Bodywand Review: the Most Powerful Body Massager Out There?

Over the past few months, I’ve started to get quite a collection of wand vibrators. I’d described myself as a ‘power queen’ when it comes to vibrations, I like them strong.

The more powerful, the better. Due to me liking a lot of power when it comes to vibrations, I’ve become somewhat in love with wands – they’re powerful and I can use an array of attachments – so for me, they’re a win/win situation.

I have a rechargeable Bodywand – I struggled with the word ‘have’ here because, yes, I still technically have the wand, but it’s not been used in a long time. It’s in a box, a box at the bottom of my sexdrobe and hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time.

Although it was nice and decently powerful, once my mains powered wands came along it became obsolete. I like the look of the Bodywands, they’re aesthetically pleasing, so when I was sent the corded Bodywand I was very excited.

The Packaging

The packaging for the Bodywand is pretty straightforward: it’s quite nice to look at, it’s just basic.

It’s a cardboard box which pictures a life-size image of the wand and has information about the wand on the sides and back. There’s no bells or whistles, it’s just a box to keep the item safe in storage and transit.

How it looks

On removing the wand from the packaging, I was instantly impressed. The build quality is lovely and, honestly, a lot better than I expected.

The handle of the wand is made from white ABS plastic, it’s smooth and shiny, at the bottom of the handle there is a small silver reflective plastic, which covers the wire.

The head of the wand is also made from plastic but coated with silicone. The head is purple and is velvety smooth; it feels divine. It’s so soft and just feels amazing when rubbed against the skin. The silicone head is a huge plus for me and something that I was seriously excited for.

The buttons are also made from silicone and are very easy to press. They have marked on them +, o and -. They’ve finally got rid of the power wheel that was on some of the earlier models.

Although I know a lot of people enjoyed the scrolling power button, I really wasn’t one of them. I found it far too easy to nudge during use and became a passion killer when I’d accidentally lower the setting on it. The buttons (for me) on this model are perfect. I also love the way it looks, I really like the white high gloss handle, with the purple head and buttons, it looks really stylish.

The Bodywand has a 3-meter long wire, which is ideal and really comes in handy for playtime. It’s not too long that you’re constantly tripping over it, but it’s still long enough that playtime isn’t restrictive.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to it being a mains powered wand, the wand is not waterproof so, obviously, you can’t clean this by dunking it in water. (Water and electricity, not a great outcome.)

Although you’re not able to clean it in the sink, it’s still easy to clean. To clean, just simply wipe down with a warm, damp cloth and then spray it with a sex toy cleaner and wipe it off.

It’s advised that, when using lubricant, you only use a good quality water-based lubricant, as other types of lubricant could possibly damage the silicone head.

In Use

Using the wand is easy, just press in the + button for a second and it’ll instantly start on the constant vibrations. This is another wand that, for some reason, doesn’t start on the lowest setting and instead starts on the middle vibrations. (I really don’t know why this is done. For me, at least, it seems pointless.)

This wand has various settings, 8 in total. 7 of these are patterned vibrations and one constant speed. To switch through the patterned vibrations, press the middle o button and use the +/- buttons to control the speed. To switch off the vibe, simply hold the – button in for several seconds.

The wand is advertised as ‘Whisper-Quiet’. I don’t know why it’s advertised as such since it is in no way quiet. It’s a wand and it’s powerful, so it’s bound to make some noise.

Granted, it’s not as loud as some other wands, but if you’re looking at this and thinking it’s perfect as you’re in a shared house, it won’t be – it can still be heard.

The wand is slightly smaller than the doxy wand, in fact, when this one was delivered to my door I was shocked; the Doxy wand came in a huge box but this one wasn’t nearly as big.

Even though it’s slightly smaller, the wand attachments I previously owned still fit on the head of this perfectly. I do have to point out, though, that the top of this wand is still quite heavy without an attachment.

With an attachment, it’s got a lot more weight to it and, if you’re using it on your own, it can be quite difficult to maneuver.

Using it as a massager was amazing, I loved it. Due to the wand being top heavy, it tends to put all of its weight on me and, added with the strong vibrations, it really feels quite amazing. It reaches those hard to reach areas and can really give you an intense full body massage.

(This differs a lot to the Doxy wand, which is quite light at the top and heavy at the handle.) If you’re giving yourself a massage with this, though, you may not be able to hold it for long as it is quite heavy.

I have a lot of problems with my middle and lower back, sometimes, and I found that laying down and putting my arm behind my back (under the shoulder and not over) is the most comfortable position to do it in, as my arm doesn’t feel like it’s going to drop off that way.


As a vibrator, it does what it’s supposed to.

It’s smaller than some wands; the handle isn’t overly large (girth-wise), making it more comfortable to hold; the buttons are easy to press and distinguish what’s what while in use, which is great; and it can make me orgasm (always a plus).

It doesn’t make me orgasm as quickly as the Doxy wand does, but it gives more of a slower built up orgasm, which is fantastic.

I expected the silicone head to be squishier than it is but it’s actually quite firm. Don’t get me wrong, it still feels great but if you’re thinking that it’ll be more cushioned, it’s not – and in that case, the Doxy may be more suited for you.

As far as wands go, this is a pretty good wand. It fits all the attachments (that I have anyway), it’s body safe with its silicone head and it does amazing things with both body massages and delivering orgasms.

At this price, I think it’s totally worth it – and it’s cheaper than most of the mains powered wands currently on the market. If you’re looking for a new wand, or even to get a wand for the first time, then this is something you should definitely consider.

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