Fun Factory G5 Tiger Review: How Good Is This Best-Selling Vibrator?


Truly strong and with an animalistic girth, the Fun Factory G5 Tiger is an urban jungle chump made by the best in the business and designed to offer an everyday new experience while in the hunt for erotic adventures.

From a creative ergonomic design, powerful vibrations with a wide range of pulsating patterns and speed, as well as a squishy texture.

The dangerously attractive G5 Tiger comes with all run of the mill cherished features you would expect from a high-quality sex toy and more, turning any intimate encounters into playful adventures.

With that said, here is a Fun Factory G5 Tiger review highlighting of its design and build, what it comes with, look and feel, as well as whom it is made for and why.

So be sure to stick till the end.

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Design and Build – What is the Fun Factory G5 Tiger?

Invented, developed, designed and handcrafted in Germany, the Fun Factory G5 Tiger comes from Fun Factory’s unique line of exciting, innovative and appealing luxury sex toys.

The G5 Tiger is primarily designed for use as a stimulator for the g-spot or prostate, as well as other erogenous zones such as the clitoris.

The tiger comes in a playful design that is super flexible in nature, with evenly spaced ridges decorating the entire shaft for creating heightened sensation and a curved tip resembling that of an actual penis for intense G-spot and prostate stimulation.

With regard to material, the vibrator is made of 100% silicone – meaning that it is non-porous, hypoallergenic and phthalates free- with a plastic handle, as well as Fun Factory’s run of the mill “Click N’ Charge” magnetic chargers.

Along the front handle of the tiger are three buttons, designed for turning the toy on and off and switching patterns for more intense and pleasurable experiences.

g5 tiger

How does it Work

The Fun Factory G5 Tiger comes with an ergonomic “PRESS FUN TO PLAY” control element with three buttons labeled accordingly.

The ergonomic control unit features a little cutout in the handle allowing the G5 to rest perfectly and comfortably in the user’s hand.

With the Tiger G5, it is easy to select and switch between the vibrations and pattern, the index finger loops through the silver ring to hold it, leaving the toy resting in the palm with the three touch buttons being with the reach of the thumb for intuitive control.

Holding the “Fun” button turns the tiger on and pressing the button again at any time turns it off, making the dedicated on/off button a user’s delight.

The + and – buttons on the Tiger are designed to cycle through the amorous patterns and vibrations, with each starting from the lowest level.

There are a total of 12 vibration programs in the G5 and whether on a solo tour or with a partner, the G5’s quiet design allows for maximum pleasure and sensation.

Moreover, the massive base to the G5 Tiger makes vibrator safe anal forays and delivering great massages to the clitoris or perineum, with the curved end of the toy designed for pleasuring the G-spot in a woman or the prostate in a man.

Additionally, thanks to the unique FlexiFUN Technology of the G5 Tiger, the medical-grade silicone is able to adapt to the shape of the body, as well as any possible positions reaching the most hidden passion points with intense vigor.

What’s in the box – Unboxing the Fun Factory G5 Tiger

The Fun Factory G5 Tiger comes in a simple, bold, tasteful, modern and fun packaging.

The outer sleeves of the packaging showcase large graphics of the Tiger, but what’s inside the sleeve is far more discrete.

Nestled inside the box is Fun Factory’s trademark gold box glaring with vivid color that awakens your eyes.

Inside, you will find the Fun Factory G5 Tiger, a magnetic charging cable, as well as an instruction manual on how to use your toy.

fun factory g5 tiger

How does it feel?

So, how does it feel? Well, the short answer is pretty fantastic. Inserting the G5 Tiger gave me a bit of struggle or rather a difficulty.

The shaft is highly textured, and the silicone is also somewhat draggy, it can be frustrating if I am not fully relaxed or aroused and would irritate, it is not a toy that I can just effortlessly slide in.

So I had to either warm up or lubricate and take it slow first, options of which weren’t really appealing to me because I’m impatient.

Turning the Tiger on, I found the vibrations deep satisfying and sensational.

When fully warmed up, with every thrust the Tiger proved even more enjoyable the combination of the rambling texture in motion and the grabby silicone massaging my g-spot brought overwhelming pleasure that I didn’t quite anticipate.

And as I built closer to orgasm, the FlexiFUN Technology of the G5 Tiger allowed me to jiggle the Tiger pushing me over the edge.

What’s more is that even without the vibrations, the G5 Tiger proved to be a penetrating and intense g-spot stimulator further surpassing my previously held expectation.

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible Shaft – The G5 Tiger features Fun Factory’s FlexiFUN Technology, and thanks to the medical grade silicone it is able to adapt to body shape, as well as well as any imaginable positions to your satisfaction
  • A massive base for clitoral or perineum stimulation – The wide base of the G5 Tiger makes the vibrator safe for delivering powerful massages to the clitoris or perineum
  • Has powerful vibrations – i.e. The Fun Factor G5 Tiger has 6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities designed to give you stimulation and pleasure you need
  • The G5 is waterproof – Made out of 100% silicon, the G5 is waterproof, as well as hypoallergenic and phthalate free
  • Rechargeable – The Tiger G5 is rechargeable thanks to Fun Factory’s Click N’ Charge technology that brings about convenience and removes the worry of replacing batteries

g5 tiger vibrator


  • The silicone shaft is highly textured and slightly on the rough side
  • It easily picks up lint i.e. dust, particles, amongst other fluff

Final Verdict

The Fun Factory G5 Tiger is a safe and enjoyable vibrator that is very comfortable and easy to use.

If you are looking for a fantastic toy that provides fantastic G-spot action, with the added pleasure of clitoral stimulation, then the Fun Factory G5 Tiger might just be the vibe for you.

The toy is powerful and fun, and is not limited to girls only– its flexible shaft, safe, and comfortable design makes it also a perfect addition for guys seeking ultimate perineum and prostate pleasure.

Moreover, the tiger is made from silicone material, has easy to operate controls, is rechargeable, as well as fully waterproof.

For those who are put off by larger size toys, or are looking for something with a wide range of vibration patterns and speeds, as well as conservative and well textured then the G5 might be just the answer.

Its vibrations are strong and will surely rock you over the edge within moments of use.

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