4 Best Penis Pumps for Men Who Struggle to Find the Right Fit

As technology advances, different aspects of our lives advances with it. These aspects of our lives include transportation, communication, health, and even our sex lives! We have arrived at an age of innovative sex. Amazing sex toys with up-to-date technology have flooded the market to meet your specific needs. One of these amazing sex toys is the penis pump. It is a male masturbatory device that is designed to give you unimaginable pleasure while enhancing the size of your penis. These toys have quickly become a necessity in the lives of men therefore different sex toys manufacture has taken it upon themselves to produce quality penis pumps that will see to all your sexual needs.

Below are the best penis pumps in the market today.

Penomet Vacuum Pump

This is a male masturbatory device that is designed to stimulate penile growth. The Penomet vacuum pump is one of the top quality penis pumps you can get in the market today. It not only gives you pleasure but it also goes a long way in rebuilding your sex life.

The Penomet has lots of amazing features that make it one of the best penis pump in the market. It has an interchangeable gaiter system that gradually increases the pressure in the chamber which in turn gives you the desired result.

The device has a well-crafted mechanism that is meant to give enhance the length of your penis in the quickest possible time. It can give you an amazing result within 15 minutes of use. The device has a two-part design that allows the pressure delivered by the device to have a more effective result.

The Penomet Vacuum pump provides a safe and easy method of increasing the size of your penis. It increases the length of the penis by 3 inches and the girth by about 30%. This is possible due to the AquaPressure system used by the pump. This system guarantees an effective result from the device.

The Penomet has 3 different packages or version with each having an upgraded feature to the previous one. The three packages make use of the same AquaPressure system but have different gaiter systems.

Package 1 is the standard version of the Penomet Vacuum Pump. It uses a 3.0 pump and a gaiter of force 70. The second version is Package 2 which is also the extra version. It uses three different gaiters of forces 65, 70 and 73 respectively. It allows you to choose the force that works best for you.

The third Package is the Premium version. This version comes makes use of a 3.0 pump and comes with gaiter with 5 different forces which are 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80. You can choose the force that suits you best or start with the lowest and work your way up to the highest.

Pemomet is made with quality body safe material. The silicone part of the device is medical grade and it is non-porous. The device is also waterproof therefore making washing after use a lot easier.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made with body safe materials.


  • It requires you to assemble some parts of the device together.

Bathmate Hydromax series

The Bathmate Hydromax series is one of the best penis pumps in the market today as it uses advanced technology to help enhance the length and girth of the penis. The series comprises of different Hydromax devices with different pumps and gaiter system specifically designed to give you a natural result.

The Hydromax series was specifically designed to give you the chance to choose a gaiter force that works best with you. It also trains you from the lowest force to the highest. The device was designed with pleasure and comfort in mind. It makes use of innovative technology to help solve the problem of weak erection and after some weeks if use it leaves you with the desired result.

The Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is a device that has been tested and trusted to enhance the length and girth of your penis and giving you immense pleasure in the process. It is more than just a penis pump as it goes a long way in boosting up your self-confidence And spicing your sex life.

The Bathmate Hydromax series comprises of X20, X30, and the X40 penis pumps. These pumps vary in size, pump and gaiter systems. Each of these pumps has unique features that help enhance the size of your penis in the quickest possible time. It is designed with a large space to accommodate growth. The Hydromax series is designed in such a way guarantees your safety and comfort as well as avoiding the cases of blood vessels bursting.

The different pumps that make up the Hydromax series make use of a well-crafted pressure mechanism that helps with penile stimulation and therefore increasing the length and girth of your penis significantly. They come with an open/ close flap that rests on top of the device. This flap houses and controls the suction in the chamber of the device. The penis pump comes in red, white and blue colors and the device chamber is usually see-through.

The Hydromax series has lots of amazing features that distinguish it from other penis pumps in the market. It has an optional gauge measure alongside the see-through chamber. It also has an amazing gaiter system and design that provides you with maximum comfort during play.

The pack of the Hydromax series contains the Hydromax penis pumps with your desired size and color, a soft-touch comfort pad and a user manual. It is able to successfully increase your penis size by using water pressure to stimulate cellular growth.

The materials used in making these penis pumps are body safe and free of any form of toxic substance. It is manually operated and therefore requires no source of power to make it work.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made with body safe materials.
  • It does not require any power to operate it.


