Je Joue Dua Review: The Best Partner-Controlled Vibrator?

If you want your partner to take control over your senses, this sex toy will surely rock your night and make you beg for more.

The toy is designed to tease you until your body writhes and submits to authority.

This Je Joue Dua review will surely pique your naughty interests so read on and be inspired.

What is it about?

With this toy voted as the “Top-Choice for Couples” by Good Housekeeping-Magazine in 2015, Je Joue has made its name in the industry.

You can see from the quality of their products that they are always there to compete in the market.

This toy is one of the unique pieces from the product line as it is designed to stimulate your G-spot and your clitoris at the same time.

Together with your partner, or by yourself, you can make the most out of your night with the Je Joue Dua.


How does it work?

Unlike the usual butt plugs you will commonly find on the shelves, this toy is a one of a kind experience as it will directly stimulate your G-spot, your clitoris, or even both at the same time.

You can also get creative and make the most of the two separate motors, making alternating patterns that can build up all that pleasure combined with combinations of using both simultaneously.

Its size will be in the way if you are the daring type. The shape and curves of the toy allow it to keep a snug fit inside.

The lengthy tip makes it possible for clitoral stimulation and to get a grip on the toy to twist it around while it’s inside.

The Je Joue Dua is also quite the pleaser as it is remotely controlled and can even be used while you are at a distance.

With its dedicated phone app, the user can manipulate the toy to how he or she wills it to do so at perfect synchronization.

To do that, the toy will have to be synced to the phone which is indicated by the red light on the toy turning to blue and the abrupt stop of vibration.

The phone will show different preset patterns for you to try out and once you select, you can swipe to the left or right to try out the next.

You can also change the speed of the toy’s oscillation by swiping up and down or selecting the speed number.

Along with the flexibility and the versatility of the toy, it also has the function to save the settings you used after a session.

With the toy coming in at 5 speeds and 7 patterns, you can have 35 different combinations and 12 different settings.

This can be manipulated using the app or the Bluetooth tool. And since you can save the settings used after a session, you can use the same settings again and relive the experience even when you are alone.

The app that comes with the toy might be mistaken as a game if ever your kid gets to fiddle around with the device so it would be best to keep it well hidden.

What’s in the box?

The unboxing experience will get you excited the first time you will see your toy. The Je Joue Dua comes in discreet packages and reveals quite a lovely container when opened.

In it contains the toy, the charger, the charging cable, the Bluetooth pen, the battery, and some paperwork you can opt not to read.

The toy comes in three colors, lovely pink, pleasurable purple, and bold black.

The packaging is straightforward and it has no fancy attractions, or should I say, distractions.

Nevertheless, if you are expecting a bit more for what you paid for, it will definitely be when you are already starting to use it.

je joue dua

How does it feel?

The Je Joue Dua provides a lot of opportunities for both anal and clitoral action.

You can build up the action by starting from the lowest speed, escalating bit-by-bit, and maybe tease and drop the speed when she is starting to get in the mood for more.

You can change the orientation of the toy while it is inside by gripping the long neck that is reaching way up the clitoris and making it rub on it while you are swinging back and forth.

You can slowly yank and push while the toy is inside to feel the pressure while it is snugly fit inside as you contract, keeping it comfortably positioned.

If you’re just getting used to toys like these, you can always start at the lowest setting and enjoy the smooth sensual experience.

Overtime, you get to scale upwards and handle much faster and wilder speeds that will make you spasm over all the orgasm.

Pros and cons

Now, to sum up, here are all the convenient characteristics of the toy:

  • The toy is so well designed, it is silent and all you’ll be able to hear is the moaning.
  • The mobile application just makes the everything so easy and fun to use, making it possible to make an incredibly unique experience every session.
  • It’s varying functions makes it all more fun with the 5 speeds and 7 patterns you can play with.
  • It is quite durable and flexible that it will fit almost any size and will match to any occasion with its waterproofing.
  • It is simple and straightforward.

dua vibrator

All you have to think about is how much more pleasure you can get from using it. But there is also a downside to this, namely:

  • There will be times when the device you use is having a hard time to connect with the toy.
  • The toy supports IOS and now also Android but there might be some issues to connectivity and app support on older android versions.
  • The toy is a little bigger than what you would expect


If you consider your phone to be an extension of yourself, this toy will work wonders with you.

And the mobility of the controls makes it worthwhile to wait for someone who is on the way to make love with you.

The Bluetooth pen is also there for you to use if you want something much easier and more comfortable to grip.

The two motors it has surely done the job right with the gentle to strong vibrations that you can totally feel even at the parts between the ends of the toy.

I highly recommend this to people that are from the younger generations that are adventurous and into new sensual experiences both alone or with a partner.



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