up high and turn her on.

So if you want to know all of the juicy secrets of this bedroom toy, then you should continue reading this Je Joue G-Kii review.

What’s in it about?

Je Joue is known to have helped revolutionized the sex toy industry.

They do not just produce fun accessories, but they allow their customers to personalize their toys with their mix and match program.

The Je Joue G-kii is another proof of the company’s innovative thinking.

It is not like your typical vibrator. It will turn her legs into jelly as this nasty little thing can tease her clitoris and her G-spot.

je joue g-kii

How It Works

The Je Joue G-kii is definitely not going to win the prize for being the most discreet sex toy. But they have designed it to make her moan loudly as this cute eggplant-like toy stimulates her G-spot.

One surprise that is awaiting the user is that you can bend it so that it can tease both the G-spot and the clitoris. Now, that is what we call hitting two birds with one stone.

You can make more wonders with this sex toy by curling it. You can use the thicker end to tease her G-spot and sensually massage her clitoris with the other end.

She will purr like a contented cat as you can do these simultaneously.

This eggplant-like toy is quite naughty. It offers 5 speeds and 5 patterns of vibration. Mixing them would give her the ride of a lifetime.

You can start things off by massaging her G-spot using the lowest speed available.

Or perhaps, you can make it kinkier by teasing both her G-spot and her clitoris.

Once she is all wet and ready for the hard stuff, you can crank the Je Joue G-kii up to full speed. You can just finish things off yourself.

Either way, she will ask for more.

With so many options to choose from, it might be hard to find the right setting for your bedtime fun. You can always experiment.

But here are some settings that you might want to become familiar with:

  1. Gentle Loving – If you want to have some good old time fun, then you can use the lowest speed on her. With the use of this toy, you can gently massage her G-spot so that she will be wet and ready for you.2. A Spicier
  2. Romance – You can turn the spiciness level by alternating the low and high speeds. To make it even more pleasurable for her, you can simultaneously stimulate her clitoris and her G-spot. This would be a major turn on for her.
  3. Getting Quicker – If she enjoys tough love, then this is will definitely turn her on. She will be grabbing your hair to keep her sanity as the increasing speed will drive her mad.
  4. Shifting Gears – You can get things in the bedroom steamier with this setting. Alternate low and high speeds as you tease both her clitoris and G-spot.
  5. Surprises – You can start things hot by using the fast speed setting of this sex toy. Then once she is about to reach orgasm, you can surprise her with some tender loving using a lower speed. She won’t know what hit her.

What’s In The Box?

As what was mentioned earlier, Je Joue won’t be winning the prize for the most discreet product.

But they will get their competitors a run for their money as they have offered the Je Joue G-kii in several cute colors, namely: black, lavender, fuchsia, and purple.

You would also get a magnetic clip charger, one lithium-ion battery, and an instruction manual.

g-kii sex toy

How Does It Feel?

The people in Je Joue have an impressive mastery of the art and science of sex. Their products would not make a woman moan that easily. But their toys are created to build her up.

This way, she would be gasping for breath as she asks for more. You have to use a water-based lubricant for most silicone sex toys.

Choosing the default setting may not exactly be kinky sex. But this setting is for those who enjoy traditional fun will feel a tingling sensation that will resonate with her clitoris and G-spot.

Which is not at all bad considering that this is just level 1.

Taking the game one level higher would make her sing praises as she will get a full massage on her clitoris. Going for the 3rd speed will make her pant as she will feel that certain electricity on her G-spot.

You can change the game plan by going for the more challenging levels. Applying the 4th speed on her will make her feel as if horses were trotting on her clitoris and her G-spot.

The fastest speed will more or less give the same sensation. But this time it is more intense.


A lot of women sing praises about Je Joue G-kii. Some of them even say that they could no longer remember what it was like before this eggplant-like toy came into their lives.

These might be some of their reasons:

  1. Options – It gives you 10 in total.
  2. Waterproof – You can have fun in the water.
  3. Charging – Two hours charging = two hours fun.
  4. Clean – Doesn’t easily attract lint and dirt.
  5. Versatile – Bend it too for simultaneous fun

g-kii review


This sex toy doesn’t seem to deliver for everyone. The following might be some reasons why some people don’t like it:

  1. Connection – Weak magnetic charging clip
  2. Instructions – No instructions on how to bend it.
  3. Battery life – Last 45 minutes is quite weak.


This eggplant-like sex toy can definitely make things hotter in the bedroom. But it is not for those who are looking for a quick G-spot orgasm as what said earlier, it works to build her senses up.

This sex toy is highly recommended for those who are just beginning to enjoy G-spot stimulation.

It will open their eyes to the wonders of simultaneous G-spot and clitoris massages. But you must have a firm grip to completely enjoy this nasty little eggplant.

Give her the time of her life with this naughty little eggplant. Once she tries this nasty sex toy, she will always eat her vegetables especially if it is covered with salty milk.

After all, vegetables are good for you.

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