Top 3 Best Bullet Vibrators for Discreet but Amazing Stimulation

Apart from just helping people reach their maximum sexual potential, sex toys are quite well known to save relationships and also solve, the major “deal breaker” for most relationships: long distance.

With the introduction of remotely controllable toys, which can be controlled and connected to from any part of the world, it has become quite easy for couples, far apart to enjoy some level of intimacy.

Sex toys have helped to level the playing field for more people like this.

Although it still can’t be compared with the real deal, it is considered to the next best thing.

Generally, the most common female sex toy is the vibrator. The vibrator is a type of sex toy which is mechanically designed to work making uses of some motors placed in it.

The motors work mainly to create a rumbling or buzz like sensation. This sensation is then being channelled to serve the sole purpose of stimulating the erogenous zones found wherever it is being placed.

In this article, we are only going to be touching down on the subject of the best bullet vibrators you will find on the market right now, and we will only be focusing on the top three out of the best ones out there.

We will discuss their strengths, weakness and the best use for them and several other reasons why we think this is the top-notch toys available on the market right now.

Here are the top 3 best bullet vibrators, including 2 remote-controlled bullets!

Lovense Lush

lush app

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This is regarded as the most powerful Bluetooth vibrator ever made.

Lush is a product of Lovense brand, which is a brand well recognized for making quality sex toys. The Lush hasn’t fallen short of expectations in any way.

The toy features an uncommon design for a sex toy. The main body has a long antenna, which helps to keep the vibrator in place when in use and communicate with the app.

This way the user is assured that the toy won’t slip out during motion.

The toy is a very silent one, even at the most powerful settings, the toy makes the least noise of any toy found on the market right now.

The Lovense Lush is a very flexible toy, not only structurally, but also in terms of its performances.

The toy doesn’t come with a preset vibration pattern, which means you have the freedom of creating your own pattern, making use of the mobile app.

So whether you are craving a fast-paced deep vibration, or you want something slow and sensual, all you need do is create a pattern for it.

The pattern created on the app can also be shared or downloaded by other app users, making it easy for your partner to create a unique pattern for you, and send it to you.

The bullet vibrator from Lovense also makes use of a long-range Bluetooth remote control, which makes it easy for you to hands off the device and controls it using the remote, even in public places, without having to bring out the toy.

The rechargeable battery feature of this toy makes it very possible to use this toy consistently for about 1.5 hours, upon full charging.

The Lush is well loved by media, which is partly due to the fact that the toy is from a notable brand when it comes to quality and impeccable designing.

The toy is made from 100% safe silicone materials, and it is free from Latex or any other material that can promote an allergic reaction.

The vibrator is non-porous and waterproof but advisable for use only above 1 meter of water. This is a perfect sex toy for both vagina and anal stimulation as it sits perfectly well inside the erogenous zones of both.

The toy is also affordable and easy to carry around, making it a perfect sex toy for all places.

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Lelo Mia 2

lelo mia 2

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Upon sighting this particular bullet vibrator for the first time, what comes to mind is a lipstick.

The Lelo bullet is a very powerful toy designed to bring about a very intense and deeply felt orgasm for its users.

The toy is strictly made to fit for carrying around and use in also all types of places, making it the perfect toy for all your public plays.

The Mia comes with six preset vibration patterns which are either mild or intense, depending on what you are feeling at that particular moment in time, you can always easily adjust the speeds setting found on this toy.

Lelo was made to fit in pockets of all sizes, which makes it an even better travel companion than most other bullet vibrators out there. The toy is a rechargeable one, with an inbuilt USB port.

The toy allows a consistent use of not less than 90 minutes on an average speed, but it tends to drain quickly in case of high-speed usage.

The toy is also completely waterproof and can be submerged. This makes it a perfect toy for use, underwater.

Unlike most other sex toys on the market, this Lelo toy is made from plastic materials. However, these materials are safe for use on the body and it doesn’t lead to any form of allergic reactions.

The toy is not suitable for insertion, partly due to it smooth and narrow shape. However it is considered, to be perfect for clitoral stimulation, and the extra length of about 4.4 inches, makes the toy perfect for gripping, during maneuvering.

This a toy which provides a large range of sensations, which makes it perfect for use, by women of all kinds of sexual experiences and interests.

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vibease app

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This particular vibrator is targeted at those looking to switch up their public teasing games and audiobook lovers.

This is a wearable smart vibrator which can be controlled from anywhere in the world making use of an Android or Apple mobile phone.

The toy is a state of the art bullet and is also well crafted to fit the modern taste. From cutting edge and sleek design to a multi-powered mechanical system.

The Vibease is well made to give you the best orgasms of your life and bring your fantasies to reality. The toys promise a next level pleasure experience to its users.

The toy is hooked shaped and it sits comfortably inside the vagina walls where the vibrations can reach the most effective zones in the Vulva.

This hook shape nature of the toy makes it quite convenient, to be in motion while the toy is actively functioning without risking a slip out.

Although it’s advisable to wear pants or female briefs while using this magical tool, this way the fabric will help to further keep the toy in.

The Vibease app is actually one of the main selling points of this very stylish product line. The app has some features,  with makes it possible to include your partner in your self-pleasuring escapades.

The app is a very comprehensive one with several features which make it a top ranking one.

With the app, you will be able to design your choice vibration patterns, as well as being able to send text and images via the app.

This makes it a perfect way to enhance your sex chatting experience with your partner. Because, instead of just having to use voice and graphics alone, your partner can control the toy through the app, and it will surely feel like they are right there in the room with you.

The app is also connected to several erotic audiobooks.

The audiobooks, mainly function by allowing the toy to mimic the voice and commands of the ebook reader, so rather than just a psychologically sexual stimulation, you are also getting off, physically making use of the toy.

The Vibease is made from the same industry standard very safe silicone material.

This gives the toy a waterproof feature, and it also makes it non-porous, and easy to clean the toy after use.

However, it was clearly stated in the user manual that the toy should not be submerged in the water below 1 meter. This is perfect for general rinsing and washing with soap, but not usable in pools, jacuzzis, and tubs.

The toy is powered making use of a rechargeable battery, which makes the toy usable for about 2 hours, while just charging it for 3 hours.

The Vibease is also very discreet when it comes to the noise coming from it. The toy is made to be extremely quiet, which is what makes it perfect for use in public.

This is a great buy for sex toy starters since it’s small and perfect for hitting the right spots gently.



Getting your sex toys the right way involves you making sure to do your research and so far, we are proud to let you know that the above three bullet vibrators are simply the best you would find in the market right now.

In terms of design, materials, and functionality. These toys have proven to beat others in the same category hands down.



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