Fancentro Review: The Hottest Site for Models & Influencers?


So, like so many others struck hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re looking to expand—or even, fingers crossed—improve your adult entertainment income.

Just like so many in your erotic content boat, this problem then boils down to which of the seeming dozens and dozens and dozens of platforms should you invest your time and effort into?

The giant of which is OnlyFans that, though with its fair share of positive qualities, is receiving criticism for not supporting its erotic entertainers, especially when measured against its competition.

Here I’m going to be reviewing a site that’s making repeated appearances on a lot of cam-performer sites, notably as an excellent example of a platform giving those in “the biz” what they need to reach and keep fans and generate much-needed income for its content providers.

What’s Fancentro?

fancentro sign up

Standing out from the pack, Fancentro is a CMS-based site built with integration with private social media accounts in mind. Okay, unless you’ve been around the adult entertainment park a few times, that may not make a lot of sense—at least initially.

So think of it this way: most erotic performers know by now that they can skate around—somewhat—how places like Snapchat and Instagram handle adult content by making their accounts private.

What Fancentro does, among other things I’ll get to shortly, is act as a kind of mission control where performers can centralize these kinds of social media outlets while offering its own subscription platform for hosting additional content.

That last part is vital as though private accounts can hold the censorship wolves at bay—back to me using somewhat—as time goes by, these social media companies are leaning more and more towards a conservative stance: i.e., take your porn and leave—or else.

But even without its “mission control” for social media, Fancentro still brings a great deal to the cam-performer table—including cool things no one else does.

Getting started with Fancentro

Like its kissing-kin sites, to get rolling with Fancentro, you first have to register. Here, though, the process is slightly more straightforward, requiring only age verification.

Once that’s done, next set up your all-important profile, or you can tweak it or a lot of other things about your info page later, and, all-importantly, select if you want to be listed in their Directory.

Not to be presumptuous, but yes, you should, as this way you can demonstratively increase your exposure to possible new fans, though you will need to qualify beforehand.

No to worry, though, as this and any other question you might have about Fancentro are answered in their superb Fancentro 101 page, plus how to use all their tools and what to do if you have any problems.

fancentro payouts

On that, and not to jump the gun on my final verdict, but if you sign up, let’s give a thunderous round of applause to Fancentro for having an online help system. It doesn’t work quite like a live chat, but so far, it’s the only one of its kind I’ve come across.

From there, you put in your social media links—the private ones I already mentioned, as well as any others—and decide what kind of subscriptions and other stuff you want to entice your eager fans with.

Any cost to use Fancentro?

Not one thin dime. Aside, naturally, the amount of time you want to invest in it. But since Fancentro, the company has to make a living; they take a 25% cut of whatever you earn.

This automatically places them in the “maybe not better for cam-performers” side of the issue as won’t put more money into a content creator’s pocket than OnlyFans, which only charges 20%.

Getting that cash is mostly a matter of your investment, which is valid for Fancentro and every other site like it out there. So think, “you get what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it,” and you’ll be fine.

How does Fancentro operate?

At the heart of Fancentro is its Feed: where all your content will appear to those merely interested in what you’re offering, in addition to the juicier-stuff for your paying subscribers.

What you put there is up to you, but it can be anything from texts to pictures to video and more.

What sets Fancentro apart is its tools aspect, its CMS (Content Management System). Unlike similar platforms, you can take that juicy content and do all kinds of things with it. One particular starring point that you can schedule what goes into your feed and when.

fancentro how to cancel

I can’t rave enough about this feature as anyone worth their salt knows a big part in managing a successful social media presence—adult or every other kind—is the frequency (how often you post) and regularity (that you keep to a regular schedule).

The headache here is trying to do all this while trying to maintain even the semblance of a regular life, what with its unpredictable ups and downs.

Enter Fancentro’s CMS, where you can take media, set it up so it goes live on your feed on this date at that time: freeing you from having to stay glued to your computer at all hours of the day and giving you opportunities to make new stuff, tweak what you already have, engage with fans, network, investigate other PR and marketing possibilities, or just have a life.

How much money can Fancentro models earn?

According to a few resources, I took a gander—or goose, if you prefer—at, cam-performs have a lot of good things to say about earning with Fancentro. Mostly due to its CMS system but also as it’s a site with them and their businesses in mind.

If you want exact numbers, I saw everything from $500 a month to one camgirl reporting $2,500. Yes, you may whistle.

Though I’ll pass along my eventual thumbs up or thumbs down when it comes to Fancentro, it’d like to go briefly off-script and mention that—as far as I know—none of these types of sites ask for exclusivity, so they shouldn’t have any problem with anyone using their site in addition to their competitors.

