Doll4Me Review: The Best Lifelike Sex Dolls?


The first time I tried a sex doll, I was left bitterly disappointed. Being a single guy in one of the seediest cities on the planet, London, I’d naturally got to know the proprietor of my local marital aid store. So far, so good.

He’d recommended lubes which turned questionable Tinder dates into what felt like ecstasy-filled evenings with Sunny Leone, and a cheap version of a fleshlight which brought private leisure time to a different level. I loved the atmosphere in that place, the thrill of walking behind the beads, heart racing as you realised there was something to cater to every fetish the darkest creases of your mind could conceive of.

In the middle of a Saharan-dry spell, the boxes on the top shelf piqued my interest. They bore the images of buxom blondes, voluptuous vixens with vermillion hair, and, um, Justin Bieber. The only assembly required was to blow them up and indulge your wildest fantasies.

I picked up a box with a gorgeous Nubian princess on the cover, paid with shaking hands, and got her home as quickly as I could.

Blowing her up took much longer than anticipated, so much so it nearly put me off the whole idea. When she was ready, her expression was much more like that of a newly filleted trout than the African queen on her box. But, not to be deterred (and certainly not wanting to waste twenty quid), I got lubed up and went at it.

The experience was horrible, like sticking yourself between two lilos. She even managed to get a puncture the first time, and by the end of it all, I felt as deflated as her.

Fortunately, sex dolls have come on leaps and bounds since that ill-fated fling in a Camden bedsit. Sex dolls look and feel more realistic, they’re made of robust materials, and they’re even customisable: allowing you to indulge more detailed fantasies than ever before. One of the most exciting products in this burgeoning market is the Doll4Me.

What is it?

realdoll4me ratings

Doll4Me is a German manufacturer specialising in high-quality, ultra-realistic ‘love dolls’. Each doll is life-sized and lifelike, totally customisable, and a range of accessories are available to bring her (or him) to life. She’s even available in premium silicone material for a more satisfying feeling.

Excitingly, the company has also recently launched dolls with AI features, facilitating engaging pillow talk as well as a mind-blowing sexual experience.

What makes it special?

The main advantage of a Doll4Me love doll is the endless customisation options. I really enjoyed playing with their website’s Mix a Doll feature.

Just a glance at this part of the site reveals the range of options for you to play with. It’s like pushing the boundaries of the character creation feature on The Sims or Skyrim, with the knowledge that she’s a sure thing. The range of body sizes and shapes are really astounding: everything from flat-chested gym rats to anime girls with inflated, spherical breasts are represented here.

I’m a fan of more realistic proportions, so I started with the RealDoll body with D-cups. The playful pictures of her biting her fingernails and draped in a bedsheet really got me going, even before I started to customise her. I gave her porcelain skin, goth-chick black fingernails, and I left her toenails as is.

All of these upgrades were included. I did, however, opt to give her darker nipples and a fleshier vagina, which were premium options, but worth it in my view to realise my perfect date. I also went for the removable vagina, which the manufacturer recommends for easy cleaning, and the heating system for an even more realistic feeling.

Finally, I gave her a lovely trimmed bush. I have to admit, the shemale option was very interesting, but maybe another time…

If you’re not up for all of that legwork, Doll4Me also offer an impressive catalogue of pre-made dolls. ‘Larah Kroft’ and Harley Quinn are stunning renderings of two of the most gorgeous women in popular culture. Other presets represent such a range of different ‘types’, at least one of them has to remind you of that girl who caught your eye at the pub or on the subway.

‘Karla’ boasts a ripped physique and a sense of Mediterranean glamour. ‘Lorita’ is a Beyonce look-alike with ridiculous proportions. And ‘Dorina’ has a jaw-dropping bust and a ‘don’t mess with me’, rocker girl pout.

As with the Mix a Doll girls, each of these presets have customisable elements, like skin tone, hair, and the optional heating system. They even have extra features like an articulated shoulder (to facilitate a range of poses and positions), different breast sizes, and even the opportunity to give her solid breast silicone.

