The Best Frenulum Stimulators Available Today

Ever heard of a frenulum stimulator?

They are a class of sex toys that focus directly on the sweet spot right under the head of your penis to make you cum.

The sensation is wholly different from normal masturbation; there’s no stroking required and the pleasure is centered wholly in one place.

Much like a vibrator on a woman’s clitoris, a frenulum stimulator sits on top of and vibrate the frenulum and head of your penis to bring you to orgasm in a whole new way. It’s the ultimate in lazy masturbation.

I got my first taste of this style of getting off when I shattered my world by pressing a magic wand-style massager against my frenulum, and I haven’t looked back since. Here’s a look at some of the hottest frenulum stimulator options around at the moment.

Pulse III Solo/Duo Frenulum Stimulator

This is the 3rd generation of Hot Octopuss’s perennially popular Pulse line of frenulum stimulator sleeves.

It comes in two versions: the Pulse Solo is only for male use, while the Duo has an extra motor on top so that a female partner can sit on it and ride the vibes.

With the Pulse, you have the option of just putting it on your dick and letting the motor rock your frenulum until you explode, or alternatively you can lube it up and slide it up and down the shaft to distribute the vibrations.

It has an oscillating plate right underneath the frenulum with 5 modes of vibration, giving you a lot to experiment with.

An added benefit of this toy is that no matter how long or girthy you are, due to the “winged” design of this toy you are guaranteed to fit a comfortable fit for yourself.

It’s waterproof, USB chargeable, and it kicks out 25% more power than its already top-rated predecessor.

That plus the fact that you have a couple’s option with this toy makes it a clear winner.

Cobra Libre II

The Cobra Libre II is Fun Factory’s crack at a quality penis head and frenulum stimulator.

The toy has 3.5 inches of insertable length and a stretchy opening, so once you’ve inserted yourself it should sit comfortably on the top portion of your dick.

The design of it is pretty cool as well, it kind of looks like a sports car for your dick.

Once you’ve gotten naked, lubed up your cock, and slipped this toy on, it’ll start vibrating your frenulum and dick head like you wouldn’t believe! Check out the video below to see how it works:

The Cobra Libre II is designed to have quiet motors, it’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you so wish, and it’s USB rechargeable so you won’t be going through batteries so quickly (because believe me you won’t be able to stop using this thing).

The Magic Wand

“But wait!” you might ask, “Isn’t the magic wand for women?” Well, turns out they’ve been greedily hoarding this gem or a sex toy for years now.

Frenulum stimulation works in pretty much the same way that clitoral stimulation does, meaning that this toy can be used by men in the exact same way!

In fact, as I said in the intro to this article, a magic wand was how I got my own start with frenulum masturbation.

While not ergonomically designed for the penis in the same way the two options above are, this toy will push the same exact buttons and get you to the same place.

It has the added benefits of being discreet, and if you have a female partner it opens you up to couple’s fun.

The main challenge with this one is buying it- unfortunately, the internet is rife with underpowered and low-quality knockoffs.

When shopping for a Magic Wand, I recommend skipping amazon and going through a legit sex toy retailer.

Below I’ve linked Lovehoney’s version of it- they’re an extremely reputable and have a fantastic return policy if it’s not for you.

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