Fun Factory Duke Review: The Ultimate Prostate Stimulator?


The Fun Factory Duke is without a doubt one of the most fascinating and enjoyable male prostate massagers out there.

This unique sex toy adjusts seamlessly to your body to give your perineum, prostate and anus, one of the most pleasurable experiences ever.

At first glance, you could surely mistake it for another one of the many “me too” prostrate massagers.

However, once you get on it (pun intended), you will come to realize just how wrong you were.

Despite its refined appearance, it offers powerful erotic waves, guaranteed to take your orgasms to newer heights of lust.

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What is the Fun Factory Duke?

It is a dual silicone, rechargeable vibrating prostate and perineum male stimulator designed by the Fun Factory.

It has a unique look, touch, and design when compared to the conventional stimulators. It includes two main parts; an insertable body-safe silicone section, as well as a vibrating bullet.

The silicone sleeve is exceptionally flexible and soft and is made up of 100% platinum cured silicone, while the vibrating bullet comprises ABS plastic.

Even though the bullet seems small, it is powerful and boats of several pulse, pattern and speed settings to ensure a sexually arousing buzz.

This hand-held sex toy looks nothing like the ordinary prostrate massagers, which is not surprising bearing in mind that the Fun Factory Company has an enviable reputation for making high-quality sex toys.

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Features of the Factory Duke

Ergonomic shape

If you go over the Fun Factory Duke reviews, you will realize that its ergonomic shape and design is a huge turn on for most users.

For starters, it has an attractive upper bulge to aid insertion, while its sturdy handle proves very handy in controlling and extracting the stimulator from the body.

When it comes to the shape, the male sex toy has a slightly backward bending shaft that not only gives your ass a fuller feeling but helps to stimulate both the perineum and p-spot concurrently.

Has five settings and three vibration levels

The vibrating bullet includes three vibrations levels in five settings namely; a continuous buzz setting as well as two-pulse settings, and two-pattern settings.

These different settings ensure that you can quickly get to your preferred vibration intensities.

Removable parts

Both the vibrating bullet and the insertable silicon sleeve are detachable.

Hence, it is easy for you to separate the two and soak the silicon portion in a sanitizing bleach or hot water, and not need to worry about damaging the bullet.

As a result, your toy will always be clean and safe for your anal pleasures.

Is of ideal size

The Duke massager has a 7-inch length and a girth of about 4.4 inches. Which means, you can insert it up to 5 inches into the anus and it will fit comfortably.

It is 100% waterproof

A seductive feature about this sex toy is that everything about it from the silicon sleeve, vibrating bullet, leather, lace, and latex are entirely water resistant.

In fact, you can submerge the entire device under water, and the vibrator will still work just fine. Such is a much-welcomed attribute since it means that you can clean your anal toys to keep them sanitized.

It is rechargeable

The massager is a USB rechargeable sex toy. Hence, you do not need to fret about batteries.

The stimulator includes a magnetic USB cable that utilizes the revolutionary Click N Charge charging technology.
You only need to plug it into your computer or preferred power source to energize it.

How does the Duke massager work?

To use the massager, you first need to clean it and then charge it using the magnetic USB cable. Typically, the first charging should take up to twelve hours.

After which, you should apply your preferred lube, and while in a relaxed state, gently insert the Duke prostrate stimulator up your ass, with the silicon’s upper bulge leading the way.

Push it in up to about five and a half inches.

Once there, the shaft will provide a fuller feel and even stimulate the p-spot, perineum, and anus. Protruding on the rear side of the massager is the vibrating bullet, which has several settings options.

You only need to turn on the duke and adjust the settings to your preferred pleasure levels.

Keep turning on the “heat” until you can’t hold it anymore and you achieve your magnificent orgasm.

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What is in the box?

When you purchase the Duke, your package comes in the form of an appealing box that holds three items. These are:

  • The Fun Factory Duke massager, which consists of the silicon sleeve and the vibrating bullet.
  • The magnetic USB charging cable
  • The Duke Instruction booklet.

What does using the duke feel like?

Naturally different people will have varying experiences using the product. That is mainly due to how they use it and their preferred sexual preferences.

Inserting the Duke for the first time will feel awkward, as your body tries to get used to it.

That is because the toy’s bulb-anchor is slightly big. The large size is by design, and it aims to give you a fuller feel.

That, however, is not a problem, because thanks to the silicone sleeve, the stimulator is exceptionally soft.

Besides, with a little lube and gentle push, you should get it in there without a problem. Once you get used to it, inserting it becomes a breeze.

When the prostate massager gets in, it longer feels too big. In fact, it nicely adjusts to your anatomy, making you feel incredibly comfortable.

At the same time, the top of the sex toy stretches into your prostate giving you a fantastic feeling.

When you turn on the Duke, you get an unexplainable euphoric feeling.

The stimulator intuitively hits all the right spots.

Surprisingly, unlike with most prostrate stimulators, you do not need to keep on readjusting the Duke, or yourself to experience the full-stimulation effect.

The only thing you might need to do is to change the settings, or vibrations intensity to take your orgasmic pleasure to the next level.

fun factory duke

Pros of the Duke Stimulator

It has an easy to operate interface, which means you can effortlessly scroll through and adjust the settings just using one hand.

It has only a few settings, making it easy for you to arrive at settings that you love.

Has a safe body silicon sleeve that is incredibly soft and nice to the body. The sleeve is also latex and phthalate-free, which significantly reduces irritation risks.

The sex toy is completely waterproof. You can, therefore, play out your sexual fantasies at the pool, bath or even shower.

Besides, it is separable, and you can detach the silicone sleeve from the vibrating bullet when you want to clean it to keep hygienic.

It utilizes the kick-ass Click N Charge charging magnetic technology, eliminating the problem of buying batteries.

It offers strong vibrations, guaranteed to give you the wildest orgasms possible.

Cons of the Duke Stimulator

It takes almost 12 hours to charge on the first time, which might seem too long for someone eager to release some sexual tension.

At times it needs manual adjustments since it lacks smooth transitions between settings.

It only comes in two shades, either blue or black.

Final Verdict

Living to its name of Duke, this prostrate massaging baby is indeed a prince of the male prostate stimulators.

It has the male anatomy in mind and offers strong vibrations to satisfy one’s sexual cravings.

However, the Duke might not be ideal for a person who enjoys playing with himself while sitting down or lying on his backside. That is because the vibrating bullet juts out from the bottom.

But, if you prefer cumming while lying down on your side, on your tummy or your knees, the Fun Factory Duke massager can give you the ultimate prostate stimulation ever.

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