What’s in the Box?

molly doll4me premium real doll

Doll4Me ships your new bit on the side with utter discretion. They even use a fake company name on the box to alleviate any suspicion.

In the box, you’ll find your new doll in her birthday suit. Her metal skeleton comes ready-built and draped in her TPE skin (unless you went for the premium silicone option). Her finger and toenails and eyes come pre-fixed, and there’s a wig in the box.

But if you want to clothe your new mistress in a cheeky little number, Doll4Me’s accessory shop offers a wide range of sexy lingerie and costumes just for her. You’ll also need to supply your own lube and cleaning products, but, again, you can find these under the Accessories tab on Doll4Me’s website.

How Does it Work?

Your Doll4Me companion arrives ready to use. Her metal skeleton makes her fully posable, so you might want to look up a copy of the Kama Sutra. Afterward, you’ll want to give her a clean (which is why I agree with the manufacturer’s recommendation of a removable vagina), using products available from Doll4Me.

They also offer a range of maintenance products, such as stain removers and TPE glue, should you have a particularly vigorous session. Afterward, you don’t even need to endure the awkwardness of phoning her a taxi, or that horrendous ‘that wasn’t a one-night-stand’ date. Doll4Me offers a range of discreet storage solutions, such as a sofa with a secret compartment: keeping her out of sight until your next ‘business trip’.

How Does it Feel?

In a word, fantastic. My night of plastic passion was with ‘Tammi’: a girl with a vaguely Finnish look about her, a perfect hourglass figure, full F-cup breasts, and a facial expression fixed at the height of ecstasy.

Sure enough, she arrived discreetly and I was able to get her out of the box, straighten her wig, and enjoy our evening together. I loved how easy she was to position in a variety of different poses. Her TPE skin, while not quite natural, was soft and close enough to the real thing, especially with her internal heater.

With plenty of lube, she felt tight and inviting in both holes, and she was robust enough to hold herself in position once I really got going. I was also a massive fan of her massive breasts. Filled with silicone, they were even more satisfying than many real mammaries I’ve got to grips with.


doll4me glue real silicone lifelike

The biggest pro, for me, is the customisation option. The idea of a night of passion with a pop culture goddess-like Harley Quinn, or just about any kind of woman who would catch your eye at the bar, is thrilling. But the option to tweak her features, whether that be bust-size, nipple colour, or the bushiness of her downstairs, brings it to a different level.

And that’s before we get to the option of customising your perfect girl from scratch, opening up endless possibilities.

A night with the girl is definitely going to be better than many sloppy one-night-stands. She’s well made, robust, and up for a range of positions. She feels great: close, warm, and inviting.

And she’s easy to maintain and store thanks to the accessories offered by Doll4Me.


There aren’t many cons to be honest. The only real issue I had was with the head customisation option on the Doll4Me website. They still seem to be in the middle of translating this from German, and when I changed the options, these weren’t conveyed on the preview model.

Hopefully this is just a slight technical hiccup which they’ll soon sort out.

Beyond that, it’s really splitting hairs. With the exception of the shemale feature, the girls still seem to be designed for fairly ‘vanilla’ tastes. While the dolls support vaginal and anal penetration, I couldn’t find a head on any of the preset models which would allow her to give fellatio.

And while the dolls are diverse in terms of ethnicity and body shape, there are no older MILF or GILF flavoured models. And nothing for fans of less common body shapes, such as BBWs or pregnant women, either. But I suppose it’s just a matter of time before this innovative company makes something to cater to these less conventional tastes.

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These dolls are absolutely perfect for those looking to indulge their wildest sexual fantasies. The customisation options are second-to-none, allowing you to bring any woman you’ve ever had a crush on to life. They’re incredibly well built and robust, but flexible enough to accommodate a whole range of positions.

Doll4Me also really understands its customers, offering discreet delivery and a range of options for cleaning, maintaining, and storing your new lover. A million miles away from the deflating inflatables of yesteryear, Doll4Me love dolls offer an immensely satisfying way to live out a sex life you’d previously only dreamed of.

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