Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady Review: How Good Is It?

Masturbation is fun, and there is no denying it. However, what I would like to point out is the fact that the fun in self-satisfaction can be multiplied by the use of simple toys.

Well, the one that we are going to discuss right now is not that simple, but anyway, it is a winner and can produce orgasms that you have not even imagined.

So, let’s look at this little masturbation enhancer known as the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady.

Before we talk about Classic Pink Lady, I would like to talk about a few things that are common to every single Fleshlight product.

All these products are high quality, perform like a beast, entirely within the budget and most of all delivered in plain brown boxes just like a packet of breakfast cereal.

This is important because it saves you from a lot of embarrassment and weird stares from the neighbors.

What is the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady?

Coming to the product, the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady is an exciting masturbator that mimics the private parts of a woman and does it pretty well.

It not only feels like a woman, it even allows you to insert your manhood into it and feel pleasured.

This device promises an experience that would feel like a woman is touching you and entirely delivers it. Adding more realism to the product is its color which happens to be pale pink.

Like other Fleshlight products, the Classic Pink Lady also features the Superskin material which is what delivers the final results.

The device when closed and stored looks like a regular flashlight or torch kept in your cupboard but as soon as the cap opens, the reality pops out.

At first, it looks like the company has tried to create a discreet looking case, but once you start using it, you will realize that the casing is required to ensure high-quality fun.

What looks like a discreet design tactic is, in reality, a method to maintain pressure. We will come to that in a while.


How does it Work?

Start by warming up your device to make sure that it not only looks like a vagina but also feels like one. Remove the sleeve from the container and put it into a tub or sink filled with warm water.

Keep it for a while. No matter how slowly it warms up, do NOT boil it.

Once warm enough, take the sleeve out of the water and get rid of the excess amount of water by shaking the sleeve. Put the sleeve back into the case and start adjusting the cap.

The movement of the cap will determine the tightness of the whole setup and eventually the pressure inside the device.

Fill the sleeve with a water-based lubricant and apply some of it to your member and get ready for the ride.


Does it really work?

I will be honest, this product delivers. Unlike several gimmicks that are available in the market, this one does what it says.

Classy Pink Lady is a toy by the company who has received countless awards for manufacturing the most innovative and creative toys of the world and hence it comes as a no surprise that this little beauty is capable of screwing you better than your hot ex.

In fact, this toy has raging positive reviews all over the internet which means that I am not the only one praising it.

A few more things that would affect your investment decision is its design. As already stated, it has a pretty straightforward design.

Not many frills there but on the inside, it has a few things that I should mention.

For example, the Superskin that we have been discussing is limited to Fleshlight products only. Superskin is the best masturbating sleeve available for men.

Then there are its big lips. This is what makes you feel the presence of a woman down there, plus big lips mean easier lubrication. Let me summarize everything for you below.

fleshlight classic


  • Delivered in a discreet packing; so you do not have to worry about being judged or being called as a pervert
  • Feels like a real woman. Well, very, very close to a real woman.
  • Easy to use, clean and reuse
  • Has one of the best masturbation sleeves for males
  • The rings inside the device are good for men with a smaller and thinner penis
  • Comes with a sample of water-based lube, so you are ready to fire as soon as the product is delivered
  • If you are a fan of vanilla sex, you would love it


  • Vanilla feel. Nothing special on the sleeve. Although great, the sleeve does not have any special features that would make your experience a highly rich one.
  • Needs to be warmed before using which I personally feel like an added burden
  • The cap at the back tends to leak the lubricant which makes the toy and your body all messy and sticky
  • It is a little heavier so not very portable as you would want it

classic pink lady


Although it has its own flaws, so do all of us. I would totally recommend buying this product if you really want to feel a woman while there is no woman around.

It feels great on the penis, takes all that you can give and comes with a simple, no-brainer pressure control system.

Although the lube provided along with it is excellent, however, I would still recommend you to buy a better water-based lubrication.

Do not use other kinds of lubes as they ‘will’ destroy your toy. The toy is easy to use and easy to clean other than some lube that it spits from the top.

That being said, you always have an option of using your masturbator with the lid closed and hence a cleaner experience.

Summarizing my experience with the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady, I would say that this product is for men who wish to feel women but do not want all the nagging.

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