Fleshlight Turbo Review: The Most Realistic Male Toy?

In this day and age, sexual gratification has become part and parcel of our daily lives for you to blow off some steam.

For you to be able to enjoy yourself immensely in the bedroom alone, it is imperative to find a good and reliable male sex toy to do the job for you.

FleshLight has hit the roof with amazing products that have set it apart from other companies offering adult toys for both male and female customers.

The FleshLight Turbo Ignition and Thrust are some of the best male sex toys on the market manufactured by the company and can easily be found at an affordable price.

You can also get it conveniently by ordering it from the company website, and the product can be shipped to you with utmost discretion.

With this male sex toy, you are guaranteed heavenly tingling sensations because of the design whose oral performance is equivalent to a great blowjob from your kinky girlfriend or a pornstar you have only dreamed of.

Therefore, for guaranteed pleasure in the comfort of your room, the FleshLight Turbo Ignition and Thrust are your best bet.


The Features of the FleshLight Turbo Ignition and Thrust

The company provides the Ignition and the Thrust which you can choose from. There are no significant differences between the FleshLight Turbo Ignition and the Thrust save for the internal texture.

The only difference is in the throat chamber where the texture is a little different. The feeling you get using either is not at all different.

The sex toy comes in two different colors that you can also get to choose from when making the purchase.

These include the Ice Blue and copper, and there is no substantive difference between the two but just the color. From these two colors, you are able to choose what color works for you.

The full length of the FleshLight Ignition and Thrust is 9.75 and the toy can with much ease deep throat your whole member all through to 8. 5, enjoying every pleasurable warm and tingling sensations known to man running down your shaft.

The suction is controlled efficiently by a screw-on cap which is also where the cum fills once you reach your orgasm.

You can control the suction by twisting the cap at the bottom of the casing. Once you decide to use it, it is advisable to use a considerable amount of water lube which includes applying some on your penis.

Since there is not much difference between the Thrust and the Ignition, I don’t see the need to purchase both of them since one will undoubtedly serve the intended purpose.

The FleshLight Ignition and FleshLight Turbo Thrust have quite a unique orifice which completely simulates a real mouth.

It has the lips, the tongue, and the throat to give you the feeling of being sucked off when you are getting a blowjob.

The lips are made of soft material that completely hugs the tip of your erect penis when you penetrate its mouth.

The tongue and the throat complete the process for you slowly caressing your penis urging you have the best orgasm of your life where you are able to go the whole way and deep throat it.

This feature makes a blowjob even better than some of the girls that refuse to deep throat and swallow your cum.

Even better you have the option of coming inside which is also another advantage of using the FleshLight Turbo Ignition and Thrust for your oral sex.

The FleshLight Turbo Ignition and Thrust are also portable which means that you can carry them around with you when traveling, or even better you can carry them with you to work.

This obviously comes in handy when you are stressed off at work, and you need a few minutes to yourself in the bathroom for the bad cloud hanging over you to pass.

turbo thrust

How good is it?

The tingling and warm sensation it gives you will ensure that you nut in less than 5 minutes.

For those who love a fantastic and sloppy blowjob don’t forget to use a sizable lube to give you that sloppy sound which is only equivalent to that hot girl who sucked you off at a college reunion party and disappeared into the night.

These two male sex toys are also user-friendly, and you do not need to go through a lot before you get to feel its magic roar into life.

A few minutes and you are good to go and start using it. It is also effortless to clean and dry it which doesn’t take a lot of your time, and you can put it away until the next time you are in for some good game.

There is also no difference in the prices of the FleshLight Turbo Ignition and the FleshLight Turbo Thrust.

With just Sixty-Nine Dollars you are promised to have this magical hole all for yourself and can use it for years on end.

Discreet shipping

The company boasts of adult toys of impeccable quality, and these two haven’t been left behind. This is attested to by a large number of people who have purchased them running to over a million people across the globe.

You have the option of purchasing it right off the FleshLight Company website and can be shipped to your doorstep.

FleshLight Company values privacy for its customers and provides discreet services to its clientele around the world.

First, the company promises discreet paying system for its customers.

Secondly, and which is probably the most important the packaging of the FleshLight Turbo Thrust and Ignition is quite discreet, and no one including your nosy secretary from work will figure out what is in the unmarked and unprinted box.

The company values privacy and therefore ensures that discreetness is at the heart of all their products.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry that someone will realize that you had ordered a sex toy and start giving you creepy or embarrassing looks when you bumped into each other in the elevator.


A comparison with other sex toys in the market

Compared with other toys in the market, the FleshLight Turbo Ignition and Thrust are pretty affordable retailing at Sixty-Nine dollars.

The price is actually surprisingly low going by its impeccable quality and its ability to make you feel like you are enjoying a real blowjob from your partner.

My Personal Experience in the Bedroom with the FleshLight Turbo Thrust

Having used a couple of other masturbation toys offered in the United States and also used this one, I am going to give a candid and critical analysis of the FleshLight Ignition and Thrust so that you can make your own decision about purchasing it.

I decided to give my Ignition the name Kimberly because of giving me the best deep throat I have ever received.

Having gotten my hands on the Ignition, the sloppy sounds it makes when sucking you off drives me into a frenzy. I decided to take a leap of faith with this baby, and I have not regretted the decision I made.

The FleshLight Turbo Ignition and the Thrust have the shape of a flashlight and come in the two cool colors we have previously mentioned in this review.


The Pros

You get to have a great sensation even better than getting a blowjob from a girl. The efficiency of the FleshLight Turbo Ignition is better than some boring blowjobs from some girls.

The FleshLight Turbo Ignition is portable which makes it easier to use at home whether in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

You can even choose to carry it with you on the next business trip or even taking it with you to the office.

The FleshLight Turbo Ignition is also durable. If you use it well, you are guaranteed to enjoy using it for years.

This is because it has been manufactured meticulously with precision by the company. If you use it well, it will last you longer than most relationships last.

Save for the fact that it may feel a little sticky, I haven’t seen any downside of using FleshLight Turbo Thrust.


In summation, having taken a look at the unique features of the Thrust and Ignition and my repeated personal interaction with the former in the privacy of my bedroom, it is clear why this is flying off the shelves.

Many people in the country have been forced to throw away substandard masturbators that do not match the ‘prowess’ of our luscious friend the FleshLight Turbo.

If you get this toy, you are guaranteed the time of your life because, besides the tingling and heavenly sensations, it gets to suck the daylights out your dick and swallows your cum like a lady boss.

I can’t wait to get home later on and fool around with Kimberly before going to bed.

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