Fun Factory Stronic Drei Review: World’s First Pulsator Toy?


Talk of German machines…!

The Stronic Drei from Fun Factory does not give you pleasure; it’s literally a portal to another world.

If you’re searching for a way to experience effortless alone-time or couples fun then you can thank your lucky stars and get excited for a few seconds now, you just found it; because the Stronic Drei will not only help you find your G-Spot, that is, if you’re still struggling with that…, but it will virtually take you to heaven!

Let me formally introduce you to the third member of the iconic Stronic family, the Fun Factory Stronic Drei, an exceptional adult please toy that will make him or her, or you go wild while you discover the “colorful diversity” of multiple orgasms.

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What is it?

Although you’d be wholly forgiven for this slight oversight, the Stronic Drei is not a vibrator, it’s a pulsator.

And just like the commercial says; it doesn’t vibrate, it thrusts!

While it resembles a vibrator, the “sick” German engineering (Stronic technology) used in its development and production gives the Stronic Drei a naturalistic thrusting movement all packed in a ridged 23.9 cm curved-tip shaft, 4 cm in diameter, and a flared base that will rock your perineum (whatever that is…) and tickle your clitoris to not only hasten your arrival, but also lengthen your trips to the enchanting land of “O’s”.

Materials and Design

The active end of the Stronic Drei is made of a non-toxic and non-irritant silicone material which is safe to use.

Furthermore, the patented power unit driven by a rechargeable battery is designed to generate mild to strong pulses and thrusts for the sturdy ergonomic sheath.

stronic drei

How does it work?

The German eroticism technology used to design and develop this one of a kind pulsator combines powerful structuring with deep knowledge of sexual pleasure to present you with a toy that revolutionizes passion and redefines bedroom play.

Operating the Stronic Drei

While you can use it with your hands just like any other standard toy of its type (dildos or vibrators), the Stronic Drei can also be used absolutely hands-free when you strategically lay it on the bed or on your thighs (see downloadable PDF guide for 30 hands-free positions) available here.

Pleasure Levels

The Stronic Drei has 10 pleasure levels that you can switch between with ease as you use the pulsator.

Level 1: Normal Mode

At its normal mode, the Drei has a cool constant pulse and thrust.

Level 2-4: Algorithmic Mode

Under the algorithmic mode you get three slow sensual speeds with the thrusts and the pulses starting with the Rattle, going down to the Gallop, and lastly, the Dirty Dancing level that will totally blow you to Mars!

Level 5-7: Constant Mode

Just like the Normal Mode, the constant gives you a flat rhythm (without the pulsating) which is also divided into the Samba, going up to the Rumble, and then lastly you’ll find the Quicky; for those memorable quickies at boring parties or at the locker room!

Level 8-10: Dynamic Mode

The Dynamic mode brings out the big guns. The Stronic Drei will have you doing the Roller Ball, then take you through the Milky Way with the Vienna Waltz, and then lastly calm you back to reality with the Rumba.

If my grade school mathematics serves me correctly, then 10 levels of extreme pleasure multiplied by 30 ways to use the Stronic Drei hands-free (checkout downloadable guide above), which equals to a hell of a lot of ways to have fun!

Add the numerous ways you can use the Drei with your hands, then throw in a couple of those secret fetishes and positions and you’re looking at the King of sex toys right there!

fun factory stronic drei

What’s in the box?

In addition to the Stronic Drei, the box (or kit) may also contain a spray water-based cleaner and cloth to ensure that your favorite toy is not damaged during cleaning, as well as a water-based lubricant (TOYFLUID lube) to allow a smooth entry.

Additionally, while the box is good for storage, it also doubles up as a neat gift box, and you can get a Karim Rashid bag that allows you to carry the toy safely with you during your daily errands or other commitments, or even when traveling.

If you get the “TRUST THE THRUST KIT”, then you also get a massage bullet with up to 5 settings for extra vibration pleasure.

How does it feel?

The silicone material feels silky smooth and soft to the touch while the delicately contoured ridges covering the entire shaft provides an intensified sensational sexual thrill that will leave you or your partner begging for more pleasure time.


  • The ultimate sex and the city style partner – you can have the Stronic Drei busy down there while you enjoy your book and a glass of wine.
  • Lasts for 3 hours on a full charge
  • Easy to use with a “FUN” on/off button
  • Rounded but “ellipsed” head for easy penetration
  • Just the right width for comfortable vaginal or anal use and maximized contact
  • It’s discreetly quiet
  • Eco-friendly due to its rechargeability
  • The materials used in its construction are both waterproof (submersible) and body-safe

stronic drei vibrator


  • Some users, especially beginners, may not be comfortable with the 4 cm width
  • Cannot be used by persons with heart pacer


Since the Fun Factory Stronic Drei is ideal for both vaginal and anal use, it comes highly recommended for all types of straight or gay couples; or adventurous individuals who are confident about their sexuality and know what they want.

Similarly, if you already own an adult pleasure toy or toys and you’re thinking of making a fantastic addition to your collection, then I hope this Fun Factory Stronic Drei review has done enough justice to convince you.

The Stronic Drei strokes, rubs, tickles, pulsates, and it thrusts like no other sex toy you’ve ever met, or heard of

If you’re feeling lazy, but you still need your daily dose of “O’s” then the Stronic Drei is your perfect partner.

Remember the “Sex and the City style”? Just grab a pint of ice-cream, lay back in a comfortable position, and let the little German soldier go to work!

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