  • It is expensive.
  • It can be difficult to operate.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Series

There are many devices that have been designed to enhance the size of the penis in the market today but when it comes to top quality the Bathmate Hydroxtreme series has this right. It is one of the best Penis pumps in the market and is designed specifically to achieve your penile goal.

The Hydroxtreme series is a collection of different penis pump of different sizes but the same ability made by the Bathmate, a top manufacturer of penis pumps. Each of these pumps is designed with the sole aim of increasing the length and girth of the penis and in the process strengthening your erection. It uses an innovative technology that will help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible time. The Bathmate Hydroxtreme series is designed with pleasure and comfort in mind.

Just like every other Bathmate penis pumps, the Hydroxtreme series is well crafted to help to meet your every need. The device creates a pleasurable way of helping you reach your goal as it can also be used as a masturbatory device. It is way more than an ordinary penis pump because it goes a long way in helping you boost your erection as well as your sex life.

All penis pumps that comprise the Hydroxtreme series are well designed and customized to match your shaft perfectly. The amazing pumps in the Hydroxtreme series are Bathmate Hydroxtreme5; for those with penis length up to 5 inches, Bathmate Hydroxtreme7; for those between 5 to 7 inches, Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 wide boy; for those with girth of 6.5 inches and length of 7 inches and below, Hydroxtreme 9; for those with length that measure up to 9.5 inches and Hydroxtreme 11; for those with extra long and thick shafts.

For a fast and efficient result, the Hydroxtreme penis pump should be used for at least 15-20 minutes per day. The workout time is usually divided into three sessions spaced conveniently which will last for 5 minutes.

The Hydroxtreme series is designed to have optimal performance in the water. Its waterproof nature makes this possible. It can also be used in open air but water pressure yields a more efficient result. The device comes with a Measuring gauge, Cleaning sponges, a handball pump, a hose attachment, an insert pad for comfort, a storage pouch, a Bathmate brand cleaning solution, security lock, a waterproof shower strap, an instruction manual, and warranty registration.

The Hydroxtreme pumps are made with medical grade materials that are absolutely safe on the body. It is also tempered therefore making damage of the device difficult. The device has a discreet volume and it is also water friendly.


  • It is water friendly.
  • It is made with body safe material.
  • It has a discreet sound.


  • It is heavy.
  • It is operated 100% manually.

Bathmate Hydro Series

This is another series of penis pump manufactured by Bathmate. This unlike some penis pumps in the market, the Bathmate Hydro series is designed to give you the desired result in the shortest possible time. It uses water pressure to enhance the size of your penis.

The hydro series is manufactured with the aim of curbing the problems associated with having small genitals. Some of these problems include weak erection, premature ejaculation, and diminished potency. The device is designed to incite the cellular growth of the penis and therefore giving you a completely natural result.

The device is used by inserting your penis inside the chamber. In the chamber, there is a vacuum that is designed to improve blood flow in your organ. An enhanced blood circulation stretches the cellular tissues of the penis which results to the enlargement in its size.

Pressure is the main thing when using the Hydro series. The pressure in the chamber is created by pumping the device. This is where the water pressure comes into play. When the device is used with water, the chances of injury caused by friction. The water itself causes additional pressure on the device, therefore giving a more efficient result. Using the device under warm water is also great because it makes the skin of the penis soft and elastic which in turn allows the effect of the pressure to be more significant.

The Hydro series can also be used outside an aquatic environment, that is, outside the bathtub, shower or pool. It gives the same result but the result, when used with water, is more effective.

Before going for the Bathmate Hydro series, it is necessary to know the size of your penis does as to choose a pump that will suit you. The series comprises of penis pumps of different length and girth, therefore you should pick the one that matches your body type.

The Bathmate series is made with medical grade material. These materials are body safe and are free of toxic substances. The effects of the device are meant to be visible after some weeks of workout.

The device is waterproof therefore cleaning is made easy.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made with body safe substance
  • It gives a fast and efficient result.


  • It is required to be used underwater for a more efficient result.


In conclusion, the devices listed above requires water for a more efficient result as they are water based penis pumps. It can also be used without water. The device is meant to be used for up to 12 weeks for a long lasting to solve the problems associated with having a small genital. The workout designed to help you restore self-confidence and helps you rebuild your sex life. It also helps to solve some health issues in relation to the male organ. It also goes a long way to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

2019, is a year with lots of amazing and innovative sex toy designs that are not only designed to help you sexually but in every aspect of your life.

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