Fleshlight Warmer Review: A Must-Have Accessory for Your Masturbator?

We love Fleshlight for their innovative and creative ideas. They are the best when it comes to enhancing the masturbating game or training yourself for long sessions.

However, there is one thing about Fleshlight products that I have always hated.

No, it’s not how heavy and bulky they are, it’s the warming ritual that you have to conduct before using the sleeve inside the sex toy.

I mean, they have the best sleeves, no doubt about that, but unless you warm them in water, they are as cold as a dead man.

Neither have we loved that, nor you, and that is why none of us want a cold masturbating sleeve in our lives.

To solve this problem, Fleshlight was quick enough to suggest that people should start warming up their sleeves with warm water before use.

Great solution but if you are a new user, you probably have no idea:

  • How long to warm?
  • What should be the optimum temperature of the sleeve?
  • How hot water should be?
  • What if you end up destroying it?

Thankfully, Fleshlight heard the plight of the users and finally designed a solution that would help us get rid of all the stress around warming up the sleeve.

The company launched an innovative product known as the Fleshlight Warmer which can be used to warm all sorts of masturbation sleeves.

Let us take a look at how this product is going to change the game for Fleshlight.

The Old-Fashioned Way

It’s no surprise that all the Fleshlight products include Fleshlight’s best masturbation sleeve – the Superskin.

Although Superskin is fantastic and feels great, the downside of using it is the fact that it needs to be warmed up.

This is why most of the Fleshlight owners do not use their sex toys during winters, as the penises are not so fond of the cold.

Although the scene gets a little simpler during the summers, the overall feel of the Superskin stays cold throughout the year.

Fleshlight and many users have suggested using warm water to make the sleeve ready for action, but as mentioned earlier, there are many problems with this method.

Even if you try ruling out all of these, do it every single time before using the masturbator is a big turn off in itself.


What now?

The latest product by Fleshlight is aimed at changing the way we have been warming our Fleshlight Superskin.

This device can be plugged into power and then used to warm the masturbation sleeve. All you have to do is place the Warmer on a flat surface, put your sleeve on top of it and switch on the Warmer.

Wait for a little less than 5 minutes, and the sleeve will be at a perfect temperature and ready for use.

This means that you do not have to worry about the time and other variables of the heating process or run around the house to warm things up for yourself.

You can do it while right in front of the computer, finding the right porn for yourself.

fleshlight warmer

How efficient is it?

Since this product is going to take care of many things, I decided to check it inside out and comment on everything it has to offer.

Starting with the built quality, it feels luxurious and classy. It has a subtle texture, and no, it does not look like a cheap Chinese product.

The quality of the material is as per expectations and at par with the industry standards (and the price).

To my surprise, I was expecting the Warmer to be a long object, considering it is meant to warm all sizes of sleeves, but as it turns out, it is small and compact, and I like it this way.

This makes the device portable and safe to carry.

While erect and placed on the table, it has the feel of a dildo, and hence it is definitely anything but discreet; but why would you use a sex toy to decorate your table?

Moving ahead, the box says that this device can heat the sleeve up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, but since I was not sure if I needed that high a temperature, I limited it to much lower.

I also doubt that it will reach that high but I am not the one experimenting with temperatures in that range.

I would not recommend going for that high a temperature because your penis loves you and there is no reason to burn it.

The device comes with a USB charger and can be charged much like your smartphone.

This also means that you do not need to carry a separate charger for your mobile phone and your Fleshlight Warmer when you travel; the world is shrinking.


Is it worth it?

I tried warming two different models – Mini Lotus and Flight.

To begin with, I inserted my finger into the products to make sure that they were cold and I did not feel like using them as they are.

Next, I placed one of them on the Warmer, switched it on and went to fetch some lube. After 4 minutes I removed the Lotus from the warmer and filled it with lube. It felt great not only on the finger but also on my member.

Honestly, I rejoiced in using it.

For the Flight, I first filled the masturbator with lube and then placed it on the warmer. Another 4 minutes of heating and I straight away put it on my penis. It felt even better than the Lotus.

So, is it effective? Super effective!

Sleeve Warmer


If you are a Fleshlight fan like I am, you need this device in your room.

It is better than the traditional way of warming sleeves, cleaner and way faster. However, you need to be sure that you never overheat the sleeve or else you might end up damaging your privates.

That being said, if you are a responsible human being, you will never run into a problem while using the Fleshlight Warmer.

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