Fun Factory Miss Bi Review: How Good is the Bestselling Dual Action Vibe?


Rabbit vibrators kind of have a bad reputation.

Many of the earlier models were so short in the shaft that to achieve G-spot stimulation you would need to push too far past the clitoris for it to be effective, and vice versa.

Though several brands have taken major steps to fix these design flaws, even later generation Rabbit vibes had trouble accommodating all body types.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi, however, is a rabbit vibrator that achieves what few before it have, simultaneous stimulation of both the clit and the G-spot.

This vibrator will fit you and all your erogenous zones perfectly.

When Rabbit vibrators work, they work well, and Fun Factory’s Miss Bi is the perfect example of that.

With a host of features to improve the Rabbit vibrators design, Fun Factory has given us the product we’ve been waiting for since the early days of the sex toy explosion.

Miss Bi, as the name may suggest, amongst other things, is excellent at providing the bi-stimulation we deserve.

This little Rabbit will have you hoping for joy! For more check out our Fun Factory Miss Bi review below.

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What is it the Miss Bi?

Rabbit vibrators are some of the top-selling adult toys available today.

The basic necessities of a rabbit vibrator are that it provides both clitoral and G-spot stimulation for a simultaneous orgasm.

Noted German sex toy maker, Fun Factory, has a long history of manufacturing a variety of top of the line adult toys and, with their Miss Bi vibrator, they have revolutionized the rabbit vibrator design.

With a shorter than average penetrating shaft, along with a longer than average clitoral stimulation arm, the Miss Bi seems to have taken notes from everything wrong with the majority of the Rabbit vibes on the market today and perfected the design into this nice streamlined package.

With a 3.6” insertable arm, the Miss Bi is the perfect size to massage the G-spot while the long, thick, external arm perfectly aligns with the clitoris no matter what your body type.

The Miss Bi is a Rabbit vibrator that allows for usage by everyone, no matter how far apart your G-spot or clitoris are.

This revolutionary design radiates with a vibe of all positive inclusiveness that is sexy all on its own.

Fun Factory has had long enough in the adult business to provide us with just the toy we need, and the Miss Bi is complete fulfilment.

miss bi vibrator

How Does it Work?

Fun Factory’s Miss Bi Rabbit vibrator uses its short insertable arm, as well as the thicker, and longer than the average external arm, to provide both G-spot and clitoral orgasm simultaneously.

Providing intense and focused clitoris vibration, as well as deep, rumbling, G-spot massaging, the Miss Bi is more than capable of adjusting to any body type, and the flexible, fine-tuned, medical-grade silicone can contort to give you maximum pleasure in any shape.

The LOOP handle allows for maximum grip on the toy and ensures it will stay firmly in place during play.

Raised buttons on Miss Bi’s handle let you find the setting you need in a hurry and gives you access to setting adjustment even in your most intimate moments.

The Miss B even features a key locking mechanism for safe travel and can be programed to start on your preferred setting.

Two separate motors allow for maximum, focused, pleasure enhancements, while seven different vibration modes keep variety in play.

The toy’s one hundred percent waterproof design means you can take the Miss Bi anywhere you like.

What’s in the Box?

The Miss Bi comes in three separate colors, Pink, Violent, and Blue, and is packaged in Fun Factory’s trademarked extravagant packaging with photos of the toy on the outside.

Inside the box, you’ll find your Fun Factory Miss Bi Rabbit vibrator, along with sample lube, and the magnetic USB charger.

The toy also comes with a user manual to better elaborate on Miss Bi’s many function features.

miss bi

How Does it Feel?

With a multitude of different features that are meant to enhance and magnify your orgasm, Fun Factory has created what is possibly the best feeling rabbit vibrator on the market today.

The medical grade silicone used in the construction of Miss Bi is lush and smooth and could probably be used as a stationary dildo even without the vibe features.

The material and design of the toy make it available for anal play as well when the unique thickness of the lower arm can be used for vaginal penetration.

Miss Bi features seven different vibration modes, and two independently operating motors, allowing for a wide range of vibes to experiment with.

The vibrations of the Miss Bi can go from a soft, whispering, tickle, to a full-blown thunderous rumble depending on your mood and wishes.

Both arms are the perfect length to massage the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, and the bulbous base provides a full and girthy sensation.


  • The LOOP handle allows perfect grip on Miss Bi no matter how intense your play becomes
  • Raised buttons give you easy access to vibration control even in your hottest moments
  • The shorter than average internal arm is ideally placed to massage the G-spot, while the longer external arm is thicker than normal rabbit vibrators, and able to stimulate the clitoris simultaneously
  • The bulbous base provides a thick and full feeling

fun factory miss bi


  • Fun Factory’s Miss Bi isn’t a lengthy insertion toy as it’s meant to stimulate the G-spot. If the deep insertion is what you need to get off, you may have to look elsewhere.

Final Verdict

Miss Bi is by far the best rabbit vibrator I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

Fun Factory has seemingly taken everything wrong with the past generation of Rabbits and incorporated the appropriate changes to have them provide us with the simultaneous orgasms we deserve.

If you’re looking for a reliable Rabbit, look no further than Fun Factory’s Miss Bi. This vibrator will be your new best friend.

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