Fun Factory Moody Review: The Most Versatile Vibrator Ever?


Fun Factory Moody” is a name that got me asking myself questions:

  1. Why “Moody”?
  2. How do a “Moody” penis look like?
  3. How does a “Moody” penis feel like?

And right there and then my curiosity hit the Everest Mountaintop. I must try it, I must try this one! So I checked it out online.

The colors made me only want it more. Whoever thought of coloring this pleasure machine must be a genius.

The beautiful coloring gets me aroused when I think of the sex toy when am working during the day but let’s not get there first.

So I eagerly ordered the Moody and as always Fun Factory delivered.

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What’s in the box?


The Moody, (sensation moody as I call it), comes in a simple box colored in gold giving you that feeling of class & touch.

Inside the box, the wonder lies together with your manuals and charging cable (uses USB too).

Fun factory has a funny amazing message inside the box that left me smiling (you know that I want your smile). The message reads “Your Perfect Moment”. And to this point I am impressed, to say the least.

fun factory moody

So what’s this Moody Fun Sex Toy’?

Holding it in my hand, I must say my eager to get it now changed. It looked perfect. I now wanted to use it as eagerly as I had ordered it.

The manual says I should charge it for 8 hours to get it fully charged. This gives you three hours of usage & I must say 3 hours means I can use it twice or thrice.

The Moody is a gorgeous creation. What am I talking about? With 4 inch length, The Moody is crafted with a swirling shaft and a curved tip that makes it ideal for both the vagina & anal penetration.

I really wanted a toy that I can use on both my honeypots because the hassle of changing toys when am horny is quite a turn-off. With the moody, I can come from my vagina & then directly give myself an anal penetration.

Who would hate that? But make sure you ONLY switch from the vagina to anal & not anal to the vagina for vagina health safety.

The Moody has a curved tip specifically made to give your G-spot and/or your P-spot intense pleasures.

This curve targets the G-spot and the P-spot and as much as these spots find it fun to hide they can never shy away from the Moody.

The Moody is very anal friendly, why?

It gets flared on the base towards the handle, and on top of that it has a loop handle which means no matter how wet it gets (oh yeah sometimes you get really wet), the Moody won’t slip off your hands.

The handle gives you a good secure grip.

And yes Size Matters a lot. The Moody has a 4-inch penetrating length. The shaft’s narrowest point is close to 3.8 inches while its widest point is about 5 inches.

This gives you the ability to slowly insert it without getting too deep especially with the anal penetration which is sometimes fragile.

When turned on, the Moody has six levels of intensities and patterns all powered by vibrations that make up for the shorter length.

More than a real penis, the Moody has three random patterns that leave me shaking with pleasure because you can never really tell when they are coming.

The random patterns will always surprise your genitals.

On top of that, the toy also comes with three more patterns that feel like pulses with an ever-increasing speed always giving you the sensations of a strong bull humping down on your honeypot.

Covered in a silicone sleeve, the toy is totally body safe.


When “Feeling is everything”, how does it feel?

To be exact, writing this article, I took a moment to find the exact word, phrase or sentence to elaborate how the Moody feels.

But let’s be honest here, some feelings can never fit in a single word, sentence or even a whole book!

I just want it, love it & want it more. Feels like a new love if you know what I mean.

The tip vibrating semi back & forth, the vibration filling the whole shaft to the handle gives your genitals a wholesome vibration & that feeling of both control & captivation.

The soft nature of the shaft might make you doubt, but I assure you the shaft rhymes with your everybody movement without making you feel stuffy in your pleasure holes.

With the easy-to-use buttons with a plus & minus structure, the pleasure you need all comes down to your hands or your partner’s hands.

Clean Up & Up Keep

No hassles at all.

Once you use it to your satisfaction, you can wash it with warm water under a tap. You can also use a toy cleaner for a thorough cleaning.

I mentioned that you could use the Moody on both your Vagina & Anal penetrations but always make sure it is clean before you switch from anal to the vagina.

Personally, I always start with my vagina then switch to anal, so I can clean it thoroughly when am done for my next use.

And always remember to quick rinse it before using it since it attracts a bit of dust & hair (easily taken care of by rinsing) because of its texture components.


  • Water Proof. Tick.
  • Easy to use. Tick.
  • Easy to clean. Tick.
  • Unisex (Anal Safe). Tick.
  • USB recharge. Tick.
  • Strong vibrations. Tick.
  • Orgasms. Tick.

moody sex toy


  • Like I just mentioned attracts a bit of dust easily taken care of by a simple rinse.
  • … Can’t think of any other (told you it’s my new love)!


If flexibility, gorgeous colors, shape, patterns & vibrations are what you really after (like me), then the Moody is your perfect choice.

The curvy tip gives your g-spot, your P-spot, and your whole genitals super pleasures. Furthermore, its size does not discriminate between your level of experience or your genitalia.

It’s perfect for everyone. Its vibrations do not make noise too. The walls easily contain them (oops no one is going to find out what you are doing behind the curtains)!

But if you are for long, huge sex toys, then the Moody is not for you. It’s a small size with gigantic vibrations.

Am pretty sure this one won’t disappoint you. And I think they called it Moody because it fits all your moods.

Is your mood anal today? Go for it! Is your mood vagina today? Definitely go for it too!

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