Fleshskins Grip Review: The Most Discreet Masturbator Ever?

Times have changed, and men are now breaking the tradition by investing in a sex toy.

These sex toys are aimed at stimulating the sexual parts of a man and provide the satisfaction that they have never achieved before.

From the ancient times, men have been paying to get sexual benefits, but now with toys like Fleshskins Grip, this is going to be a one-time investment.

Should you get one? Let’s find out in this review.

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What is the Grip?

The Fleshskins Grip is a case-like masturbation sex toy that promises intense orgasms and high levels of satisfaction.

It is like no other Fleshlight product that we have seen in the market. It is better than many of the company’s offerings and given the price, it is a total steal.

This one is a mechanical masturbator which needs to be held in hand (for more complex and advanced masturbators, check out the Fleshlight Launch).

The case has grip hold for fingers making sure that your hands do not slip while milking yourself and you can achieve the required tension and pressure level.

Unlike other masturbators by Fleshlight and its competitors, this one has a two side opening but thanks to the flexibility, it can accommodate every shape and size.

fleshskins grip

The Features

There are various features built into the Grip which makes it one of the best male masturbators available in the market.

Apart from an exceptional casing that helps you achieve the required amount of tension, the internals are mind-blowing as well.

The sleeve-like other Fleshlight products are made from a lifelike material which imitates a skin on skin experience. It is soft and silky, just like human skin and that is where it wins all the money.

The best part about this skin is the fact that it does not suffer much wear and tear and sticks to its place even after rigorous use.

The next reason why I would recommend getting this masturbator is its super-secret packing which helps the sex toy to blend in other usual household items.

This also means that you can travel with your masturbator to any place on earth and never will anyone come to know that you have a personal slave in your luggage.

The Size of the Grip

Although already mentioned, I would like to lay focus on the fact that the skin-fitted within this masturbator is perfect for every man.

And by every man, I mean every size.

If like me, you have had a problem in the past of accommodating your big dick inside a masturbator and jerk yourself to happiness, this toy is for you.

Since this toy does not have bolts and springs and what not to control and keep the sox intact, you have the freedom to insert as huge a cock as you want and stroke it for as long as you want and no one will complain.

The Fleshskins Grip offers advantages similar to that of other products of Fleshlight; but this design is created based on the feedback of the clients and therefore, does not have any of the disadvantages that the earlier designs had.

This sex toy has the peculiarity that besides being simpler than using, it is much easier to clean, wash and dry.

grip fleshskin

How to Use It?

Using the Grip is pretty simple and basic.

You start by applying a lot of lubricant on the inside of the sleeve and on your penis. Once you have an overwhelming amount of lubrication, it is time to start the ride.

Fix your fingers in the holes made for gripping the sex toy and start stroking yourself.

Control the speed and intensity of the stroke manually, and this is where the fun begins.

You can have a long and slow pleasure trip or go for a quickie depending on your need. Once done, it is time to wash and rinse it.

I would recommend getting a specialized toy cleaning agent, but in case you are not a man who likes the idea of buying yet another cleaning soap, you can also use hot water and regular cleaning agents to get rid of all the jizz in the sleeve and the toy.

Let it dry in the shade and away from dirt and it will be ready to go back to its pack.

The case doubles up as a cap and a protector, and thus you can expect minimum damage by dust while your toy rests in isolation.

The Missing Sample

Fleshlight has always been giving out free samples of lubricant with their products, but I was amazed to find that this product does not have that little gift in the pack.

Not only was it a bummer, but a question as well – does the Grip not require lubricant? Maybe, but without lubrication, it is going to be anything but fun.

Anyway, you can buy any lubricant from the local chemist, and you should be good to go. In the end, the only thing that matters is fun and orgasm, and thankfully, it does not depend on the lube you use.

Like any other product, the Grip also comes with a user manual.

If you are a first time user, you should definitely read it. It has some vital information about the product and the technique. Do not skip reading it.

Next, let’s summarize the pros and cons and decide if it is worth your attention and money.

fleshlight grip


  • It is large enough to accommodate a penis of any length and width. The men with the giant dicks can now finally feel what it is like to use a masturbator without scratching their head or balls.
  • It comes with the real skin-like sleeve which provides world-class skin on skin interaction. At least the feeling of it.
  • The manual nature of the masturbator ensures that you can do it as per your need and pattern.
  • It comes in a discreet box ensuring it stays hidden.


  • It does not have an automatic mode which means that I have to focus on nothing but the strokes
  • It does not come with a sample of lubricant


If you are a fan of manual masturbators and like things under your control, this thing is for you.

It has a wonderful feel and an amazing grip which makes sure that you have all the fun you paid for.

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