What I’m driving at is by getting out there with multiple sites, over time, you’ll discover which to stick with and those you should drop—thus considerably upping your chances of eventually building a sound and profitable fanbase.

How do performers get paid with Fancentro?

fancentro tribe

Otherwise known as where I get to the nuts and bolts of getting money from your fans into Fancentro and from there into your bank. On this, after your third week of being on the site—after registering and all that, of course—performers will get paid weekly, on Tuesday.

Things get a little odd, though not disastrously so, in that the minimum amount required to cash out depends on how you’ve set up your banking information, particularly what method you want to use to get the dollars (or whatever your choice of currency) into your account.

According to Fancentro itself, it works out like this:

  • Wire: $1250
  • Check: $100
  • Paxum: $50
  • ACH: $100
  • SEPA: $290

It is not ideal, certainly, but give them this that they’re upfront about the whole thing. Again, if I were forced to put together a master list of every content platform out there for adult entertainers, I’d put Fancentro pretty damned near the top for the help section of their site alone.

Services you can offer your fans with Fancentro?

A lot. What specifics? Well, okay, since you asked so nicely. Right now, you can tantalize wannabes or satisfy subscribers with the following:

The Feed

We touched on this already, but it’s worth repeating as this is the heart and soul of Fancentro. One thing I thought that’s particularly great about this central part of the experience is that it can work exceptionally well to generate interest.

fancentro charged for free trial

Unlike similar platforms that slap a wall between the merely interested and those willing to pay to see what you’ve got, Fancentro mixes the two of them in one place. This way, the curious can get a taste of who you are and what show you put on, how frequently you post, etc., with pay-to-see stuff there but just obscured—until they subscribe.


Fancentro allows influencers—their word for performers—the ability to set up a catalog of clips to sell. Better yet, fans don’t have to subscribe to do so! This is a fab perk as many people balk at the idea of subscribing to something versus directly spending this or that amount for immediate and non-reoccurring content.


Yep, your fans can do this. Hurrah!


Another fabuloso thing about Fancentro is they have their own, in-house direct messaging system where influencers can reach a group or one fan, paid or unpaid, and include videos, written text, and videos.


Here we go: the meat and/or potatoes of many a cam-performer. With Fancentro, performers/influences can offer regular, monthly subscriptions, or special ongoing access to private Instagram or Snapchat accounts.

As I mentioned, these social media platforms ain’t as friendly as they once were toward adult entertainers, thus how much Fancentro’ been working on making the Feed part of their site take up the slack.

For subscriptions, there’s the choice of how much to bill your fans and how much what you offer is presented to them, such as this much for one month, that much for three, a year, and so forth. You can even provide a free, limited subscription as well.

Other Fancentro features and benefits

fancentro issues

Remember how I mentioned that Fancentro has that directory feature? For performers, this is excellent news as it’ll grant you a much-needed boost in visibility by putting you and the content you’re presenting in the company with performers offering the same kind of stuff.

Don’t think of this as competition. Instead, it’s more of a boon, as if a fan is interested in, say, MILF erotic stuff, he’s more likely to find you in the directory, if that’s what you’re about than if they happen to stumble your feed randomly.

It also elevates your presence as not just any Tom, Dick, or Larry can be listed there. Though it does mean you’ll have to do a bit more work to qualify, but whatever it takes will be more than worth it.


As a site put together with adult entertainers in mind, Fancentro tries its best to meet their needs and then go further by looking at those needs and saying to themselves, “let’s go up from there.”

The highlight of this is their integrated CMS side of the site. As I ranted about above, this has the opportunity to free content providers from ending up enslaved to their account by allowing them to plan out their posts and so forth ahead of time.

Fancentro tops ven this by offering alerts of all kinds, so performers will know what’s up with their subscribers and, armed with that info, adapt accordingly.


In digging into them, I did come up with one somewhat repeated criticism against Fancentro—though if it’ll be a deal-breaker is kind of up to you.

Briefly, performers have brought up Fancentro dropping the ball on more than few times when it comes to dealing with troublesome users—on the fan side, mean—by not banning or blocking them fast or firmly enough.

Considering how otherwise Fancentro seems to support their influencers, I’m hoping that this is something they’re working on.

YouTube video

The verdict

There are so many sites like Fancentro out there, each with their unique selling points, it’s getting excessively challenging to resoundingly pound my desk, proclaiming in my booming voice of absolute authority, “this is the one for you!”

But I can say, perhaps not as loudly, that Fancentro has more going for it than most, and what I heard against the idea of it at the top of the pack doesn’t appear to as bad as severe as what’s been lodged against its competition.

It’s as I discussed above that while no single site can do everything for everyone in the adult entertainment platform world, after crunching the numbers, however, I’m comfortable saying Fancentro’s deserves its praise—and a great addition to your erotic content presence.

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