Top 7 Best Sex Toys for Women​ that are Guaranteed to Make You Climax


The women body is a delicate but complex structure that requires all the attention it can get.

This is why several projects are dedicated to making sure the body of a woman is well understood.

Since sexual pleasure plays a vital role in every human’s life, has a sexual being, it becomes very important to do all you can to ensure that you are sexually satisfied.

Apart from this helping, you have a better life it also does well in improving your general health status.

When the word sexual satisfaction comes to mind, most people think the only way to achieve this is through another partner, whether of the same sex or opposite sex depending on your sexual orientation.

This belief is, however, far from the truth.

With the advent of sex toys getting sexually satisfied has become easy and achievable for most people.

With a few bucks to spare anyone can get a sex toy that will give you all the pleasure, your life needs right now. The largest population of people suffering from sexual frustration are females.

With how complex the female reproductive system is, the reason for this is not far-fetched.

This is also why female sex toys are much more complex and packed with more power than that of their male counterparts.

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When it comes to picking the right sex toys for a lady, there are many options to select from.

So whether you are craving for some deep vibrations, stroking or something to put you in the mood, the list of toys to select from is endless.

From the large list of toys to select from, it becomes quite difficult to select the best one for your most urgent needs.

This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top best sex toys targeted at the female audiences.

On this list, you will find several variations of sex toys with a different method of use.

One thing that is, however, common with all toys on the list is that they all do their jobs and you can be sure of getting the result you need once you start using them.

In this article, we will only be covering the top seven Sex toys for Women.

Although there are countless options to select from, these are the top seven we have tested and come to trust and we can easily recommend to anyone.

One thing we know for sure is that no user of these toys will regret opting for it. If you think we missed your own top toys, you can easily let us know in the comment section.

To ensure you don’t get counterfeit or defective products, NEVER purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly recommend that you order only from trusted and authorized dealers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Stay safe and have fun! 😀

Lovense Lush

lush toy review

The Lovense Lush is a very popular sex toy option for women and you are likely to find it in possession of any lady passionate about sex toys.

The toy features a pink color and a design that makes it a bit difficult to identify it as a sex toy at first glance.

The Lush is designed to feature a Bluetooth antenna attached to a form of vibrating eggs. The antenna is structured in such a way that it extends to the clitoris area when in use.

The Lush is a very discreet toy and it is regarded as one of the most silent sex toys on the market right now. The invisible nature of the toy and its super silent nature makes it absolutely perfect for public plays.

The Lovense is a form of a teledildonic toy which means it can be controlled using a wireless medium thus making it perfect for long distance sexual acts.

The toy is connected to an app, which can be used to control it, whether close by or far away.

The app has many features which give the user ultimate control over how intense the vibrations they want the wearer of the sex toy to feel.

Since the app allows users to create their own vibrating patterns, this makes it possible to create unlimited vibration patterns while using the app.

This toy is not just your run of the mill regular vibrator as it is not just sophisticated in its designs, it also does it work of pleasing you in all ramifications.

The Bluetooth feature makes it possible to use the toy at about 30 feet away.

So if you are feeling kinky and you are in the mood for some serious public fun with your partner, you can easily wear this toy while parading in open space and giving your partner the controls through the app.

This way your partner gets to surprise you and also control when you feel or don’t feel the vibrations.

The toy is a rechargeable one with a full charge lasting up to about 2 hours of continuous use. The toys are also 100% waterproof, meaning it can be used underwater.

So if you are looking to have some fun while in the pool or your bathtub, all you need do is switch the toy on and then relax as it does its job of bringing you to nerve curling satisfaction.

The Lush is made from body safe silicone materials which means and it is also very easy to clean.

This toy supports many features perfect for long distance couples looking to maintain a close sexual relationship even while they are far apart.

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Ohmibod Esca

ohmibod esca

Ohmibod Esca is a very popular highly-rated and extremely versatile wearable massager.

It is a Bluetooth-enabled massager for app-controlled play, making it possible to engage in sexual pleasures with your spouse or lover from locations across from where you are, the room or even around other places in the world.

Your Ohmibod Esca can be connected to a Kiiroo product, to provide your partner with the opportunity to drive pleasurable sensations towards you, during a truly interactive experience.

It has an illuminating LED lights that are synced to its vibrations, which provides visual feedback to your lover.

It has a Wi-Fi-enabled remote App available for download to iOS and Android devices, on App Store and on Google Play store.

The Ohmibod Esca has a free remote app, that can be easily downloaded. Once the app is downloaded, you can create a secure account, that is free, but you must be 18 years and above.

After your registration is complete, you can connect with your partner irrespective of the distance apart.

