Fun Factory Sharevibe Review: The Best Harness-Free Strap-On?


Strap-ons are perhaps the most celebrated innovations since sliced bread. If you doubt it, try out the Fun factory Sharevibe vibrating dildo.

Recently, my partner and I got to try out this lovely baby, and to say the experience was erotic, would be an understatement.

We are literarily hooked to it, as it helps us to enjoy our most intimate fantasies, in unimaginable ways. The following is my honest Fun Factory Sharevibe review.

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What is the Sharevibe?

It is a strapless 5-speed vibrating couple’s strap-on that lets lovers share intimate vibrations.

This wearable double-dildo comprises of a body-safe silicone cover, a powerful five-pattern rechargeable vibrating bullet, as well as a bulb and shaft.

The bulb is the short end, while the long end is the shaft.

During lovemaking, lovers will insert either side of the harness-free strap-on into their vagina and get to pleasure each other simultaneously.

Typically, the active partner will insert the bulb into her vagina and inserts the shaft into her partner’s.

Since the Sharevibe feels like a natural extension of their bodies, and it adapts to different sex positions, the couples get to enhance their lovemaking by enjoying more skin contact between them.


How does the Sharevibe work?

For you to use the Sharevibe, you first need to charge it up. That you can do using the USB and magnetic lead charger that came with the package.

Using the USB, connect the two metal nodes at the base of the vibrating bullet, to your USB port.

Once fully charged, the dominant or active partner inserts the bulb into her vagina, while the longer well-endowed shaft goes into her lover’s vagina or ass.

After which, the active partner turns on the device by pressing the Fun Factory Logo embossed on the strap-on.

Doing so will bring the sex toy’s vibrating bullet to life. The vibrator has a maximum of five functions or vibrations patterns.

A unique feature about the vibrator is that if you restart it, it always begins with the first pattern regardless of what the previous setting was.

The bullet is what enables the strap-on to produce the desired level of clit stimulation for each partner.

Since both partners are wearing the dildo, they mutually get to experience one of the most intimate and intense passionate lovemaking ever.

What is in the box?

Just as with most of the Fun Factory sex toys, the Sharevibe comes in a colorful glossy, attractive package.

Upon opening the outer box, you will find a golden colored box that houses your erotic toy. Inside that box you will find:

  • The Sharevibe strap-on.
  • The Magnetic USB charging cable
  • A small instructional leaflet

fun factory sharevibe

Features of the Fun Factory Sharevibe

Natural Body-like design

What makes the Sharevibe one of the best sex toys on the market is its flexible natural design.

When you insert the strap-on, it hugs your bodies just right. It not only looks but feels like it is a natural part of the body.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the missionary or doggy style, in your room or the pool, the dildo will move in a natural rhythm with the two of you as if it is part of you.

As a result, your lovemaking will feel both intense and real.

Five function Vibrator Bullet

The Sharevibe is perhaps the only share strap-on that has a five-speed vibrator.

This battery operated vibrating bullet is extremely strong and offers five different patterns that range from undulating waves and fast pulses to constant strong vibes.

Both you and your partner can switch between these mild-to-wild-fun settings to experience the perfect sensation of stimulating vibrations going through your bodies.

Double dildo

Nothing beats a strap-on that pleases both parties. That is what Fun Factory’s Sharevibe strap-on offers. Since it is double-ended, both you and your partner get to share the same vibrations simultaneously.

The one wearing the short bulbous end enjoys deep fullness and immense G-spot stimulation, while the one with the curved shaft, enjoys smooth sexually stimulating sensations.

The amount of mutual stimulation nevertheless depends on the position in which the lovers are having fun.

Harness-free strap-on

Since the Sharevibe is a harness-free strap-on, it guarantees hands-free penetration. The absence of a harness also means that there is no barrier between the fingers, mouth or any other part of your bodies.

Couples can therefore freely explore each other’s hips, breasts, ass, and skin.

This increased skin contact between lovers makes the sexual experience incredibly close and intimate.

It is Body-Safe

The Sharevibe is 100% Hypoallergenic medical grade smooth silicone. It is also not too textured as is typical of most sex toys.

Since silicone lacks irritating chemicals, and it is non-porous, it is safe for body use.

It is waterproof

Another joy of having a waterproof strap-on is that you can take your sexual adventure to new heights.

For instance, you and your partner could have fun in the shower, bathtub or underwater at a pool or beach party.

The water-resistant feature also makes the Sharevibe a safe and healthy product to use since you can wash it with water and mild soap.

It is rechargeable

Even though it runs on batteries, the Sharevibe is rechargeable using a magnetic USB charger. Thus reducing your worries about batteries.

For you to get the maximum charge, you need at least 4 hours, that should be enough to last you a remarkably long duration.

While charging, the device emits a low humming sound, which is fine since the noise isn’t distracting or noticeable.

sharevibe vibrator

What does using the Sharevibe feel like?

The first thing that one needs to do is to clean the device. Just because it is new, that doesn’t guarantee that it is clean.

Cleaning the Sharevibe shouldn’t be a problem, considering that it is entirely waterproof.

After cleaning the device, you need to charge it for about four hours to ensure uninterrupted fun. Even though the four hours might seem like an eternity, be patient.

Once the dildo is ready, it is time to light up the party.

Using the Sharevibe can be awkward at first, especially if you are not used to harness-free strap-ons. With a little practice, however, using the German dildo became seamless.

Since both ends of the strap-on are pretty huge, you need to lube up so that the penetration isn’t unpleasant.

Irrespective of whether you insert the bulb or the shaft, your vagina will feel full and stretched.

Amazingly, the strap-on will adjust to your body, and you will start to experience a warm, luxurious feeling, as you begin to get incredibly aroused.

You will also notice that the device feels so natural inside your body, and even moves along in perfect harmony to both yours and your lover’s rhythm.

As you adjust the settings of the powerful vibrator bullet, intense sexually stimulating vibrations will start running throughout the sex toy, much to your delight and that of your lover.

Pros of the Fun Factory Sharevibe

  • It has several vibrating options
  • It is rechargeable, reducing the worry over batteries
  • Both partners get to enjoy the vibrations at the same time
  • Harness-free means more intimate skin contact
  • It is water resistant
  • The vibrator bullet is detachable and can even serve as a massager on its own

Cons of the Sharevibe

  • The silicone cover tends to attract fluff
  • Some positions like missionary might be challenging with the Sharevibe

Final Verdict

The suitable way to end this Fun Factory Sharevibe review is by stating that it is indeed a high-quality sex toy that delivers.

It is the perfect solution for lovers who want to experience shared vibrations using a harness-free strap-on.

Nevertheless, make sure you can comfortably handle regular sized toys, and that you don’t mind having a firm pressure applied on your G-Spot.

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