With the toy, you can decide to play solo or get connect with your lover, to control your vibrations, as well as theirs.

There is a feature that allows for chatting and send pictures when connected with your partner. Your orgasms over time can also be tracked.

There are three functional modes available on the Ohmibod Esca remote app for free, and these include the long-distance capabilities and the selection of pre-patterns, the touch, and the tap.

Once you log in and you are connected, type in your lover’s username in the search engine, then send your partner an invite to play.

You can make connections with your partner, and control your partner’s screen, one your invitation gets accepted.

Some of the unique features of the Ohmibod Esca include:

  • Its flexibility is slight, and it is durable due to the fact that is it made of silicone material.
  • It is a remote-controlled sex toy with rechargeable batteries and a USB charger.
  • It comes with a year manufacturer’s warranty, a bulbous end diameter of 33.1mm, a total length of 185.4mm, including the tail, and a weight of just 55g.
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We-Vibe Touch

wevibe touch

The We-Vibe Touch is a popular vibrator that is designed with a completely smooth body and concaves a tip. This allows the toy to envelop your clitoris entirely, even before kick-starting play.

It is a vibrator with an eight mode vibrations, USB rechargeable batteries, and a waterproof enclosure.

The toy is crafted specially with a soft peak and a concave side, with a single button that enables seamless control to its eight different vibrating modes, therefore, allowing you to employ any stimulation style you desire.

The We-Vibe toy is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable, this clitoral vibe is perfect for playtime in the bath or shower and its petite size also makes it an ideal travel buddy.

It is recommended to always use this toy with a generous amount of water-based lubricant to intensify sensations.

The We-Vibe Touch has a 1.5-inch base diameter, 4.75-inch circumference, 2.5-inch insertable length, and a 4-inch length.

Some important feature of the sex toy includes:

  • It does not contain latex and phthalates.
  • It has a firm flexibility, as it is made of silicone material.
  • It is submersible in water, as it is waterproof, and has a built-in; push button controller type.
  • It has an amazing power and speed, has rechargeable power type (rechargeable batteries), and a vibration speed that moves in patterns.

We-Vibe Touch is a silky soft and firmly powerful clitoral vibrator for enjoying that sensual softness at your desire.

The toy is designed making use of sensuous and silky-soft medical-grade silicone, that comes with a low power indicator.

The Touch is completely waterproof and has a powerful battery that takes ninety minutes for a full recharge.

The We-Vibe Touch only comes in one color, which is plum purple, it is eco-friendly, with recyclable packaging and comes with a one-year warranty.

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Womanizer Inside Out

womanizer insideout

The Womanizer Inside Out is a popular sex toy that puts together a touchless clitoral stimulation of the patented Pleasure Air technology with a flexible curved G-spot stimulation vibrator.

The Inside Out is ranked as one of the best vibrators in the world, as the popular sex toy constantly creates a different kind of sexual experience of intense orgasms.

With its deep G-spot stimulation, the Womanizer Inside Out is a mind-blowing clitoral stimulation that has 12 escalating intensity levels that are operated independently, to provide users that explosive, euphoric and climactic bliss.

It uses a unique technology that allows the clitoral stimulator’s pressure waves calmly suck the user’s clitoris, and this is thanks to the patented Pleasure Air Technology.

This patented Pleasure Air Technology ensure the Womanizer Inside Out provides a superb new orgasmic sensation.

The intense G-spot delightfulness and the vaginal stimulation, alongside its signature clitoral stimulation, makes this smooth and curved vibrator perfect for a mind-blowing play.

The Womanizer Inside Out can be used to explore different sexual desires even in the shower or bathroom, as it is completely waterproof.

It being waterproof, makes it easy to clean. Users are advised to coat the rim and its shaft with a water-based lubricant.

The unique features of the Womanizer Inside Out include:

  • Its two stimulation heads; which are large and small
  • A magnetic USB chargeable battery and cable, a magnetic box for excellent storage
  • 12 intensity and vibrating levels with silent mode

The Womanizer Inside Out is phthalate free with a length of 8.5 inches (Insertable Length of 5 inches and the of the handle is 2.5 inches).

It has a patented Pleasure Air technology and flexible G-Spot arm with strong vibration, long battery life, and separate Pleasure Air and vibration control.

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Magic Wand Massager

european magic wand

Magic Wand Massager is a high-quality sex toy with a Japanese origin, with a bendable neck that makes it comfortable to use and suitable for pressure application.

The Magic Wand Massager was formerly called Hitachi Magic Wand, and still popularly known by this name.

The toy has for more than 30 years ranked among the top best-selling massager or vibrator.

The Wand has a 2.5-inch soft head, which is quite instrumental in ensuring the focused area is well taken care of.

This massager is a timeless piece of technology used for pleasure by both male and female, however, it is primarily used by women.

With the unique features the Magic Wand Massager has to offer as well as it numerous accessories, the toy is sure to guarantee satisfaction within seconds.

Magic Wand Massager also is popularly referred to as the ‘King of Vibrators’. Its durability and well-crafted design speaks for it, as well as its popularity.

The Magic Wand Massager comes with a 2-speed motor. Even though with so much power to dispense, users can still select the level of intensity they a craving.

So whether you craving an intense or gentle play session, you have the chance to select.

Magic Wand Massager is the number one choice personal massager for Americans and has been for years. The sex toy is not only used for satisfying sexual urges but also to soothe an aching shoulder or body part.

When it comes to power, the Magic Wand Massager is an electric massager that has two powerful speeds; the high 6000 rpm, and low 5000 rpm.

The toy is a popular non-phallic massager. The Magic Wand Massager is a product made mainly for women, but can also be used by men occasionally.

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Satisfyer Pro 2

satisfyer pro2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a classic sex toy that is made specially to provide explosive pleasure sensations guaranteed to provide the desired sexual satisfaction, with its innovative pressure wave stimulation.

The Pro 2 is a high-tech gimmick that lives up to its name, and with eleven programs, it offers contact-free enjoyment.

Thanks to its rechargeable batteries and cable-free handling, the Satisfyer sex toy can provide an amazing pleasure experience from any location around its user while providing a long-lasting usage period.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 sex toy has a 2 x 3.7 x 7.9 inch dimension, and it provides a touch-free clitoral stimulation, therefore offering an extra dose of pleasure.

It comes with complete 11 programs, innovative vacuum technology, a smooth oval head, and a contact-free massage effect.

The toy comes with 2 AAA batteries required for it to function, and a unique feature for magnetic charging, where its batteries can be charged magnetically through USB.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 also has a waterproof design. The body of the toy is made using strong and durable ABS plastic. This confers the toy with a non-porous characteristic and also making it phthalate-free, thereby making it safe for use on the body.

The nozzle on this device is made from body safe silicone materials. This allows the toy to provide its users with a gentle and soft feeling when in use.

The toy is packed with so much power, both in operations and design, which make the kind of orgasm you get from using the Satisfyer Pro 2 very different from what you get using other clitoral vibrators.

This toy is perfect for use in all types of position, so whether you are in the bedroom or you are looking to get some quickie, all you need do is wipe the toy out and you are good to go.

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vibease vibrator

The Vibease sex toy is a very unique vibrator, with many amazing features such as providing its users with the choice of designing a custom vibrations pattern.

Since the toy is a teledildonic device, these created patterns can be sent from any location across the world to the user.

As a result of these, users in a long distant relationship need not worry about having some level of intimacy while far apart.

Vibease takes intimacy to a whole new level, as you can have an intimate time with your partner.

The Vibease remote control vibrator can be easily paired with the Vibease powerhouse app, and this feature simply makes it the perfect link between you and your partner.

One unique and exceptional feature this vibrator has is the ability to sync its patterns with erotic audiobooks of your choice, available on the app interface.

This further makes it possible for you to not only listen to these books, but you also get to experience everything going on in the book.

Vibease also has a feature that provides the opportunity to sext with your partner, which means you get more value in a single package.

This feature can use it in bed and outside the home since the Vibease is one of the quietest toys on the market. This helps to take your sex chatting to another level of intimacy.

The Vibease sex toy is a stylishly small hands-free massager, that will fire your sexual fantasies when worn.

Some of the unique features available on Vibease include:

  • It has a 4-inch circumference and a length of 3.2 inches.
  • It has a smooth texture, a firm flexibility, and doesn’t contain phthalates or latex materials in its composition.
  • It is waterproof, with amazing power and speed.

The toy also functions as a hand-free silicone massager, made to be very light in weight, and can also be controlled by the app.

So you can have your partner who has access to the toy through the app, help you unknot all those tense muscles in your body.

The toy serves as a great foreplay tool which prepares you well for the sex to follow.

It has a USB rechargeable device with great battery life, and very compatible with both Android and iPhone.

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Selecting the perfect sex toy for your needs boils down to knowing your body and also being true to yourself about what your body needs.

If what gets you going are deep long thrusts and you are settling for a gentle clitoral vibrator, you won’t be able to achieve what you truly desire.

This is why it is important to also make sure to experiment as much as possible. Doing so will open you to other experiences, you need to explore and take advantage of.

So far we have been able to provide you with a list and a well-detailed review of the seven best female sex toys on the market right now, selecting the perfect on that suit your most pressing needs all comes down to the nature of your body.

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